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When you Want to Bring Home the Gold, Bring Home the Soul!


Vel Omarr was born on a small farm in the Mississippi Delta. His mother found that living in the south and working the cotton fields could not be all that life had to offer. Like many before her, she packed her bags and took the "next train smoking" to Chicago in search of better things.

Vel remained in Mississippi with his grandparents. He attended church on Sundays and recalls traveling to neighboring towns participating in or sometimes observing the "Gospel Fests."

At the age of eight, Vel moved to Chicago and reunited with his mother. This was pure culture shock! "From the sticks to the bricks," says Vel. The first song he heard on the radio as the train pulled into the station was "You Send Me" sung by Sam Cooke. "The song eased my longing to be back home in Mississippi", Vel remembers. Vel discovered his love for singing at the age of 14, and upon graduating, he decided to entertain the idea of singing as a way of life. In the early 1970's, Vel boarded a plane bound for Los Angeles to reposition himself, focus, and to pursue his dream as an entertainer.

Vel credits Sam Cooke with being his vocal inspiration from childhood. Adapting some of Cooke's vocal techniques and stage presence has transformed him into a skilled vocalist who not only has his own style, but many will say he sounds very close to Sam. Fans continue to be stunned as to who is actually singing. Vel sings and performs his original compositions with passion and flare and enjoys his own audience and fans.

Vel joined the legendary R&B / DooWop group, the Robins, as their second tenor lead singer, for a reunion tour in 1991. He remained with H.B. Barnum and The Robins until 1995, and then began touring with Brenton Wood as the opening act for Brenton Wood's Sweet Old School Revue. In 2003 he joined The Olympics as one of their lead singers and has performed along side other legendary artists like, Little Anthony and the Imperials, The Penquins, The Coasters, Gene Chandler, The Flamingos, Zola Taylors of the Platters, and many more.

As a singer in Brenton Wood's Sweet Old School Revue, Vel has also opened for and appeared with such legendary greats as James Brown, Etta James, Little Richard, Al Wilson, Barbara Lynn, Brenda Holloway, Rosie, of Rosie and The Originals and many other legendary R&B/Doo Wop artists.



Back To The Rhythm And The Blues
I'm Your Lover
If I Should Get To Heaven
When You're Here
Feels Like Love
It's Got To Be Love
A Family Thing
Start Loving Me
That's All That Matters
That's Alright With Me
Dance With Me Honey
You're All That


A Change Is Gonna To Come
Pride And Joy Chain Gang
Harry Hippie
Under The Boardwalk
My Girl
Nothing Can Change This Love
Sugar Dumpling
Frankie And Johnny
You Send Me
Twistin' The Night Away

HOW CAN I MAKE YOU MINE - November 2007

How Can I Make You Mine
Hurry Back Home
Feels Like Love
Rome Wasn't Built In A Day
Trouble Blues
That's All That Matters To Me
Baby Please Come Home
Lover's Deja Vu
Stay Where You Are
Al's Sugar Shack
I Believe I'm Falling In Love


Everybody's Dancin'
Still My Love Grows
Happy People
I'll Be There For Ya
The Greatest Song I Ever Sang
I Love You
Don't Give More Than You Feel
Give Me Your Love
Lonesome Joe
A Woman's Love Is Greater
Everybody Needs Somebody Sometime

"Cookin' With Vel Omarr" (Special Soul Music 2013)

Twisting the Night Away
Rome Wasn't Built In a Day
How Can I Make You Mine
Frankie & Johnny
If I Should Get To Heaven
Ain't That Good News
Still My Love Grows
Trouble Blues
Bring It Back Home
A Change is Gonna Come
Nothing Can Change This Love
Lover's Deju Vu feat: The Olympics
Christmas and the Single Mom feat: The Olympics
I'll Be There for Ya [Remix]

AIN'T NO TELLING - November 2013

Ain't No Telling
My Telephone Keeps On Ringing
Living In The Ghetto
It's My Pleasure
Big Leg Baby
Al's Sugar Shack
That's All That Matters To Me
The Power Of Your Love
Soulful Christmas


I'm Coming Home Soon
I'm A Free Man
How Can I Make You Mine

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