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The Blah-Blah section...

			Tyrel, thanks for the poem				05 12, 2003


					Have faith in love
					Have faith in life
					Have the faith to have the belief that everythings ok
					in the face of adversity.

					Cause even when everything seems so bad
					Lost in your own sorrow
					Blinded by fear
					Tomorrows sun rise erases last year.

					Love comes and goes
					But faith can last life times
					Without it your empty and hollow
					A soul screaming for warmth.

					I try to maintain my heart
					Soothed by a flow of sounds
					Holding onto a dream
					Fueled by passion and a need...
					to fill my faith with flesh
					May my hope exceed all my pain.

					end one........

					Softly spoken I sit with curiousity
					Wondering if it was fate or detiny

					Your words bring raylights of glory
					Hoping this will be a happy ending story

					Patence is hard to acheive
					I want to rush
					Still I'm affaid of the concept "relationship"

					I have no choice but to be straight forward
					Ever so blunt

					What do you see in someone so simple as me?
					My thoughts soar throughout this choas of confussion
					This is so new I don't know if its simply intrusion

					I lay wake and try to tell myself
					Don't kid yourself
					Its not really your just imagining things

					I hope that I was just dreaming those words
					And tomorrow you will still be there.

					end of two........



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			butterflies in my stomach...	012503	6:10pm

			yeah.. i'm kinda hungry..

			but aside from that, the song's playing over 
			and over in my head..

				 Isn't anyone tryin to find me?  
				 Won't someone please take me home  
 				 It's a damn cold night  
 				 Trying to figure out this life  
 				 Wont you take me by the hand  
				 take me somewhere new  
				 I dont know who you are  
				 but I'm, I'm with you  

			nice song huh? 


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			my "New" PC				12 05, 2002

				i just had mark lim's PC.. it's mine already.
				i bought it. and man! dami MP3s! it's loaded!
				hhehehheheh busog ako sa songs! mark, thanks man. :D..
				music.. it's my weakness. i mean i get distracted
				by this thing... *sigh. i shouldve been a singer, or
				a composer, or a pianist.. 

				ok, so much for useless reminiscing..


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			looking back at the year 2002.			Dec 30, 2002

			idol ko si KAP... he is my inspiration...	Dec 30, 2002

				kap, why did you die??
				you left us so early! i hate you.

				i never had the chance to talk to you or to
				chat with you about things, lagi na lang kc
				statistics yung topic natin pag nagkikita
				tayo sa place ni joji para mag review..

				sabay sana tayo ggradweyt, kaso ang aga
				mo pumanaw.. and i thought jenny was bluffing.

				i'm not gonna forget you kap. your husky voice
				i will always recall. i will never forget 
				you generously teaching us about statistics
				and how we txted whole night dahil i cannot
				go overnight, grabe ang tatag mo mag aral! 
				kahit alas tres o ala singko, nag rereply ka! :)
				inggit nga ako kc Dean makes little hints
				that he's your "favorite" student...
				ya know.. "abe bring this piles of paper to 
				my office", stuffs like that.. 

				i'll never forget the way you memorized that Push
				Down Automata formula... PEX PA, PEA QUEE, whatever!

				i'm gonna miss you kap, dont you know that 
				secretly, your strong determination served 
				as my inspiration to push through with my 
				studies. you're a very very good person that 
				i've looked up to. good student, good soldier, 
				good family man.. 

				btw, i miss your wife's pancit :D

				i havent had the chance to say this to you personally.
				i'm saying it to those people who can read this.
				Kap is my inspiration. He will always remain alive
				and visible in my heart. 

				a tribute to Capt Abraham "Abe" Salcedo, 
				PMA CLASS 90 under Phil Army 22k Scholarship 
				at AMA Computer University
				Graduate Studies, Makati City.


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			one long hard year..		sept 17, 2k2 7:54pm

			it's still the same old me.. all this time...
			but hey.. i've grown (taller? nah..) 

			quite mature..
			more open-minded.. more tolerant...

			things are goin quite smoothly.. 

			im still trying to get focused.. 

			i still wanted to graduate my masteral this school year..	

			i still wanted to share what i know to my loving students..
			i see their eyes.. their curiosity seems to awe me.. *sigh..


			tumindig ba balahibo mo sa nabasa mo??


