New Lyrics
(I donít care if I die ) I made everything clear with her before she left,
 We would see how we felt whilst she was away,
A chance to develop our confidence while we were apart.

I can't say that I feel nothing, If I did then I couldn't bear
to live with myself, I mean what sort of man would I be by
not missing her, Well I do that and Ive said the things I missed.
I guess you don't realise what you have till its gone,

 but I could move on it's just that moving on as I am trying to
makes me feel sad. I don't know how to describe my feelings,
And Portions of this is fighting and boom, fighting and boom fighting and boom,
 this, of this is but fighting and boom fighting and boom, fighting boom,
(Sorry very much,
4, la 4 la la 4
drop 4 HO.)

Your mother never let me see you,
She said you never needed to know me.
You didnít know how much that hurt.
But just for a while.

Now you bothered to find me, and for that at least Iím grateful
Why blame me when I can blame myself.
I didnít know anyhting I didnít do anything I didnít know anything,
Kind of like splitting.

(Chocolaten number 5)
kind of like giving in, kind of like splitting up, *4
kind of like splitting, And Portions of this is fighting and boom, fighting and boom fighting and boom,
 this, of this is but fighting and boom fighting and boom, fighting boom,

(Sorry very much, 4, la 4 la la 4 drop 4 HO.)
(mummy save us?) did mummy say this. scares us with a tissue,

you must now say good bye jelly beans are good for you,
I donít care if I die, mummy save us

Thatís it 4 milestones, he said itís a no go, your card is coming from a distance
 I just saw the letters and read the postcards from holidays, Iíll never have.
 Ill see you, Iíll see expenses and Itís so heavy I wish I could float,
Pick myself  my dust my self. pick myself up, dust my self down
I work with passion, I want to be helped.
Can we stay in once 2 many times
Looking forward to the simpsons I could have laughed a lot and then what, and you sit with the silence
He had young hands turning on to pick,
 on you never believe how good you were

Iíll take her phases and trade them off.
I  just wanted to keep you at your bay
And I donít want you much now, I Ďd leave it behind.
Full of ideas and wrecked cars.
Home looking for your own olympics

On your own, I see your face when I close my eyes
You said that I didnít  want to be alone
And you mentioned that all you had was never enough
My hands at your throat again some things never change
Why did you lean towards me when I whisper your name,
I only do it out of spite and I could die from the shame,
Stick and stones may break your bones
Your mum will never hurt us.

Slaps from all sides, your ears go red.
I guess you hear more thinking and talking about
The time of our lives, the worst
 Ones, What we must never do stories.

 itís a wonder in this passion, Id find so funny memories
and youíd say the heat has gone out.

You said you were tired of your life.

In your confessional, I danced to the aphex twin.
ďKnock it inĒ she said, listen, its in the instant letter.
For, you swap your hearts from the earth
His music was bigger than us and this isnít a real event.

This is all in a discotheque, and itís the same nite as last weeks, the material is making me dirty.
And my email is no longer funny , (if it ever was ,)

ď(Whispered nonsense)
all I said and what ever I did itís just a shame I just canít turn back Iím already fifty miles from what I said. On the way from something special you said.
on the way from something special on the way to somethin special
and whatever you did then itís just the little things I know you had scrambled egg and it always reminds me of you
small wonder that you never take anything I say seriouslyĒ
to leave your mark on the world you began to sing, and sing
you turned and you spun and you moved to that song, that I could never write
because I knew that you danced for him 2 .
there was always someone else for you
turn to me when Iím not around, work drove us apart I work to live,
and not the other way round. Your small hands clasped into mine
I feel their coldness as I lay here
trying to imagine the space you left in this place.

Slide the way past here : Slide away last year.

Conscience ďYou made her drive her crazy , with everything you do.
You made her turn her crazy, with all those stupid rulesĒ
I just wanted to keep you.

