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You nerd!!! :o) If you hear music in the background, that is my high school choir, the Counterpoints, singing a song called "Lebenslust." We were a State Finalist this year! Yay!! We also got to sing in Orlando which was really awesome. We sang in NSYNC's old high school. hehe. I was in this choir for two years, but I've been singing since I was in the fourth grade. As of now, I sing first soprano (although I can't sing above a high B). We sing anything from Schubert, to musical medleys, to jazz songs. I really enjoy listening to pop music, but I love to sing in choir, especially classical music. I was also in the school's Madrigal Choir. It was pretty spiffy as well. It'd be so fun to have a singing career, but I'm thinking it probably won't happen; thus, I'll be a pre-pharm major next year! Oh yeah, congrats to Andy Clark, former Counterpoint, who is now on Broadway with a leading role in Les Miserables!!!

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