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			ang tacloban pala ay sa leyte?		may07, 2k2

			hheheheeee.... ang tanga ko talaga kahit kelan.
			as in more rush rush pa ako as in more di mapakali
			epek pako. 

			more decide-decide pako ekek kung pano makapunta sa 
			destination ko kung saan mas makakatipid ako...

			sos, sa isang Katang lang, nawala lahat ng mga 
			"decision branches" ko...

			pag nagkataon, sa tacloban pa ako mapapadpad.. hindi
			sa tagbilaran... DUH!!!!

			pero ok na rin. i will go to cebu (alone, gosh) then
			get a ferry to bohol... hay naku... 

			i will really get myself into trouble.. pero cross your
			fingers lang grazie.. 


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			yakkkk!!!!		march 14, 2k2  7:23am

			may daga sa kwarto ko... at patay na sya. our ever
			reliable cat was able to crash the bone of the 
			rotten rat.

			pero kadiri pa rin, dahil katabi ko natulog yung pusa,
			which means amoy daga na rin yung bed ko....

			now my stomach is turning pale..


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			i'm so tired..                    march 12, 2k2

			how can i force myself to work?? when i know 
			i'm so dead tired and the enervon that i've 
			taken only fakes the feeling of "kaya ko pa" attitude. 

			this is all due to all my wrong decision making.. 
			mali. mali. mali.

			ok, fine, i've just scolded myself. 
			now i feel frustrated and miserable.

			report ko na on saturday!!!!!! yoko na.....

			hey wait... 

			i should be inspired. dahil maraming pangyayari 
			sa mga buhay buhay na minsan ay nakakagaan ng kalooban. 
			can't dig it? well dont... :D

			hay grazie... pls girl, kaya mo yan.. 


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			ok, sorry. it's still the same old website. so much for promises huh?

			i recently bought a book on how to chat up a guy. yoko na basahin ulit yun, 
			dont get me wrong, the book is good, offers a lot of tips about guys and 
			how to's and stuffs like that..

			pero basta, i still wanted the plain simple pretty cute and witty me. 
			i feel stupid and awkward at times but hey, i guess everybody
			feels the same way some time or another, i'm not alone.

			i still would go to my old book, "pretty as you please". it's a pocketbook 
			that my best friend gave me way back in college. 

			i still would go to the principle that simplicity is beauty, and being what you 
			are, plus a little bit of sweetness and care to the people around you would make 
			you so liked and loved..


			uh-oh... uh...oh...				Feb 19, 2002

			i'm still alive. the heck, this schedule of mine keeps me 
			redirecting my mind to something else.

			i promised myself a new website on january, now it's febuary, 
			and hell,  it's gonna be march soon!!!!

			hang on there people. the new will be out soon. 
			or i'm gonna have myself come up with a very good excuse, again...


			Meri Xmas?			Dec 25, 2k1

				of course it's a merry Xmas for me! I shld
				be happy kahit na may 'LQ' kami ng *blank* ko... duh..

				nah, he's not a bf.. i just termed it 'LQ'
				kc lalang.. cla inno kc eh.. more tukso sa amin...
				as if bagay daw kami... *ewwww!!!!!!!!!!! hehhehehehe

				anyway, ok pala yung gentlemen's room (in tagalog,
				C.R. ng lalake)	sa SM Sucat... malinis sya...

				ang tanga ko talaga!!! napansin ko naman na GUY yung
				nag sasalamin pero more dedma ako!? i still went
				to the direction of the cubicle... nasa kalagitnaan
				na ako ng CR when i noticed the - what do u call that?
				"ihian" ng mga guys??? sabi ko - teka, mali ata ang
				napuntahan ko...

				more normal pa ang reaction ng lola! 
				di pa sya nagpanic! at more kaway pa sya telling - 

				u should've seen the look upon those guys... 
				shocked cla! hehhehe

				golly.... di na talaga ako pupunta don.... nevah!...


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			Will I ever see you again?	11/30/2k1	3:22pm

				I thought my one week training at AMACC Pasig
				was enough. Meron pa pala kasunod...

				I have to attend the CISCO training until
				December 22. I should be happy, excited, delighted..

				I should be filled with enthusiasm kc I will 
				represent AMACC-Calamba on the training where
				I will get to meet instructors from other
				AMACC Branches, I will get to know new friends
				and I will get to learn new technologies..