Whisper it on the breeze , well you need to get away
And take her hand in mine and weíll  sleep this century
To a bedroom floor where I cannot dwell
My head is spinning with my foolish pride.
The band that mattered no longer tried
And weíre stamping our feet to keep warm
Kicking our heels looking for a new craze
The music came within, pictures in the future,
It took no effort to be moved, by a stationary stopping,
These punctures my cocoon in my head phones,
And there we sit staring at the colours of the worst
Piece of plastic, it donít really matter to me, it donít really matter anymore

Weíre drunk.,Weíre drunk
Neutered for the future, Neutered for the future, all.

I wouldnít mind if there was another side,
a glimpse of embarressment :gave us
some good stories, thoughout the time it all seemed right now theres something uncouth.

When we split you said you have been good for me, and thatís the story that began to tell, I wish I had a good friend when Iím sober Iím too sad too care. Iím lying not to me, all I have for company is a guitar.
If you want to listen to us, you have got to get out and find her. he wonít come into your room.
Youíve got it made.
Singer in the crosshairs itís allowed to put them all away, turn around and Iím laughing, as my head goes empty and black.
Itís a bleak house but my stains, comfort me still.
Multicoloured business cards fall from your wallet, Iíve never worn clogs and I donít ever want to.
But I overheard my sister, I never bought tulips, I never smelt the roses.
But the sis ter wears a dutch cap, what does it mean?
And in tradition we  get up and dance and if shes at it, then why arenít I,
Then why am I so ugly,  why is she lovely?
When I was boasting in bed last night when weíre still fucking.
I was picturing that girl from tescos packing my groceries.
When you looked at me after I grew bored I was thinking of overthings
And if I believed in god Iíd pray nite and day to get me away from here
I want to see the world before you break it for me.
I feel embarressed to think, you said I think more than love
Your mobile rings you answer it while we walk in the street and I feel so foolish. Itís always good to have friends
Your partner how I hate that word quietly sleeps on undisturbed by passion youll only feel safe in the morning
So when I watch the TV turn into a dot.
I turn and draw the cutains in the morning,
The nite is peaceful and in the day I canít sleep
If I had to work, if there was any way to work in safety I would.
(They reduced me to screaming
Itís good it makes no difference.) whispered.

Laughing at me
Why are you looking at me
Havenít we said all that there is to say

To have and to hold.

Fall out of bed, and you fell on my head
Theres No reason for empty tears to empty on my face

What to have and to hold?

Didnít all I say justify the means, (Made you want to leave, you need to be free)
All I said and all I never didnít know (where did you keep it all, knowing weíd have to fall)
Just staying above it, ashamed of waiting. (Forgeting how to live, Didnít you need this wait)
Suffocated on my worries just ashamed of waiting
The future would have never happened anyway
Just standing in a supermarket made me steal the lamb or die I dinít eat it anyway

(first verse) to have to feel
send me an open ticket.

Get me stoned guide me around.(what I think you say, what I hear you say)
List the things have never hurt you once (what I hear you say all I ever learn)
Walking in the drizzle it seemed more exciting at night to follow(forgetting how to live havenít you seen it all)
All I knew and whatever I enjoyed, seems fucked up anyway I blame me too.

When you turn back to me ( wipe the smile of my face)
Will you turn out to me (before it goes fade)
When you turn back to me ( wipe the smile of my face)
Could  you still be anyone, (forever goes so)

(I need you so, what do I need it for ) for all I heard was a chain of shame
(what I need it by, when I sat and cried)
(all I set it free, made you want to leave)
always waiting for you dying inside waiting for a ride bodies lying never trying
always belying the unending crying
go. This is what you need.

So I guess youíll get the message?

Wouldnít you rather die alone? X2
Didnít you make it too late, for the circumstances
To go wrong when its alll gone

Wouldnít you rather die alone.

Give them what they want, love them , and then go and leave them X2
Give them what they want, love me donít ever leave me now.

