January 13, 2003:

This site is now joining Venom in the depths of Hell. I no longer have the time or the urge to keep updating this site. I lost my huge To-Do list for the site which included what songs needed lyrics and/or audio clips, lists of CDs which needed added, lots of info on the band members' solo projects, and some other shit. I don't feel like putting it together again. And mentioning audio clips, bought and fucked all my audio samples up (I don't have the server space to host them myself) so they no longer work. I also am very low on money and am stuck using free 10 hour/month access so I can't take the time to make updates and upload new stuff.

But, the site will still be here for as long as possible even if it's not updated. I'm gonna take a second to remind you what I have put on this site in case you haven't checked it out yet. There are 15 CDs in the discography which you can sort by year or by letter, 12 of which have lyrics for all (or most) of the songs and some of these lyrics you won't find on other sites (or at least I didn't). There is tons of media which I created including a screensaver, some wallpaper, desktop and instant messenger icons, a program to change your Windows splash screen, a guide to changing your Start button to the "Venom" button, an online auction which is totally free to sell and buy on, plus a chatroom, some shitty little game, and several good links.

If anyone is interested in continuing the page I will consider handing it over, but only serious, diehard fans with experience in webpages should bother asking.

Oh and one last thing to mention, I still run two other websites which you might want to check out. First off is a Vanilla Ice website (if you know who he is quit laughing and just check it out, you'll be surprised) which you can find at Vanilla Ice was a popular rapper in or around 1991 (his CD sold 17 million copies), but now he mostly does heavy metal type music. His latest CD, BiPolar, features many special guests including Josh Brainard (ex-Slipknot guitarist), Billy Milano (lead singer of S.O.D.), and Roy Mayorga (lead singer of Soulfly and ex-drummer for Sepultra. I also run another website for a couple different programs I make, Bash HTML Editor (which you'll find packaged with the January '03 issue of PC Authority magazine) and Deskbolt which locks your computer to anyone without the password. You can find it at

December 02, 2002:

From the Venom's Legions Fanclub website:

As of November 25th 2002 , the Official Fan Club of Venom exists no longer. It has been taken down permanently due to personal reasons. From now on the band's only official resource will be There might be an UNOFFICIAL page soon but the Fan Club activities have ceased. We salute Venom for giving us true Black Metal. Our best regards to all that have helped and supported us throughout the last 4 years. A big hail to all our friends won't be forgotten. We hope you've enjoyed it as much as we did. No one knows what the future holds in store...maybe we'll meet again sometime.
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Kostas Antonatos

October 19, 2002:

Well, I decided to get off my ass and actually start updating the site again, but there's a problem. I had a huge list of all Venom's CDs, with it checked off which CDs I had lyrics, sound clips, and cover art for, but now I can't find it. It also had all my info on the solo CDs and other things I was going to add to the site. So until I feel like rewriting it, I'll just report a bit of news. While waiting for Cronos to recover form his injury, Antton has joined a band called the Nu-Future Cowboys. You can visit the band's homepage here

July 27, 2002:

Holy shit, I haven't updated this site in over two months... Although I'm not declaring it dead I just don't have the time or the urge to work on the site anymore. I had and still have some cool stuff planned for the site, including discographies of the solo cds and full size scans of the album covers like those on, but I just don't know when I'll get around to working on this site again. Anyways I'll still have news even if I don't add a whole lot of new stuff so here's a quick news tidbit, I went to the mall today an was reading some magazines and two different mags this month, Hit Parader and Revolver, had articles on the greatest metal CDs of all time. The CD Black Metal was in both of these articles. Not nearly as high on the countdown as they should be, but at least they were smart enough to include them.

May 16, 2002:

Finally I'm back with an update. Like I said in the post below, the reason I haven't been updating much is because I've been working on putting together some software and stuff. Well I decided how about some Vemon software? So here it is, Venom Startup Selecter. Check it out on the Other Media page.

April 26, 2002:

Well, the news today is that there isn't any news... I know I haven't updated the site in a long time, but the site isn't dead. I plan on working more on the site sometime soon, but I've been really busy with my other website and doing some programming stuff.

April 8, 2002:

In Memorium lyrics have been added.

March 26, 2002:

I added the option to view the discography by year instead of alphabetically and I added lyrics for 11 Black Reign songs. I also noticed on every other Venom site that the Discography is just a list of Venom releases and that they all keep their track lists and lyrics under a seperate section. So just to make sure that everyone knows that all of that is under the Discography section on this site.

March 25, 2002:

I know I haven't updated the site for a long time now, but I've been very busy with a major new addition to my other website. I've got some pretty cool plans for this site real soon, including discographies for the band members' solo CDs, an option to view the discography by date instead of alphabetically, and a brand new, kick-ass forum that you'll actually want to use.

March 12, 2002:

I 've added plenty of stuff today:


All of the Possessed CD
At War With Satan: Aaaaaarrghh
  (All lyrics now complete)


The Waste Lands: 1 Track
  (All samples now complete)
Temples Of Ice: 4 Tracks
  (All samples now complete)
In Memorium: 3 Tracks