				Pero I'm sad..... :(

				To my students, please understand nman, your prof
				is undergoing rigid training. i am updating my 
				knowledge and preparing myself for your
				future subjects. 

				kala nyo pinabayaan ko na kayo??



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			i'm full... *burp...		11/22/2k1	10:02 pm

				for the first time, i craved for my mom's lutong
				bahay. himala talaga at ang sarap nya magluto
				ngayon. i usually dread mommy's dishes and prefer
				to eat outside rather than frown myself at the
				dinner table. sshhhh, secret lang to ha, don't tell....

				now i'm sleepy.. 

				kainis, antukin na ako ngayon... gosh, is this
				a sign??? golly! tataba na ako!!! hehehheheh
				sana lang...

				pero hindi muna ako matutulog ngayon. i have to 
				create a presentation on star topology. activity
				kc namin yun sa networking seminar.

				and speaking of seminar.. 

				isang linggo akong mawawala sa piling ng mga mahal
				kong estudyante ( sus. chicka. ) dahil i have to
				attend a GECC seminar on networking sa AMACC Pasig.
				nakakatuwa kasi our trainor mr. reginald hernandez
				ironically, ay hindi mukang senior manager.. 
				kc japorms talaga sya.. ang daya.. dapat japorms
				din ako pag nagtuturo...

				i'm learning so many things dahil may kasamang
				applications yung mga activities dun. yun nga 
				lang feeling ko may kalyo na ako sa kapuputol ng
				mga kable. pero ok lang, it's worth learning
				naman eh.
				ok, marami na ang kwento. gtg...


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			sana lagi employees day..		11/18/2k1	4:49pm
				we are soOOoo busy this past week kc foundation.
				and yesterday, was our employees day..

				we had our parade of muse and escorts, dance competitions,
				cheering competition, ano pa ba? dami eh. di ko nga
				lang napanood yung iba kc naglalakwatsa kami mga taga 
				Calamba sa SM West.. hehehhe
				grabeh! as in grabe! ang saya saya sa AMA-University
				Quezon City. it's one of my favorite activity
				dito sa school. kc it's the time where I will
				see other staffs from other branches... 
				(some of them were my friends in college)
				yung tipong one whole year na di kayo nagkikita 
				dun lang talaga	sa employees day. it's like 
				a big reunion, ang saya talaga..

				yun nga lang, i've seen sir carlos cayabyab (the
				School Director of AMA Malolos) pero di ko
				sya na-approach.. damn.. nadyahe na naman si lola.
				he's one of favorite instructors back then. 

				pero i've seen sir mark aquino.. hehehehhe...
				galing nya mag-cheer ha.. hehhehehe

				ano pa ba? 
				uh-oh. i'm eating chocolates again...



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			pass muna ako ngayon....		11/11/2k1

				di muna ako pupunta sa church...
				babawi na lang ako next week. promise..

				the past week revealed the bad and weird
				and jologs side of me. 

				damn grazie, dapat matino ka na ngayong
				mga panahong ito..

				anyway, we went to PowerBooks yesterday
				along pasay road (arnaiz ave). ang ganda
				ng store na yun, you could actually
				open and browse some books and there are
				sofa's that you could sit on. parang ang
				sarap tumambay dun, unlike national 
				bookstore na crowded na masyado.

				i'm planning to buy a book about access,
				pero i am still thinking. sayang kc baka
				may makita ako tutorials sa internet, besides
				more mahal! 1400 pesos. golly...

				hmmmm... matino na nga ako... may katuturan
				na ang lumalabas sa utak ko...


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			bad girl grazie! bad girl!	11/10/2k1	11:34pm

				guess what, for the second time around,
				i tasted that drink again... gosh...

				that will be the last.... i swear...
				hindi na talaga mauulit. bad girl na 
				talaga ako. bad. bad.

				ngayon ko lang naappreciate si jessica
				zafra. ang ganda ng book nya entitled
				 twisted . she has a way of making the
				reader go along with her kwento...
				hmmm, inspired na naman ako :)

				ups.. ano ba gagawin ko ngayon?

