Still Unique.

Still Unique.

By Bill Baxter, DTM.


I have had Tourette's my entire life, but wasn't officially diagnosed until I was 40. I am now 49. During these last 9 years, one of the main lessons I have learned is that TS effects people in different ways. For example, TS for me has been a major work disability, I have been restricted to a simple life out in the work field. I make less than $10 dollars an hour. Yet, there are people with TS who are Doctors, or even successful businessmen. Another problem I have had because of TS is dating. I have never been able to get to first a Christian Woman, now matter how much she may like me. Yet, there are people with TS who are happily married, with children. Again, it depends on the individual. Clonidine and Fluoxetine have been very useful in keeping my tics and OCB under control, but what works for me may not work for someone else. I do have vocal tics all the time, but I have not had hardly any problems with blurting out obsenities, which is suppose to be a common problem for people with TS. Another problem I hear about is constant and obsessive "Touching" of things and people. This is also something that hasn't given me much trouble, and I praise God for that. The most I get in that area are very strong "Urges," but overwhelming fears of the consequences keeps me from doing this.

In short, even amoung the population of people who have TS, I am very unique. Christ is the "Great Physician" and I try to rely on him to do what is best for me, as far as finding a job, as far as my marital status goes, and as far as finding the right doctor(s) goes. Putting my trust in the Great Physician has been the main key in living a simple, but very prosperous and content life.

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