Youíll miss me when Iím gone she said with irony.
Youíll miss me when Im gone she said with irony and pity
What a scrappy shame you didnít like my phase.
What a pity that you werenít  here, for you said Iíd need no-one to blame, me
What a pity you werenít here what a shame there was no laughing no tears when you left,
When you made it painfully obvious you didnít want to be with me.
What did you need, you need a break from what did you take? Everything.
What did you need you took everything for granted but my love,
You found out the results of your test. And it was wrong to
Wait forever, X 3 you can wait forever,
And It was the best the best time that we discovered your life, it was the last time the future was brite,
You lied to me to save my feelings, if I had some?
I need some space in my life, already it is dusk for us, behind your smile I can see youíre upset with everything you say its not me you say it is
Alright to fight, itís alright to fight, itís alright to fight.

And when you make all up.

Will you save me my troubles and loneliness, Iíll wait forever
But I ainít gonna feel so near as we were.
I hang on every word, any words that make no sense
I hang on every word and it made no sense,
I am missing everything. I am missing everything,
Forever you will need me.
I am missing everything. I am alone today and forever, I canít
Pay for my mistakes, you said it was easy to get laid, and I can make that mistake again.
Your hair was longer then it made you look younger less angry,
Wait forever, is too long, I guess waiting forever is too long,
I guess waiting forever , I guess waiting forever, I guess waiting forever.

I hope youre home tonite,

I know youre home tonite, I thought that is not us itís the situation , that stops us from being alright
For a while you knew that I smothered you with my love,
And Its not us thatís wrong, if we find another space
but I know you want me, and  Iíve never questioned that, but I donít think you can stand me when I become this depressed,
 and you are  one with force and  beauty I mean
I feel too pressured and demoralised to show, and theyíre there and theyíve been there in the past,
But how can I be free when Iím watching you go down. Iím watching you suffering with sadness
I know you like a diary. Donít want you to be there, donít want you to be there. donít believe youíll be there donít want you to be there donít need you to be there

And I have to be working now, money is the devil. And I think that you need to speak up  for yourself.
And after this time itíll be a long time, but will you be faithful to me,  and thatís when you say
When you say I believe in love,

And I know you love me, Iíve never questioned that. And I never will  But I donít think you can stand me when I become this depressed.
Youíre the one with autumnal beauty. I mean  and the winter pressure had to show this part of me,
And theyíre there and theyíre there. Been there in the past these
Items of freedom when youíre wearing your tie,
Down, when youre wearing yourself down,
Down, well could you see the change?
Could you see the change in me when I raid your diary, donít need me to be there, you donít need me to be there, you donít need me to be there, what did it say I donít want you to know, you at all.

And I donít want to read your diary you donít need me to be there. You donít need me to be there you donít me to be there,

Get me close, a space on your address page,
I donít want to be in your diary,   I donít want you to see me, I donít want this to be there I donít need you to need me. I donít you to write about me anymore I donít want to be your diary. I donít need this to be there, donít need you to do this, in your diary, diary

It aintí easy watching you sleep alone,
They said it aint easy they said it isnít much to tease me anymore,
Zo said you donít love it , Zo said you donít love it itís easy to take,
Zo say you donít love me so say you donít love me I canít really taste,
Sweet thing all you have to give,
Sweet tasting medecine dribbles down my chin
So say you donít love me, well I donít understand how it could be so cold in this room
Zo said you donít love me , Zo said you donít love me I donít understand,
I was never given a choice I was always locked out,
I was never given a choice I was always left out,
So say you donít love , so say you donít love me well what does it matter,
I saw you cross the road with that other boy , who looked a lot like some tool out of travis, (
(youíve got your everyting) repeated bvox.
So say you donít love it when I come home drunk, well whoís laughing now,
Just a taste of friendship in a smokey room I donít belong here either,
Just a sweet taste. Whoís laughing now?
Just a sweetest taste well whoís watching over you,
I aint gonna draw your own conclusions, I aint gonna go, I aint gonna go,
So say you donít know me well whos watching over you,
So say you donít know me X2.
So say you donít love me, so say it , well whos to blame,
Cast the stones watching them skipping and shatter,
So say you donít love this,,
So you donít know me, so say it loud and say it proud.

