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Angel Dust

Out on the streets at night
For the right connection, cause
Need it, want it
You know I've got to have it
Takes me higher than anything I know

Angel Dust
Need a shot to see me through the day
Angel Dust
Want a lot I've got to get away

I live my life
Like there's no tomorrow
Take no
I'm drowning all my sorrows cause I
Need it, want it
You know I've got to have it
Takes me higher than anything I know

Every night and day
I know
You know
That I'm a different man because I
Need it, want it
You know I've got to have it
Takes me higher than anything I know

Raise The Dead

Rising from my deadly tomb I've got maddened eyes with fright
Fingers bleeding fast heart beating
The moons my only light
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
If God won't have me, then the Devil must

We will raise the dead
We will raise the dead
We will raise the dead

Stop at nothing raise the dead
Gaze across the blackened yard
My mind is filled with dread
So give me all the powers of Hell
And I'll raise the dead
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
The hotter the fire, the greater the lust

We will raise the dead
We will raise the dead
We will raise the dead

I hear the star of the Necromancer
My blood is black and my heart doth bleed
I am infernal and my mind's in torment
I'll raise the dead make the world unclean

Laughing as my legions rise
Control the zombie's mind
I hold Hell close to my breast
I'm leaving God behind
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
I'll enter hellfire, I'll break the crust

We will raise the dead
We will raise the dead
We will raise the dead

Red Light Fever

I need a woman oh so bad
You ever get the feeling you've been had
You pay your money you pay the price
You take a chance and it feels so nice
Later maybe you wonder why
This little lady's gonna suck you dry

You walk the streets as the darkness falls
You try to pass but the red light calls
When it's done and you've had your fun
You gotta treat yourself like number one
Maybe, even though she treats me bad
She's not the only one I've ever had

I need to feel it baby can't you see
I need a girl to set my venom free
I'm going in can't you feel
Feels so good now I've broke the seal
I tell you babe I'm never satisfied
Ain't gonna die for those tears you cried

Your makin love just like a young girl should
You move me baby like no other could
You give me love but I can see
Your lovin' isn't only meant for me
If it's a living what the hell
I see you've only got your love to sell

Buried Alive

I'm alive but dead, awake but asleep
As friend gather round and mourners they weep
My mind thinks of all the things I have done
My body is cold but my heart beat goes on
And on..............and on

As they lower me down into that hole in the ground
I scream out for help but they hear not a sound
I fear at the lid, my fingers they bleed
Is this happening to me or is it just a dream
Summon the dead..........
Baphomet's call..........
Blood on my hands........

"Let me out of here"

My bones are decayed, my flesh it doth rot
I'm lying in silk, take the lid off this box
My lungs gasp for air, my eyes scream for sight
I promise the rise of my body this night
Summon the dead..........
Baphomets call...........
Blood on my hands........
Screaming in torment.....
I'm felling you all......
Take heed of my plea.....
Answer my call...........
I'm gonna be free........

Witching Hour

Come hear the moon is calling
The witching hour draws near
Come hear the bell is tolling
Mortals run in fear
Prepare the altar now and hear the virgin cry
Hold fast the sacrafice
For now it's the time to die
All hell breaks loose
Hell's breaking loose

Unveil the pentagram
And feel the demon's lust
Come watch the holy men
Who look on in disgust
Come taste blood
And feel the heat of satan's breath
Look in the sky's and see
The warriors of death
All hell breaks loose
Hell's breaking loose
Witching hour

Our work is now complete
The blood runs fast and free
And satan takes his bride
And cry's of blasphemy
All hell rejoices at the child
That she will bear
And satan's only son
Shall be the world's despair
All hell breaks loose
Hell's breaking loose
Witching hour

At War With Satan

The dark silhouette of the creature
Poised, crouched on the corner of a cliff's edge
Waits eagerly, eyes glare patiently
Red eyes filled with fire and torment
Gleam in the frenzied brightness
Across the shadowed valleys below
A crack of thunder breaks the deafening silence
Which once ruled the planes, the creature is unmoved
By the commotion and the noise, and the blinding fork
Of lightening which strikes only a few yards from where
Lays it wait for something...
Satan laughs, wings spread to magnificent fullness
The creature stands at full glory, inhaling deeply
The ice cold air each tender muscle rippling in
The almighty stench of the great dimentional deity...
Lucifer smiles, from the far far west a chariot of fire
Emerges travelling at a tremendous speed toward the
Creature, the creature laughs as if in an immense
State of frenzy the creature leaps up off the ridge
And hollers with dignity in the now cloudless sky
Its long red hair blowing freely in the wind...
The chariot emerges and with a sharp swift movement
The creature takes the reigns and flies up into the
Night, howling out immortal cries, a prediction
Of war,

At war with Satan!

The warriors gather slowly around
The sacred city, Hell
Satan screams a vengeance
On the land as the angels fell
Tyrants pray disaster for the
Land of love and trust
Demons plot a way to turn
The Heavens into dust

The standard bearers chosen
From the mass of Satan's dogs
To hold the flag of Hades high
Defying all the gods
Satan laughs the words of war
The Heavens shake with fear
Armageddon sings his song
The battle's ever near

Let the joyous celebrations of Hell begin

Who holds the keys to the seven gates?

