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The Music

Don't Call Me Mama Anymore
by Earl Brown

Wild Women
by The Big Three - (Cass Elliot, Tim Rose)

Lady Love
by Delaney Bramlett

Move In A Little Closer, Baby
by Robert O'Conner, Anold Jay Capitanelli)

Make Your Own Kind of Music
by Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil

I Can Dream, Can't I?
by Irving Kahal, Sammy Fain

New World Coming
by Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil

One Way Ticket
by Stephen Lawrence, Bruce Hart

The Good Times Are Coming
by John Barry, Hal David

I'm Coming To The Best Part of My Life
by Roger Nichols, John Bettis

Dream A Little Dream of Me
by Wilbur Schwant, Fabian Andre, Gus Kahn)

Easy Come, Easy Go
by J. Keller, D. Hildebrand

A Song That Never Comes
by Cashman, Pistilli, West

California Dreamin'
by John Phillips

Go Where You Wanna Go
by John Phillips

Monday, Monday
by John Phillips

I Saw Her Again Last Night
by John Phillips

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