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Newsletter #6

Newsletter #6 - June 2002

Hello everyone,

How is everyone doing? Some of you are probably thinking we're neglecting our fans and are not updating our information and responding to fan mail. Well the truth is, we were and are currently very busy with our new album. We are trying to beat the deadline for the release date. So be patient and give us a litle time. Once we take care of all of our business, we'll get to those mail and give Jessica (our webmaster) more info to update our website.

We just finished shooting 2 videos in Toronto and Montreal last May, one song was called "Make Believe", written and composed by Cardin, and the second one "The Last Promise" also by Cardin, in dedication to the memory of Cardin's mom. Once we have the audio clip ready we'll put it on our site, because of course, our loyal fans (the ones reading this right now) deserve to be the first to listen to our new material.

We want to thank everyone who summited audition packages to us. We're still deciding on this matter based on the current situation and Asia 4's future direction. Once we make a decision on the right person, we'll contact that person. If you don't hear from us, it doesn't mean you suck or anything (hehehe) just means that at this moment you're not what's right for A4, or it's simply not your time yet. But keep your head up, live your dreams, and remember not to give up, EVER!!!!!

For those who have sent letters to our mail box and received it back, we apologize for the inconvenience. The PO Box is back to normal now. So fire those letters our way :o) And the lastly thing, once again we cannot respond to those who have Asian Avenue email accounts, so there won't be any replies from Asia4 if you're using AA as a returning address.

Before we end this newsletter, we want to thank all the fans who came to our shows and events... screaming while we were singing (louder next time k?) hehe, took the time to say hi and take pics with us. We really enjoyed your company. Our album is expected to be release soon so check back on our web site for any updates. Till then, take care and have a wonderful summer and hope to see you all at our next shows.


Asia 4

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