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Give Me Time Give Me Time by Evan Le

Verse 1:
Girl, just stop and give me a moment to explain
The reason Iíve been acting so insane
You know that I donít mean to say the things I said when Iím that way
Iím just so scared to show, cause I just canít let you know

Give me time to show
What you need to know
And if you say youíll stay
Iíd give it all away
Just say youíll stay

Verse 2:
And if, you feel like Iím too set in my ways
Iíd prove right to you everyday
We had it right, but how can a love disappear in just one night
I know I put up walls, but itís time to let them fall

In this life I know, thereís only you
Cause you make me feel complete
And wipe me off my feet

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