With a copy of your vogue, in front of you, It makes it so easy to regress,

What do you make of this when we slept all alone, you said that Iíd never made you laugh,
Sitting on the fire escape, chain smoked you life away, wasnít I the one who made sad?

What do you mean what do you need, what do I need from this, where do you need me why do you need me a desperate waste of time,
I put this chain around your neck for your birthday  made you shed a tear, do you take it off when youre with him?
The scars that I saw you burn to prove that our lives werenít wasted, can you ignore the ones that still weep?
Take me away, take me away, take me away from this
Take me away, take me away, kill me, cut all around,
Donít you get it you threw it away now, you gave it all up for a little piece of attention, I keep finding, your notes in my pocket, didnít you say what mattered were the clothes you left behind,

I could never read your mind, what the fuck made you think I could, whatever could I mean to you?
A notch above the bed tonite, was it that that made you feel alive, what is that I must do to heal?

Take me away, take me away, take me away from this
Take me away, take me away, kill me, Isnít life unkind,

(ÖÖÖ..) Is all that you hurt,
All that you hurt is all that you are,
All that you are is becoming all that you hurt,
All that you hurt is all that you want,

You said that youíd call me, you promised you would,
I know heís your best friend but he made me feel a fool.
I know you donít love him, and you made it in the tree line,
Why did this hurt me, you thought I was so_ dull.

I look at my crossed my legs stare at my pages, and I wish I could see you again,
Look at the white walls, in my small room, I donít have fire, you caused me my friends,
Donít go, got bile instead,
Got violence instead, got mine instead,
Gotten my share, got my share, Got my own share,
Got violence instead, got my share, violence instead,
Got blood in my share, got my share, got more than my share,
All in my shame, got back my shame, got violence instead.


You may put up defences, you will build a fortress, a garage in a small town, youíre coming in.

Sort of conflict in this situation.

You talk me into the ground and I think of what to say,
 but I donít think that I donít know of anything worth having,
 weíve been through this all before and somethings just donít fit
you said youíd come in the night for my life blood,
You looked like you wouldnít hurt  anyone and you wouldnít sleep around you might say that I was asking for it, this lite itís my bed to lie and itís a sty.
This house is quiet now
 I sit nestled on this couch realising
I will never be content with what words I can choose  for you.
What would Apollinare or Ezra have written to their loves, Iíll produce.
When you ask for the language of my heart
So let me  try , so let me try to transcribe it and Iíll begin by saying how I hate watching the couple in the corner on the box cuddling and making love. They crawl all over. It makes things seem moreÖ..
To call, as lonely as the autumnal nite breezes, we must deal with this.

I keep thinking of that part, you and me know we know about
I keep thinking of that part, though apart I feel our love only,
Though youre far away I still think about you.
Though youíre far away I still think about you. Though I like being apart. From you feel so hollow and lonely as a ( maze))))) we made the right decisions to deal with it.
What you see is what you get
What I miss is what you are to me.
What we should be is living and being and having the times of your life. The best years were wasted with memories. Dusty photographs filed in drawers dusty memories, will she forget me
Will she forget me.

How do you say.
Every day brings me through,
Look at my face when you come, turn the page and read my story. X2
Itís all of nowhere
Close your eyes and run away wish your life away.
Visited by disgrace I fell in with desire.

Head down shuffling the street
I like rubbing the new me,
Head down watching them sweep it
Liked hearing the sympathy

I forget my (listed) crimes
I canít pay the price
I watched them pull up in front of this store
I saw them waiting for (me).

They mark em where theyíre watching
Well Whoís laughing now
Trigger pulls trigger pulled and I braced the door

Twisted honour drifting
Your Body falls to the ground
Kiss me from the darkening sea,

Something hides whats there, something live

So quiet I want to, take this gun into my heart
Youíre Crazy but its good you came back to a seige
No pain, no reason theres no escape at all
I will find fame pressed between pages of the law _____ Weighed down

Often could let my hands in the blue, my hands turning blue, got my hands and yawning in your

daughter darker must come
and bullet can hide me inside
Is something closer to being alive,
Is something Iíll never have, theres something Iíll never have
Something, suffering,
Something Iíll never be, In love (at least I have some sympathy)

