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Legend for Notes

i hope u r familiar with in short i will try to give a little reminder..
as there are seven basic notes (s r g m p d n)
the same can be mapped as western basic notes (C D E F G A B)
..the notation i am going to use is similar to VK and Chidamt will be easy for others to follow..
so the basic notes (s r g m p d n) will be called as (s r2 g3 m1 p d2 n3 ) and the five black keys will be (r1 g2 m2 d1 n2)..
and if someone wants Western notation..he can get those western converting

(s r2 g3 m1 p d2 n3) (r1 g2 m2 d1 n2) == (C D E F G A B) (C# D# F# G# A#)

notes in the lower octave are depicted as s' r' g' m' apostrophe after the letter or by putting a dot under that letter..and notes in the Higher octave are depicted as Capital letter S R G M..

in the starting of every song-notation page u will find default notes for that song..suppose if the default notes are: means..that in that song-notations whenever "n" will appear..u have to play "n2" and..if i want u to play "n3" then the song-notation i will write it as "n3"..
i used this default option..bcoz..if in any song notations n3 is used many times..and n2 is used only for two or three times..then i will take "n3" as default..and whenever i have to write "n3"..i will just write "n" and it will save time..and it will be easier to read..
so pay attention to default notes..and it will be better that..for two or three times..u just play that default sargam..