				+ PICHE - demmet, tapusin mo na yan girl!
					yang database integration na yan!
					pinapasakit ang ulo ko nyan ha!
					bakit kc walang telepono dito, edi
					sana matagal na akong me internet 
					access... kainis, to take the
					fact na malapit kami sa isang industrial
					zone ha... 

				+ CHECK PAPERS - arrrrgggghhh!!!!!
					kelan kaya magkakaron ng automated
					examination ang mga studyante para
					di na ako magchecheck!? gumawa
					kaya ako non!?...
				+ ARTICLES - waaaahhhHHhhhaaaaAA!
					if i dont produce 5 articles by
					monday, i'll be dead...
				+ E-COMMERCE ECHO - isa pa to! hmp...
					well, si mam ruby naman ang mag-
					sasalita sa harapan and i'm
					just in charge of the presentation
					and content, so last priority na to.
					gosh!!! finals na!!!! parang dipa
					nga ako tapos sa hangover ng prelims
					tapos finals na...

					time flies... so fast...
					parang kelan 18 yrs old lang ako....



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			Life is short...		11/08/2k1	9:11pm

				i saw dolphy crying... naubos na raw lahat ng close
				friends nya, nida blanca included...

				for the first time, i saw the famous comedian cried..

				if life is this short, i should now tell the world that
				I AM IN LOVE pero I SHOULD NOT BE IN LOVE because...

				damn... i'm talking nonsense..


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			grazie, pakatino ka na... pls.......	11/07/2k1	11:46pm

				i should congratulate myself for tasting the so called 
				GIN.... yes.. first time ko.... :D

				i should take note that monday evening. wala occasion,
				nagkayayaan lang.. i feel awkward kc ako lang ang hindi
				umiinom, and besides, what's a 5 gulp? just for fun and
				curiosity... wala naman gaano epek, mali lang naman ang
				nasakyan kong jeep pauwi... 

				instead of canlubang, i noticed	i'm going to san pablo.... 
				hehehehhe... ang layo! 


				anyway, more tawag at txt si dheniss sakin nowadays a..
				yan... yan ang feeling guilty... di kc ako sinundo...
				buti na lang buhay pako, wat if may nangyari masama sa
				akin? duh... 

				tapos, danny, my college friend txtd me last night. 
				kumusta na kaya yun.. i hope he is doin fine in australia..
				i hope he is reading this.. dan, how old are you again?
				gosh, u should get urself a wife. ur old na man! btw, if
				u've stumbled upon teresa, tell her i miss her and thank
				her for signing my g-book... susunod din ako dyan...
				now i wonder kung buhay pa bess ko... hoy saturnino! 
				ano na?? :D


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			And I'm fallin again...			11/04/2k1	9:00am

				damn. damn. damn. damn. yoko ng ganito...
				i hate it! bading ako!!!!! di ako naiinlove!!!!!!

				hmp. i've enumerated lots of things why i 
				shouldnt be like this.

				+ nawawala ang inner drive ko. it aint helping me
				  with my goal ( to be the President of the 
				  Philippines? hheheheh.. chicka. )
				+ lagi ako nakatulala. mesmerized. blank. nawawala
				  sa sarili. it aint helping my smart attitude.. duh!
				+ tapos, masyado ako nagiging sensitive. konting
				  biro, napipikon ako... nakakainis, ang arte ko!

				tapos, i've enumerated things why i shouldnt be
				affected so much by this guy. di ko na lang post kasi
				wala lang, malay ko kilala nyo pala edi more dyahe ang lola!

				gosh. i shouldnt be acting this way. i shouldnt be
				posting this. pero kailangan ko ng outlet kasi kundi,
				mauubos yung load ko. ma-txt kc ako pag depressed ako eh.
				pati babae, pinapatos ko maging txtmate.. hehehhee

				basta. di ako dapat magkaganito. *buntong hininga...


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			Nocturnal Gurl...		11/01/2k1	2:58am

				yeah right... it's early am. i'm celebrating halooween
				alone. m watching MTV, m drooling with my PC, m txtng
				ppl as if they are awake this early morn...

				actly, antok ako pero yoko muna tulog. lalang...
				days are strange... or is it myself?..

				parang gusto ko na iupdate ang appearance ng
				may bugs pa kc to eh.. it needs more pix, more features,
				more galore... more ek-ek.. 

				parang gusto ko narin i-update ang sarili ko...
				*sigh.. i feel empty...


