Top this, Cruella!

Troubled looking dalmation

Not three toys for the price of one, Tibby and Smibby here are fellow conspiritors (See Mr Lucky and the Furby)

On second thoughts, I'd give that one a miss if you happen to be of a sensitive disposition.

Equipment required:

Where to start...



Nr. Dijon, Burgundy, France



McShit™ strikes again!!!


What happened.....


Dalmation chucking

Firstly, in the hope that it would land on one of those little shelf thingys,

we threw it about a bit.

(Which proved to be crap)

As the jack in boulesBoule meets dog 1Boule meets dog 2

Equally crap but bloody entertainingly, we used the dog as the jack in boules.

Boule meets Dog 3

That kept us out of trouble for hours.

However, in the truly great Destroy-a-toy-land™ tradition, we decided that more radical measures were required.

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