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More of my collection

The Motorola X16G, made in 1960, right here in the good ol US of A. Takes 4 "AA" batteries, and plays OK. Like a few other old Motorola's I've had, it seems like it doesn't want to play. I've found that if I just load them with batteries, and leave them on for a few days, they come back to life....probably something to do with "shaping" the capacitors in the audio amplifier circuit. Whatever. Found in an antique mall in Duncannon, PA, for $10, in January 2001. (A word about this antique mall... if you're into old tube radios, someone runs a stall who completely refurbishes them, and sells 'em CHEAP. This place is located in Duncannon, north of Harrisburg, PA, on Route's in an old sled factory, which is something in its own right to see.)

The sweet little Panasonic R-1326, made by Matsushita Electric, around 1970-1971. This model was also called the "Gadabout". Paid $29 for this little gem....the first one of its kind I've seen, in over 6 years of collecting. It plays like a champ, and uses a 9-volt battery. What a nice little radio. Found in an antique mall south of Williamsport, PA, on Route 15. There are always quite a few transistor radios in this place, usually at acceptable prices. The fellow who sold me this radio told me that he has a collection of over 700 transistor radios, and that he's selling off all of his radios worth less than $100. You have to wonder how many other people are like him around the world.

The Westinghouse H893P8GP ("You can be sure, if it's Westinghouse"), made around 1964. Someone left the batteries in too long in this little jewel, and cooked off everything right up to the terminals. Another restoration project. Shelled out $7 for this one, at the antique place south of Williamsport in January 2001.

The Emerson Model 911, made in 1960, in a nice coral color. This set is pristine, inside and out, but, alas, doesn't make a squeek when filled with 4 penlite batteries. Paid $18 for it at the antique place in Duncannon, in January 2001.

A Russian radio, the "Selena" model, made by a firm called TENTO, in the era of the USSR. Saw this advertised on E-Bay, and won the bid for about $37.00. Little did I know it was going to cost me another $38 in postage to get it shipped from the seller, who was located in England. This is a real nice radio....runs on 6 "D" cells, and plays great on all SW, AM and FM bands. Note the woodgrain is actually made from wood, and you can see where the manufacturer actually used a hole-saw to make the cut out for the band-switch control on the side of the radio. If the TENTO company is still in business, I think they could do pretty good exporting a radio of this quality, if they could keep a grip on costs.

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