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I met Asia4 when they were doing a show in Carthage, Missouri. (Spencer came up to me to play with my puppy! Ahhh!!) lol They seem like such nice guys! I got to hug all four of them! But I don’t really know that much about them personally; I got the following information from their CD A Part of You.

Cardin Nguyen was born on November 11. I have no idea what year he was born, but he has the face of a 12 year old (it’s so cute!). His favorite singers are Michael Jackson and Babyface. Cardin wrote the bulk of the music and lyrics on their debut CD A Part of You and plans to continue composing and performing in the future. However, in his free time he likes to hang out with his friends, play sports, and listen to music.

Evan Le was born on June 27 (I don’t know why these guys are so shy with giving out their ages…I thought only chicks were like that! lol). His favorite singer is Wanya, who I believe is a member of Boyz II Men. If Evan wasn’t in the singing business, he’d probably be an artist. He loves drawing and painting. In the future, he plans to continue music and art.

Spencer Nguyen was born on July 16. He is the brother of James (cool huh?). His favorite singer is Babyface. Spencer loves sports! He likes football, basketball, and baseball. He also loves to dance and sleep (I wonder if he takes 12 hour naps like I do). lol. As with the other members, Spencer wants to see Asia4 make it big in the music business!

James Nguyen was born on October 20. He is Spencer's brother! His favorite singer is George Michael. If James wasn’t in the music business he’d probably be a full-time chiropractor because….well, he is a chiropractor.

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