Here lies under the farm,
What do you say medicine what does it
Matter for a while something, medecine medecine medecine
What does it matter for a while
My mercy my mercy medecine______,

Take everything for granted put up my
hands (trickling with deceit) and I
walk into the day, And I
see myself reflected and I
see my shame in their shields and I
see my faults in my blame, anything
thatís cold is all I have

you saw yourself
reflected in their shades,
rifles held at aim, whispered
take him,

The hardest thing
Youíll ever  do,
Just take my life
Just take it
This hardest thing
Youíll ever do
Just take
I need to suffer to feel alive
I Need to feel their icey hand on my back, on my back on my,
On my back and on my,

You know how to take this
From all this horror take you
And my bodies twitching,
Itís good to be back
In the land of living
I wish I could be forgiven
I wish theres something there.
Down in my soul like cure.

Is what you couldnít have,

throw me down,
is full of pins
wonít you take my life
wonít you take it,

E Ė D ĖG (tune B string to G)

Take me away from here

She said that shed never be married,
That shed never swim in the sea,
The affair that she detected
was  all  directed at me,

We thought weíd grow old together
 In a wooden hut on the big sur,
Sleep late into the morning
Throw pennies from the pier,

Nothing was wasted far away.

Nothing was wasted far away,
When we made our mistakes did you hear me laughing bout them,
The wouldnít know why the wooden horse was crying and they made me wait.

Holding to the ceiling,
I canít stop the room from spinning I pulled the bookcase on my head,
And I think I was
And I wait around for you to not come around.

What you ÖÖÖ

I said that Iím lonely
Itís never happened before,
Because I saw your mother,
I saw her face in yours

She had the time to love me,
She spent time with her phone
Whenever I called you at work
Made me wait  and hang

Made me wait and hang

Better times could come later
When we have some time apart.
Getting into codeine
Never gave me back a heart
When I saw you crying
I almost raised my hand
Not to try to slap you,
But to be closer than before.

C#D G Gdim F#Dim E bit
Your mother will never want me.
Shes just tried to hurt you
I was drunk and foolish
You were never home on time.
You never learnt the right lines to say what I might say
Iíve wasted my life for you.

That I didnít like fucking your mum
That I didnít like being with her
She made feel wanted
She made me feel loved she made me feel alive alive
Made me feel alive, made me feel alive.
I wanted to aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

She liked to look in the frosty mirror. She saw a window into herself.
And falling out with a publisher who, didnít he know that you were blind of yourself, getting into nothing, getting onto nowhere without him, and you will find, youíve lost your way back, youíve got no reaction
I wanted to help you
find someone else at least  find yourself.
flew to the mountain, lived by the green
haunted the place of your own, own home,
I thought  you hated fresh air (something died that day)

Just a little love makes you wake up. With expectation
Like Like youíre excited for your holiday,

What does it mean to her what does it mean to you what does it mean to her.

Iíve seen more dirty mags than most men have, Iím shocked and disturbed by your keys
The sigh and her  looking back at me,

I had to change her mind, I tried to make you mine
What does it mean to you what does it mean to her.

Just a drink before bed,
Get me off my brick  head.
Thought it was allright.
I wasnít so at night,


I want to help you
 find someone least to find your self.
into your mountain  grieve  your holy home,
violence and a place you can call your own
where no one can stop you, no.

Just a little love makes you wake up.
Forgive me its all for nothing, you gave me a sore reaction
and her she needs her space,
And her clothes she wears and she shows it all,

(Rock here.)
Dip the finger ink hot water
You got a call from solvency.
You want a place to call you home your own.
Moving in,.

Iím just a casual observer
Caught between the eyelamps sea
No longer feeling no longer feeling.
So hyped about this,
So frightened about this.

