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Newsletter #3

Newsletter #3 - January 2002

Hello and Welcome to a brand New Year!!!!

We hope everyone had a great holiday. We sure did...

As of now we are gathering our materials and getting ready for our second album.

And most of you know by now, you can order an autographed CD from our website by using a credit card through a secured server or by mailing in an order form. Due to many requests, this is one way to make it more convenient for our fans to get Asia4's products and of course, they are personalized. But you dont have to get it here only, anywhere is fine as long as it is not burnt or illegal then it's all good.

Make sure you check out our website for the latest concert dates. We will be in Reno, Nevada on Saturday, January 26; San Diego, CA on January 27th; San Jose, CA on February 16th, check us out at the Hollywood Lunar New Year Parade on Sunday, February 17th.

We also have a lot of media coverage this past month and in the next few weeks...check out our interviews and reviews on various Asian American websites and spread the word about Asia 4.

For those who have written to us and are expecting a reply, please be patient. We are a little behind in responding to our mails due to the holiday season, etc..., but we will try to reply to you as soon as we can.

Since this is the first Newsletter of the year, we are going to include a brand new photo to share with all of you....I hope you guys like it.

Thanks again for your great support!

Asia4 (Cardin, Spencer, Evan, James)

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