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I'm glad you have found your way into my home on the net. :)   I hope you enjoy your stay.  Please sign the guestbook before  you leave. 
Christmas is my favorite Holiday. I would have to say that I love the season the best, the decorating the shopping, music, movies etc... I go absolultely nuts during the Holiday Season, every part of my house is decorated. Here is some of what I do. Click the picture below to come in. I get a really happy feeling as I do all this work to my house and seeing it each day just makes me feel good. So I really look forward to it.

Please include, your child's name, your name and relationship to child, activity child like's, gift the child want's, and the child's hometown. We will personalize this for your child. You can surprise them. Kids just love getting mail. Order now and reserve your copy for Christmas Delivery. After you order email me so I know you paid and I can get this done for you quickly. Thanks and Happy Holidays


If you like midis you will love this cd. I have put together alot of them,ther are 195 midis and they range from, Christmas,New Years, Easter, Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day, Thanksgiving, Disney etc... Don't Forget To Bookmark My Site, As I have many Updates!


Updated On November 17, 2004

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