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			A new day, a new beginning...		10/28/2k1	9:34am

				last monday, my kuya Bong 
				(my super duper sweet-tall-dark-handsome-smart-chicboy couz) 
				called me up on my cell...
				(yung teddy ko ha! :) thanks kuya)

				last tues, ricrey, mam ruby, jeramil and I ate at 

				last wed, me and ariel papa (papa talaga yung surname nya :)
				ate @ wendys then visited the calamba church...

				last friday, ricrey, vyron, dennis and I ate at wendy's..

				medyo tinotopak nga ako nung time na yun kasi i wanted
				to go to the sportsfest and i want to dance with the 
				girls and I want to see how the guys play basketball
				at I want to go to Lucena at gusto ko talaga magliwaliw
				pero I have my masteral class to attend to...
				tsk tsk... studies muna girl...
				so, yesterday, saturday, I together with my classmates 
				(donna, ging, mey, christian, ernest, gerry, larry)
				went to calamba after class... 

				our first stop was the calamba church, diba sa tabi ng
				simbahan merong mga nagtitinda ng mga puto bumbong,
				kakanin, goto at kung ano ano pa? well, gusto ko sana
				sila pakainin dun.. hehehheheh :D

				pero parang dyahe, kasi nakasasakyan pa kami tapos more
				upo sa tabi ng kalsada para kumain ng goto... hahahaha!
				ayun, so take out nalang kami ng kakanin at puto bumbong.
				Dun kami kumain sa Binalot. wala na kasi ako alam na
				magandang filipino resto dito eh. 

				Meykanna, my foreigner friend, enjoyed eating the puto
				bumbong, I am soOOoo happy kasi i wanted her to see my
				place dati pa.. and yesterday, she got to see it..

				the fun part, christian started singing! yung tipong
				nakatayo pa talaga with matching emote at modulated voice.
				hehehhee, ang saya! buti nalang walang nakakakilala sa 
				kanila dun..

				at ok lang kung may nakakakilala sakin dun..
				inggit cla kinakantahan ako... hehehhehe

				i had a very very good birthday so far :)...

				donna gave me a pillow, diko na lang dadalhin yun sa 
				school kasi i have one na there, yung bigay ni donjie.
				tapos, binigyan ako ni anne ng rosary bracelet... 
				ang cute nya! pinagmamasdan ko pa talaga hanggang ngayon :)

				i am so happy, i never imagined i have a lot of friends..
				this afternoon, my highschool friends will visit me here
				sa bahay. tapos next week, magkkita kami ng mga AMACLC
				friends ko.. 

				i love life. ang bait bait talaga ni Lord sakin, kaya 
				klangan magsimba talaga ako ngayon..


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			I'm a very emotional gurl..		10/21/2k1	2:30pm

				this past week was SUPPOSED to be a perfect week.

				+ i met my special friend (dheniss) at last after a year...
				+ then, Vhon, ung student ko na ngwowork sa Coke gave me 
				  a Jasper's ( gosh! ) poster, pinost ko yun sa wall ng 
				  room ko... ang cute-cute talaga nung mga ads nya 
				  (ni jasper) no?
				+ then, i got three red roses on my table! 
				  (mam ruby! *wink-wink heheheheh ) 
				  nakadisplay pa yun sa room ko.
				+ tapos, i met the PIChe president. gosh! i was excited
				  kasi ngayon lang ulit ako naka meet ng Big Guy since 
				  i stopped working @ the Office...
				  they reminded me of Sir Kelsey go (SM Prime) and 
				  Sir Dan (JIMAC) and my last boss (ano nga ba name 
				  nung hapon na un? )... 
				  they all have similarities, lahat sila singkit mata..
				  hmmm, diba me pagka singkit din ako? hehehehheh 
				  ilusyonada! :D
				+ and lastly, ang alam ko cute sya.. pero di ako
				  pwede ma-fall sa kanya kasi cute sya. it's not that
				  i hate cute guys..
				  basta... hindi pwede...

