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The Hi-Risers play energetic, song-oriented rock'n'roll. Formed in 1997, the founding members are Greg Townson (vocals, guitar) and Todd Bradley (vocals, bass). Jason Smay joined the band on drums in 2002. The band has recorded six CD'S, "Panic", "In The Spotlight", "Lost Weekend", "That Rock & Roll Beat", "The Fine Art Of Making Mistakes" and their latest "Once We Get Started". They also collaborated with Kaiser George (leader of The Kaisers) on the recent release "Transatlantic Dynamite" and Eddie Angel (Los Straitjackets/The Neanderthals) on "Eddie Angel Meets The Beatles." In addition, they've contributed recordings to numerous compilations.

The Hi-Risers have played to enthusiastic audiences in a wide variety of venues, including upscale niteclubs, country joints, blues clubs, punk dives, and outdoor family oriented festivals. They've toured the US frequently and have been well received in Europe. Although The Hi-Risers consider themselves a rock & roll band, you will also hear rockabilly, rhythm and blues, country, doo-wop and surf in their music.

Todd Bradley and Greg Townson began their musical partnership nearly twenty years ago. In addition to playing hundreds of shows together and releasing two records with The Essentials and The Salamanders, they've recorded with Rock'n'Roll Hall-of-Famer Hank Ballard, jazz legend Bill Doggett, James Brown's bandleader Pee Wee Ellis, and soul great John Ellison. On stage they have backed up everyone from Bo Diddley to Delbert McClinton. They have shared bills with such diverse acts as NRBQ, The Ramones, and many, many others. Todd and Greg's recordings have been reviewed favorably in Billboard, Guitar Player, Option, Cool and Strange Music, Blue Suede News and many other music publications.

The appeal of the Hi-Risers is probably best expressed by a bar patron who, after hearing the band for the first time, declared "you would have to be a total jerk not to love this band!"

What the Experts Say…

"Their exuberant performances are reminders that Rock'n'Roll used to be a really simple thing."
- Democrat and Chronicle

"By playing roots music with equal parts precision and abandon they truly shine. Go see the Hi-Risers and be entertained!"
- City Newspaper

"Their unrestrained Rock'n'Roll and uncomplicated take on life could be used to set off spontaneous beach parties!"
- After Dark

Recent Lost Weekend Reviews:

"Easily the finest disc yet from this Rochester, NY-based trio – a sizzling collection of rock and roll, including rockabilly, surf instrumental, garage band, and other influences that literally leap out of the speakers and make you grin. "Mile Long Mean Streak" will satisfy the trucker in you, as bassist Todd Bradley sneers his way through the vocals, while "Bugle Ann" will cover your Brit garage band cravings quite well. Part of the joy in listening to this disc is that the band can play so many different styles while maintaining a cohesive feel across the disc. "Ghost of the Surfer Girl" follows "Bugle Ann," for example, and though the styles are quite different, there is no shock to the listener. Next is "In a Place Like This," a retro Beatlesque romp if there ever were one, and again, though there may be a stylistic clash with the other numbers, one can't help but smile. In addition to bassist Bradley, the band consists of Greg Townson on guitar and vocals, and Jason Smay on drums. Together, they mesh beats and melodies effortlessly. But there is more than just versatility here; the feel of the songs, the hooks, the level of playing is so good that it almost goes overlooked. The ease with which these guys pound out fun is only understood when you look at how many other bands out there are capable of doing the same. That is, not many, if any. A definite must-have disc for any fan of rock and roll."

"I've liked everything I've ever heard from this band. I'm not sure how many full length releases they have put out, but this is my third. Like some of my other favorite bands, this trio is adept at playing a wide range of styles that all appeal to me. They are probably most in their element playing a fun and swinging pop rockabilly influenced hybrid that reminds me of Dave Edmunds, especially with Rockpile. While most of the clever songs fit this rough description, there are some that remind me of the kind of summer party fare I associate with the Beach Boys, some that could pass for '60s rock and roll radio hits, some that exhibit all the charm of your favorite lounge pad groovers and some that mix elements from a variety of sources. "Mile Long Mean Streak," "Ghost of the Surfer Girl," "You Make Me Look Like Keith," "A Girl On Either Arm," etc. combine superb musicianship, memorable lyrics and production values that any band obssesed with the '60s would be proud of. Great instrumentals too. What can I say, this is "


The Hi-Risers
Hang Around With You
2 Bit Records (in America)
Rock & Roll Inc. (in Europe)
(Full-length 14 song collection)

The Hi-Risers
Once We Get Started
Spinout Records (in America)
Rock & Roll Inc. (in Europe)
(Full-length 14 song collection)

The Hi-Risers
The Fine Art Of Making Mistakes
2 Bit Records
(Full-length 15 song collection)

Kaiser George & The Hi-Risers
Transatlantic Dynamite
Spinout Records
(Full-length 14 song collection)

The Hi-Risers
That Rock & Roll Beat
Spinout Records
(Full-length 16 song collection)

Eddie Angel & The Hi-Risers
Meet The Beatles
Spinout Records
(Eddie Angel & The Hi-Risers collaboration)

The Hi-Risers
Lost Weekend
Spinout Records
(Full-length 16 song collection)

The Hi-Risers
In The Spotlight
Spinout Records
(Full-length 17 song collection)

The Hi-Risers
2 Bit Records
(Full-length 14-song collection)

Flower City Pop Compilation
Rocket Racket Records
(Contributed 'I Got It Made')

Garage Pop Records Compilation
(Contributed 'Gear Bustin' Sort of a Feller')

The Salamanders
Livestock In the Living Room
After Hours Records
Band w/Greg & Todd before The Hi-Risers

The Essentials
Gas Money
Earring Records
Band w/Greg & Todd before The Hi-Risers

Bill Doggett
The Right Choice
After Hours Records
Greg produces and plays guitar

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