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Will You Still Will You Still by Spencer Nguyen and Cardin Nguyen

Verse 1:
Girl you know how much weíve been through
Canít imagine my life without you
So when youíre not around I can feel the pain
Let me know whatís on your mind
Let me know if Iím wasting my time
The thoughts Iím having here are driving me insane
Girl Iím trembling on my happiness
Just one touch and Iím at your command
You took for granted what you mean to me
So tell me how you feel

Will you still need me if you find your dream
Will you still love me if I set you free
When Iím away from you, will you miss me
Just tell me will you still (just tell me how you feel)

Verse 2:
Youíd never find one thatís better
Who can love you like I do
I only wish you could understand me girl
You said thereís nothing wrong
When everything here is all gone
Now that Iíve had enough how is it gonna be
So many nights Iíve waited for you
Thinking if youíre ever coming home
Now Iím wondering if youíd be there for me
So tell me how you feel

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