Foghorn Leghorn,

Be afraid,

Be very afraid...

Complete Chicken

Equipment required:


Near Wrexham ("Blows the f*****s to bits, Miss"), North Wales


This little beauty combined being irredeemably cheesy with a crowing sound that could make a statue weep. The donor of this bizarre creature elected it for destruction as it raised a number of questions:

a) Why would someone choose to design, make and market such an article?

b) Why the hell did the person who got him the present, get him this particular present?

c) Has the person who gave the present been kidnapped by pod people, who've swapped him for an exact replica equipped with a sense of humour that a dog would be ashamed of?

This all seems perfectly fair and reasonable to us....

What happened...

Shot ChickenChicken & Hand Axe

As you can see by the condition of the chicken outer casing, the air rifle was of limited effectiveness, thus it was decided that more vigourous action was required........

Chicken & Handaxe2Chicken & Handaxe3Chicken and Handaxe4

Which is where the axe came in!

However, this only caused the thing to lose it's squawk.

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