Donít get all confused,
Let your hair rule your hands
Youíre a littery bee in a bonnet
Was allright you saw your calm,
So frightened about this
Chatted once about the rye
Grown man was all rank

Take that weapon and use it, I donít care to confuse you.
Turn that gift used  for a while,  one place where you canít get it all off
It was a weapon pushed against my wrist,
Mother call off the dogs ď Iíll tell you somethingĒ
 thereís a time when I make my own mistakes
Regrets are not really to be  counted, ready to be counted, ready to be counted ready to be all mine.

Agony aunt on the phone
To people you almost know.
Offer advices all the time
About stuff thatís not important

In the street restraints for children
Itís the best thing you can do about him
I donít see it that way  because
Theyre not as close as you are to this
Theyíre not as close as you are

Where does that leave me, out in the cold
Where do we stand please  me put you feet where youre told,

I wanted to walk out of this mistake of wire,
I thought its good to be liked, buddy youíll never see oh why,
A place, a queue is all it amounts to
Dole queue or manager a park in a white wedding,

Have to queue, have to win & had to queue and have to win,
Take my money from me, put it all in the lottery,
And one day I might not have to go to work anymore,

Here is your lovely wife, sheís a sight to behold
Sheíll be there when you get old from this D day will the be there, never be cold
never be told. never be proles,

you donít need no need to fight anymore
Now itís time to roll over and give in,
Youíve built your life apart from your friends,
People grow up in and out of love, and theres always,
Times when we remember sitting under the bus shelter,
Sharing our last bag of chips, always questioning Why it has to be so bad, and look at us now,
You with your home, your car  & your wife, X2
& Children on the way,

me with my selfish dreams of life, giving into the scheme of things,
you with your hope in you car and you wife, youíre going to get it all in time oh wait.

Nothing quite prepares you for the shock of being there
 in the cold night the moon sneaks into the cover, and you duck under the sheets, afraid of something nice,
you lift up from all sides, as the wind
crawls under the door, curl and forget youíre here alone
.there is no monster in the garden.
but you live on the 33rd floor, whose going to chase them away ,
theres no  killer comforting fear,
it may last a long time .  this loneliness is calming you down itís making you drink

There isnít a lot to do. Water some plants feed some fish. Hang by the phone, for a call from a lover, that lover used to be you, there isnít a lot I must do.
I want to hear your voice, tinkling round like glass,
The voice that I once loved and knew, like my favourite record, is dusty and unplayable

What did I do wrong I canít do it rite,
Why donít you say with tears then kicked me out of my chair.
What  was wrong why are they are always right, what did I try wrong
I donít have any sense in me.

It may last a long time, but you sure ainít got it right
It may last a long time, and you sure ainít got it right
There is no deal I can make with you anymore
Iíll gesture at your picture facing the wall.

You donít recognise my life. You donít recognise my whole, you donít recognise my keys in the door,
You donít recognise this song, If you did you would
Know Takes a lot to be with this,
Takes a lot to be with me.

Do you watch me?
Do you see me
on the telly,
do you watch me
do you watch me
do you wait for me to fall.

From the the prison walls to the palace where youíre born.
Donít be that way now, donít be that way now.

It isnít easy to take when people make the assumption that youíre sad because you never were happy
Well I tell them
 I donít do it for them. I just do it for myself.
Dreams are broken, words of anger spoken,
Wonít you turn down that noise Iím trying to sleep.
I wonít be so sad I donít even need  a reason to get up,
If Iíd slept the night before, and the night before that.
I donít even need to see why you were. You were running through my thoughts every day

I had to say why, donít make the blame pass out,
the point to die out here, without you.
I RHP here.
And in the end, in the end, itís all my fault for leaving you this way, If I had a method,
And make no difference and If I put some point into my existence.

Why donít you bring some back we never tried so hard to give us all out for a break

A couple/
Nice Phase
Nice thing to have
He wouldn't really know, My old school friend
he can't go outside in the daylight,
he'd melt if he had to talk to a girl
he's  a drifter a chancer
never had romance
never gone beyond the ring road
never used a metaphor to describe experience
never had cause to feel lonely
he knows no other way
too quiet to talk
to repressed by his past
school days spent unrepetant
of times in the all male classes no dreams
of unrequited love
taking his fantasies out on the teachers
but they were older than his mum
He confesed this to me in his tired shattered
state, when he awoke,
 he lost so much fluid
he always gets like this at the weekend
and I'm the only one who his parents have the number of.