				it's a perfect week??? NO. 
				+ i'm not gonna post it here. i have never been angry nor
				  have never been so emotionally affected. bakit kailangang
				  ang inactive at ang hindi officer ang magsalita sa 
				  harapan? i am so disappointed.
				+ kung tutuusin, it's not a big deal, since Dennis will be
				  the active adviser at makakapagconcentrate na ako sa 
				  INFOACTIVE. pero, ang sama talaga ng loob ko....
				+ tapos, hindi na ako pumasok sa masteral classes ko. i felt
				  bad kasi hindi narin pumasok yung ibang classmates ko. 
				  sana hindi magtampo ung prof namin..
				now i feel depressed..
				i watched chicken soup for the soul para ma-enlighten ako 
				kahit konti, ok lang, bumaha ng luha sa kwarto ko...
				kasi it's about	saying goodbye to a friend. masakit 
				magpaalam lalo na napamahal ka na sa aso... 
				(ung aso yung friend ng matanda! basta! )




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			identity crisis			10/13/2k1	10:10pm

				duhhhh!!! bday ko daw??? dpa no. dna pala. 
				i stopped getting older since i became 18 years old.
				alam mo... i think i am having this "identity
				crisis"... kasi, look... 

				i'm an instructor... which means i have to act mature
				and older than my age. pero wen i see ppl like my age
				tapos they are soOoo cool, i feel "hello??". i should
				be acting their way kasi bata pa me.

				pero wen i act like that, i feel weird naman. kasi
				i'm an instructor and should be acting proper and mature
				in front of students. 

				damn.. this is what it takes to be a yuppie so early.
				i hate it!!!! 

				well... considering the experiences, the knowledge, 
				respect, compensation, professional growth ek ek... 
				k na rin. 

				anyway... another kwento...
				hindi natuloy ang report ko sa HBO. yey! more gising
				pa naman ako kanina ng 2am at more adrenalin rush
				pa ako tapos more init ulo ko dahil ang haba ng pila
				sa atm. buti na lang hinatid ako ng bro ko. nakausap
				ko tuloy sya ng di oras...

				tapos more mali yung nabili kong acetate. ang mahal
				ha! 35 pesos isa! grabe. tapos pag dating ko sa
				zeroxan, di daw magagamit yun. so more balik ako
				sa Maya bookstore para magreklamo. e dina daw pwede
				irefund kaya in exchange, more bili ako ng ballpen
				na color gold, silver, yellow, @ brown. take note,
				glittery pa sya ha... 



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			more kwento...			10/06/2k1	11:11 pm
				i am sooOOooo depressed. lintyak na CISCO, 
				kadali dali eh diko pa maperfect! pano, more
				dakdak.. tsaka akala ko pwede magtanungan
				dahil parepareho lang ang questions. diko 
				alam, randomized pala ang mga questions! 
				iba ang set na bigay sakin tapos iba din sa
				katabi ko. di more isip ang lola. kaloka nga eh..
				buti nalang nagbasa ako kahit papano. pero
				i want a perfect score! i want it! i want it!

				damn... didibdibin ko na nga yang CISCO na yan!

				tapos, yung sa HBO, me pagkaterror ata prof
				namin, ang dami dami klangan basahin. kinakarma
				ba ko? e ang bait bait ko namang instructor a!?
				heheheeheheh.... k lang. it's a part of me being
				a student. next week will be my report, hmp,
				i promise i'll make him drool... heheheh >:D

				anyway, we went to COMDAP expo @ shangri-la 
				makati after our masteral class. more tingin
				ng mga latest computers at gadgets. 
				i want to buy a digital camera pero cguro
				saka na lang, more mahal kc!

				tumingin din ako ng mga palm top models. 
				hmp, what's d difference between my electronic
				organizer and the palm top - mas sosi yung latter?
				eh ano ngayon...
				tapos, eto pa! i've seen an actual AIBO!!!!
				gosh! the AI(Artificial Intelligence) robotic dog!
				he is sssoooOOooo cute!!!! i want to own one pag
				wala ng aso at pusa sa mundo :D

				grabe, ngayong araw pa lang dami na kwento! 

				last sunday nga pala was the concert of the corrs. 
				i didnt	went. tapos... 
				wala akong kwentang fan... i know..
				ano pa ba? ay may g-book is ok na pala! please
				leave your mark before you go. it's a freebie
				from and it's kinda neat compared
				to the other free guestbook services that i've 
				surfed to.

				yun lang cguro muna. gtg, dami pako gawin @ 
				antok nako eh. gnite...