Lucifer's demonic laughter
Assist our quest, Belial prays
Free from Hell who serves the master
Sound the charge on Sabbaths day


Crest the demon's souls
Show yourselves in power
Angels fear resist
Nothing holds the storm

Inform the grand master of Hades

Storm the gates!

Free from the pits of Hell
Slaves emerge the mountain
We shall destroy the accursed Heavens
Advance great legions strong
Crush the gates and enter free
Our lord of Hell must take God's throne
Heavenly inferno
Spread the message far...

Take to the skies!

Come on...

Frenzied demons - Angel's cries
Lucifer commands the orgy
Molten mayhem, one thousand lies
Heaven fails to hold tranquility

The brides of sin are wed
Their price, nine holy heads
White marble walls bleed red

Fuck the bastards

Come on...

God's creation - all must see

Heavens Hell
God has fell
Sound the knell

Where time and space collide
Mortals sit and watch the tide
Of angels crashing up against the sacred shore

Without the holy grail
Only evil can prevail
The church of God can't hide the truth no more
Can't see the light no more

Light up the skies...

The demons ring the Sabbath bells
Rejoice the witches chant
Preper the sacrafice - by fire
The blood runs black through heavens shell
Declare the witches dance
Nothing shall suffice
The souls of Christ

Drag him through the whores!

Come on...
Come on...

Orgies filled with joyous laughter
Alters of the flesh
Equinox eternal glory
El descends in death

Satan's empire
A new born flaming star
Children screaming out in pain
Destroy the priests
Destroy their reign

Tyrant pledge the souls of legions
Sullen and remorse
Tana turns the key of life
To hear the thunder roar

Ancients gather amidst the stars
Mortals stare in fear
The Earth is damned beneath the mist
A veil of angel's tears

White clouds of life are turning black
The virgin pure she fears attack

Come on...

You are damned...

Children of pleasure move
Appear amongst us
The dark Lord has opened his jaws
Raise for Satanic queen
Ye sons and daughters
Take heed the flame forever learn
Now is come salvation
Strength and the kingdom of our
Satanic majesty
You'll always learn!

Are you damned in Hell?

Damned in Hell

Lilith holds the black heart in her hands
The blood flows
Desecration of God's holy shrine


Pandamonium burns in the night
The Hell spawn
Celebrations at Sabbats galore
Unite with mother whore

Take that bitch
We shall not be destroyed...

Satan laughs, damnation has sunk its talons deep
into the womb of utopia spilling forth great streams
Of virginal purity and bliss
The golden throne of the tetgrammaton is ablaze
Satanic majesty sits proud, the joyous drones of celebration
Enact scenes of blasphemy, lust and destruction
Raping the holy trinity the Sabbath chimes the tunes of bless
And sanity, the Heavens in their last throes of death
Gabriel and his arc angels falling ever downwards through the
Fires of pandemonium to the dark deserted depths of Hell
Their broken bloodstained wings scorched the by raging inferno
Lay battered by the shores of the styx
Weary from the battle they seek refuge, bathing their wounds
In the blood of a million matyrs while celebration ringing
In the heavens grows strong the keys to the seven gates of Hell
lie momenterally unguarded
Raging flames carved by the innocence of the angel's hearts
Will release forth their wealth of centuries of God loving
Souls once wronged of their destiny of Heaven's golden palace
An unseen presence breaths never before pangs of mortal hatred
And anger deep into the pounding hearts of the angels
Once more the creature is summoned to deliver a decleration of

At war with Satan!

The angels gather slowly around
The sacred city Hell
Gabriel screams a vengence of the
Land as the angels fell
Matyrs prey disaster for the
Land of hate and scorn
The Angels curse the day the antichrist
Was ever born...


Warhead - hear the thunder roar
Warhead - unite the lightning whore

Power burning - Hell & man
Raging torment - Take my hand
Frenzied motions - Reach your soul
Dance the warhead - Fast or slow

Born of thunder
Raised by fire
Call the heavens
By desire

Screaming furnace - Death of life
Demons calling - Chosen wives
Sabbaths charming - Out in lust
Chance the warhead - Win or bust

Warhead - hear the thunder roar
Warhead - unite the lightning whore
Warhead - engraved on flesh & bone
Warhead - born of mortal stone


Across infernal wastelands
Many miles of sunburnt Hell
Tribes are scattered limbs
And dust all laying as they fell
Open lies the challenge to all
Warriors now men
Let the spirits guide the winds
Until Manitou ascends


Watch the unseen burial
Eclipse the blazing skies
Feast the wings of death
With Manitou the soul shall vie
Distant beats the wardance
Echo screams out liberty
Patience stalks the crow
White man's scalp brings victory


Mighty be the powers
Of the old medicine man
Whispers of his raindance
Flow across the desert sands
Guardian of the elder spirit
Summoning the storm
Awaiting his arrival
Manitou of flesh is born


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