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                                Titan is my 2 year old Blue Roan Paint Quarter Horse. Titan came from a horse rescue in Texas. Some Jerk left Titan out in a pasture for the first couple of years of his life. So Titan basically came to me as a wild Mustang. He was very timid and couldn't be groomed or even touched when I first got him. Titan and I have now built a very strong trust and he has now been put under sadlle and ridden. Titan is quickly forgetting about the rough past he has endured and now he is being reassured that all humans are not as bad as the jerk who kept him to fend for himself in an open field.

Titan has a great bloodline and his parents and the generations before them were of champion stock. But Titan has a very calm disposition now. And after all that Titan has been through, I don't think intensive training would be the right thing for him. Titan is going to be a great trail horse and I plan on letting him live his life in a relaxed and easy enviroment. I have gained his trust and I don't ever want to lose it. I'll leave the competing to Clay and Max.

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