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			Who inspires me...		10/04/2k1	5:11 am
				+ my daddy.. 
				+ mariah carey.. d corrs.. westlife..
				+ my mentors and superiors(past & present). 
				  i looked up to them wondering wen 
				  will i ever be like them... wen? wen? 
				  do i hav to grow up first?
				+ my students.. my super duper over kulit,
				  annoying, irritating, pleasing, lovely,
				  pretty, sweetie, cutie babies...
				  that sometimes makes me jjjja-ded.. 
				  that sometimes makes me grin.. :)


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			Wisdom is not what you learn from books		09/29/2k1

				We have HBO (Human Behavior in an Organization) at
				masteral class and i think the subject is really
				very interesting. It discusses about how and why
				people behave in a certain society.

				It emphasized that not all geniuses at class
				make it big in the reality field. it made clear that
				not all bogaks are failures in reality. each and 
				everyone of us is unique. it depends on how you
				want your life to be. it depends on how you deal
				with people around you. it depends if you are really 

				i thought that once you are intelligent in class,
				it's the only measure of how good you will be
				in dealing with the everyday pressures of society.

				but no, it took me three years just to realize the
				hidden values behind the success of people i looked 
				up to.

				bakit kasi wala nag-tip sakin kaagad eh! 
				edi sana matagal ko na nalaman!

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			@#$%^#@!*&%$@#!			Sept. 27, 2k1
				kainissss!!!!!!! i opened this afternoon and 
				OMG! the grasya logo is missing! kainiss!!! ano ba nangyari
				e hindi ko pa ginagalaw yung site ko. sino nag-sabotage
				neto, SINO >:<...

				anyway, PICHE (Phil. inst. of chemical engrs) wanted me
				to create their website. o diba, bongga ang lola! me
				project na! i hope i could just get enough time....

				time lang naman ang problema ko eh.. kainis! if i can just
				program the time to halt... it's just so fast, ang
				bilis ko tumanda!
				sana by next week, meron na tong bagong layout. i have
				to inject javascripts para masaya. basta pag 100% tapos
				na to.... ul see... 

				naiinis ako sa student ko, parang ang galing galing
				nya gumawa ng website. manlalait lang ako sandali 
				ha, bato bato sa langit...

				%%##$^&*(..... kung pangit ang site ko, mas pangit ka :D
				mga estudyante talaga oo, parang ako nung college..		
				isa pa... bakit daw half lang ang face ko.. for obvious
				reasons, my students are very *creative* at yoko
				maging biktima ng creativity nila.. :)


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			yey! the seminar thinggie is over!	Sept 20, 2k1	4:37am

				wala na gaano pressure kasi tapos na yung 
				seminar sa Letran Calamba. grabe, almost 
				2 wks din ako di mpakali dun ha!

				pro, k lang, ang sarap feeling after :)

				i really like westlife... no... i go NUTS over 
				westlife! they are so damn cute! as in! 
				(*kilig, hehehehe) i need to buy the damn CD..
				i just need to... i just need to....

				*yawn. antok na ulit ako. bakit kc wrong 
				timing tong insomiac ko eh. if i dont get back
				to sleep, muka na nmang akong sabog mamaya
				sa class ko.


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			more content! more!		Sept 15, 2k1     11:43am

				yesterday, I went to mkti kc akala ko 
				start na ng masteral classes. e wala pa pala,
				so i went to the library nlang to browse
				some thesis of those graduate students para
				makakuha narin ako ng idea sa thesis ko (hmmmm,
				can't i just generate an idea on my own? 
				sori baby, i need EXAMPLES)

				so far, i wanted my thesis to be net related,
				i've got ideas pero syempre secret ko muna yun
				para may thrill dba? :) anyway, me suggestion 
				kba? e-mail me naman o :O...
				tapos, i went to glorietta (aaaaa!!!! the corrs!!!!
				their singing in the background!!!!!! ok... un lang...)

				tapos, when i went there, I did a little bit of 
				shopping. I bought a blued jacket 50% off sale, 
				i've been eyeing on that jacket for quite a long
				time and it was the perfect timing to buy it 
				(i'm so happy :D )

				tapos, i went eye shopping for my 8210's casing,
				mas mura parin talaga yung nakita ko sa tabi
				ng waltermart, it only costs 150 and the design
				is really cool. pero wen i get at the store, the
				casing didnt fit in (damn!). it was for an 8250 :(...

