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Here is an Excel 97* Spreadsheet for T20 character generation. This is a work in progress and comments would be greatly appreciated.

Click here to download spreadsheet

E-mail me (Bugs, ideas, comments, etc.)

* I have also found this to work fairly well (aside from the macros) under the spreadsheet in OpenOffice®. It has been tested under both the MS Windows® and Linux® versions. KDE's KOffice® does not properly open Excel spreadsheets, so it cannot be used there just yet. As I experiment and get feedback on things that work different/better for Linux systems, I will update this page.


Currently the workbook is spread out over four spreadsheets (AKA "tabs", "pages", or "sheets"). Personal Data, Combat Data, Psionic Data, and Prior History.

The first tab is for the Personal Data of character. It includes abilities, skills, feats and general equipment - what you need to know for most of your game-time.

Any bonuses or penalties from Ability Scores are automatcally calculated and put in all relevent locations. Skills that have two key abilities use the one that is most benificial. Skills are modified to include ability bonuses, and skills that take a penalty for untrained skills will automatically take a -4 penalty (placing anything in the "0 RANK" column will negate this - so the Jack of all Trades feat can be applied as needed).

At the bottom of the page (outside of the print area) is an area telling you how many unused skill points you have left. Space is also provided for the entry of homeworld skill points. At present, the skill table has a column for skill cost, with the number '2' in every box. This is to mark skills as cross-class. You will need to manually change this to a '1' if it is a class skill.

The second tab is for Combat data. On it is where the BAB, armor, weapon and other combat related data is located.

The third tab is for Psionics data. This is where the characters psi abilities and strengths are located.

Skills can be bought here at the cross-class rate (at least until we get the suplements for the Psionicist Prestiege Class). They are automatically deducted from the skill points on the Personal Data tab.

The fourth tab is for Prior History information. This is primarily for the generation of the character before play actually begins, but it also helps keep track of important information as play continues.

Experience points, levels and skills are all calculated on the Prior History tab. Room is given for up to four classes. Entering the class name and number of levels taken in the spaces given will allow the sheet to calculate the number of skills per level. Levels are automatically put in the first class listed, and levels entered in the other classes are deducted from the total. Experience points are given for each of possibilities in each term of service as they are checked off (currently, entering a lower-case "n" will mark the box as checked and a lower-case "q" will make the box unchecked - it uses the wingdings font)*

*These do not translate well to the Linux version of OpenOffice as Linux does not use TrueType fonts, and the version I have does not seem to have a wingding equivelent. If someone can offer a sugestion that will work on the Linux platform (or better yet, both), I will look into it. (QuickLink Interactive) | Far Future Enterprises (The Official Traveller site) | The Zhodani Base (LBB Rendering Machine)


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