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  Max is my 2 1/2 year old Grey and White Paint stallion. Max is part Quarter horse and part Thoroughbred. Max came from Colorado and he has Champion bloodlines on both sides of his family. Max is very calm for a horse his age and for being a stallion. He is also very smart and has great comformation. Max gets along great with Titan. But Clay isn't very fond of Max. I think Clay is jealous because he was the only one I payed attention to for a very long time. Now I have to split my time in thirds when I go out to the barn. So for now Max and Titan go out into the field and play together. Ground work has started for Max and I am riding him every other day getting him ready for lots of riding in the spring. Even when it's way below freezing out, I go out to the barn and work with Max.

Max waiting to get saddled up..

Here is Max rolling like a dog.

Max (Foreground) and Titan.

                                  Would you like to see...


  Max at 12 months posing for a picture                  


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