Annual Easter Letter--
Lent Season 2007.

Hello to All and Happy Spring!



Hello to All:

Well, a few things have transpired since I sent out my Annual Christmas Letter (Carol Towne Beacon). First off, I got to go to Orlando, FL; and visit the Disney World Resort. On St. Patrickís Day, I was asked to do the National Anthem for Colorado Springís Annual Bike Ride for St. Patrickís Day event. The Annual National Anthem Auditions for the Colorado Springs Sky Sox (MiLB) was also held on St. Patrickís Day. My Audition went very well, but I havenít heard anything from the Sky Sox yet. I also had an Audition CD sent to the Colorado Rockies.

Just after Christmas Day, I bought a 2002 Gold Saturn, and some insurance, so I finally have a car here in Colorado. The good thing is I do not owe anything on it. I still do not have a steady income. My SSDI Hearing is coming up on May 23, 2012. I have been trying to get SSDI since moving to Colorado Springs almost 2 years ago. I am working through a Social Worker at ďCommunity Intersections in Colorado Springs.Ē This organization helps people who are developmentally disabled to live independently, and obtain a substantial income. Also, they help people who are developmentally disabled to receive SSDI. Community Intersections helped me to get a volunteer job at The Arc in Colorado Springs, which is also an organization which helps people who are developmentally disabled. It could eventually turn into a paid position.

In another month, I will be traveling back to Orange County for 1 day. We are having another Memorial Service for my father who passed away last October. The Service will be held on Saturday, May 5th at Noon. My father attended the First Presbyterian Church in Westminster, CA (Westminster Blvd. between Hoover and Beach Blvd.); so, that is where the service is going to be. We will fly from Colorado Springs Airport to Las Vegas Intíl on May 4; and spend the night in Vegas. The next day, we will drive from Las Vegas to Westminster, CA. After my dadís service, we will take his ashes out to sea and scatter them where we scattered my motherís ashes. After that, we will head back to Las Vegas.

Well, that is about it for now. I hope you and your families and friends have a Great Easter.

Happy Easter,

Bill Baxter


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