				then i went @ school, almost all the students 
				were at the cuervo having their sportsfest,
				so nag-internet na lang ako till 9pm.

				i gotta make it right for the e-commerce seminar.
 				i gotta... i gotta... i gotta...

				and speaking of which, i still have some
				major things to do: 

					1. have to create lesson plan for the 2nd tri
					2. have to study access
					3. have to prepare for the seminar

				aaahhh!! my adrenalin is jumping again!!!!!!


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			A day after uploading  		sept 14, 2k1   11:16pm

				I'm supposed to be researching for the
				e-commerce chu-chu. Pro ano ginawa ko kanina?
				Lalang, puro surf-surf sa kung sino sinong
				personal web pages.
				Kainis! nainggit talaga akoh!!! 

				kc, yan! yan ang mga nangyayari sa mga taong
				mahilig sa mamaya na.. tsk tsk, ok! fine!
				this site needs content...
				[content baby, i need content!! ]

				buti nalang, ideas were popping up while I was
				browsing those nominees [sa webbie awards ]..
				damn, i need that webbie logo on my site! 
				i need it! i just need it! !@#$$%%

				hmmmm.. someday... pagdating ng panahon...(naks!)

				btw, @ school...
				we are currently having our org week. 
				dami activities graveh! 
				we had booths, programs, sportsfests, etc...
				students were very bz ( first wk plang ng school
				maluka luka na ang mga sila sa mga actvities :) 
				hay... sarap talaga mag-work sa school...
				sarap talaga maging teacher.... ( ennnggg! chicka. )


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			so many things.. so little time...      	sept 13, 2k1  5am 

				yaiks! i woke up 12 am and my eyes 
				are still wide open upto now 
				(m I turning into an insomiac?)
				i tried going back to sleep though, pero wala,
				di na talaga ako makatulog...
				so, instead of just lying in bed till the sun
				rises (well that would be boring) I decided
				to get my notes and scribble some outline
				for todays lesson...
				pero iba pumapasok sa utak ko. 
				nope, not my crush(es :)  )...
				nope, not my list of to-buys...
				nope, not Sir Raffy for God's sake! :D
				eto! etong home page na to ang pumapasok sa 
				utak ko... 
				kaya i turned my pc on, then turned my tv on
				and then I created this piece while watching 
				the CORRS singing "all the love in the world" 
				on MTV....
				i gotta watch american sweethearts, 
				i gotta watch the CORRS concert.. sama ka? :)

				and since it's 6am already, I think i gotta
				go back to sleep... geesh, sana magising
				ako before 10 dahil 11am ang class ko.

				gosh! dami pala ako dapat basahin! damn...

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			food for thought....			may 19, 2001

				i've always had that maniana habit...
				yung tipong i've always taken things
				for granted, telling myself na - 
				"hey it's chicken, i can do it tomm,
				or some other time".
				di ko namamalayan, time passes so 
				quickly that yung work na supposedly
				natapos ko na e hanggang ngayon,
				under construction pa. thanks to 
				my habit...

				i've always been thinking of how
				to eliminate this bad practice,
				i even started to create lists of
				to-do's for each day then 
				pinagagalitan ko ang sarili ko 
				when i dont meet my own	deadlines.
				and i guess it's quite effective :).
				i'm also starting to focus, telling
				myself - "hey grazie, magmamasteral
				ka na! fix yourself up, you dont
				want to screw things dont you?"
				o diba? tinatakot ng lola nyo ang
				sarili nya? hehehehhehhe

				well, effective naman eh. it's a 
				sort of discipline. masyado kasing
				naging lax ang life ko especially 
				when i graduated from college. 
				i needed to get some discipline.
				maybe that's the reason why i went
				back to studying....


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PiX GaloRe...
				i'm in the process of collecting and scanning 
				pictures of my friends, students (past and present) 
				and other interesting people then post it here 
				for your viewing pleasure..
				btw, if i dont have your pictures yet
				then mail me please!

				btw, my scanner and my cd-rom is broken....
				i tried fixing my cd-rom, i opened it into pieces
				and wiped the insi