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Hello, we're your webmistresses! We are two students who have a passion for Broadway, particularly "Thoroughly Modern Millie". We want to make this a full-fledged "Millie" fansite, but we're busy people, so it's going to happen slowly.

We're not the most experienced website builders, so if you have an idea for a section or feature for this website, send us an email. Also, PLEASE email us with quote suggestions, because we're running out, and if we run out of quotes, we'll start to have a quote of the month and, eventually, just an archive.

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May 30, 2004: OMG! An update! And not just any update. It's an update from mousey! Yes, yes, I know how little I have contributed to the site even though my name is in the title. Anyway, as you can probably tell, we've changed the layout a little. As you may also be able to tell, the links don't exactly work like they're supposed to. I still need to fix some things and this layout needs to be approved by Migi, so expect some down time in the next couple of days. And by the way...Happy 5-month-belated Birthday, Isn't it delectable! I can't believe we forgot our site's birthday! Oh, and quotes will be up soon! And "Millie" is closing! :( ::tear:: We'll elaborate more on our feelings about this sometime soon...Catch you later!

March 20, 2004: And we're back! Okay, so we haven't updated in, yes, that's right, six months. The cast section has been completely revamped. It has an entirely new format, and we'd love some feedback on what you think of it and/or what you think of it, because it's brand-new. Also, please let us know if any of the links don't work. We've added quotes for October through March, and the Forum link has been changed to link to the official Millie forum, since it's a good forum, and nobody ever posted on ours because (yes, we admit it) it was stupid and boring...that should be it. Anyway, we're back now, and will be even more now that the cast thing is fixed. Happy Surfing to all!

September 17, 2003: Well, we're back from what you might call our summer break. After totally slacking off for 2+ months, we've gotten ourselves together and forced ourselves to update. The July, August, and September quotes have been added (at long last), as well as the links section, and we hope to do a Cast Bios update ASAP. If anyone has new bios, email them, please! We have Ben Davis (Graydon), but that's about it. In other news, we have discovered (sadly) that the Cast Bios problem, though not as severe as it used to be, has most defintitely not been fixed. This is NOT a good thing, but we hope to have the problem solved ASAP. Thank you to all who continued to visit this site even when we weren't updating. We hope to be back a little bit more frequently now. Happy Surfing!

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