It was just a simple office affair, a time to be at one with someone
She was a rare find,  I wish I could have changed her mind, I wished that she wouldve noticed me,
So youíve tried the hardest you can try
Youíre a little boy in a little girls world
You never felt the same things as the men with tatoos
Youíre feeling sad for something you canít finger on,
You tried to be different you dressed from the left, you werenít bred for success.
You heard about the bad offences and leads to the folks back home
And neither do the folks back home,
Forgive me the wake up, bring in the pain, bred for success
Give me the wake, give me a break bred for success,
Gave the me wake up, give it away bred for success X2.

And neither do the back
You didnít wanna be back home  X2
You didnít wanna go home,

My airconditioneed office, I pray for you
I wish I know, I hate the radio, It makes me feel so low,
Please take me home,
Please take me home, X2

So back to the old country where the rain doth pour and it drizzles
It never rains and its bores say why the hell does it piss down.
Get excited with a chance to whine. Why the hell did you come back

Show me the way, forgive me the pain
Bred for success.

 What did I do wrong for you to look at me that way.
What did I do wrong for you to look away
Well I do things right sometimes And then Iíll do things
for us like the time I drove you out     to       the sea

what do you offer us, well you  love to see me soak,
what do you all for us  was it enough to see me walk, will you walk out of here were you off out of fear?

Your hair blowing in the wind, so shiny so delicate.
Sometimes I go too far
and then we fall out  We run around and run around  and run around this.

Some times I go out and then we fall out,
What it was you didnít know, what it was that made us so close,
 that pulled us apart, that pulled us apart. though apart . you gave up fighting

what do for us, well I love to see you smile
what do you offer us to see you walk out of here? What did you do , what did you know, get away,
what did you do for us, well I love to see you walk, will you walk out of here. will you walk out of fear.?

What did you nag me to do about. I tried to give you a hand, I tried to give up bad demands,
Sometimes we fall apart, and then we get down,
Fortress islands, getting heartless , getting harder  to live without you

What I did do so wrong, what did we do so right?
What did you like about the times, when we fell out and fighting yeah
get back together, get back here together, get right back together,
Iíd give up fighting sometimes,
get  away x2
well I love to see you walk, well you love to see me smile, weíll get away X2
well do it all for us    was it enough to see me run?
Run out of fear, will it all come back?
It all comes back it. all comes back. back to you.

Walk out and and hang around, I saw youíre body lying down   couldnít wake your lips so blue,
I saw your legs crossed further away from me like a dirty kid so smug,
Then you saw away of getting some of your mothers smoked hash that shes busy passing round
You said the friends you had you spoke laughing hard into your mommas arms
Youíre going to a better place,  a place where youíll never be alone
a place where Iíll be teasing you, a place where Iíll thinking of you,
trying to be awake, where did you go, trying to figure me
you satisfied the sign of  fire,  you start a fire, burns.
Iíd strangle you if anybody touches you, I count while I hold you by the throat
I understand that youíre annoyed it goes over my head these gasps belong to you.
Youíre going to a better place , a place where youíll never be alone
a place where no one will tease you, a place where Iíll thinking of you,

Youíre going to a better place , a place where youíll never be alone
a place where no one will  tease you, oh when weíll say youíre big boned
youíll always be young.
Trying to be allright, soon youíll be gone,
What did we know, you satisfied the sign of fire,
Iíll always try to be OK. What did we know, you satisfied the sign of fire,
I wanted to try to figure you out, soon youíll be gone,
Soon youíll be ghosts

Waters all you need to defend against your insight thrash (splash) against my face dripping to the floor,
Girl you think Iím right, got your knapsack on your back you got it all stitched up. Thereís a lesson you should learn
Go take another friend to hang out in the menís room, wreck another toilet seat, one to put my head down. To yours
Do your worst to hear him say, you donít mean it anyway,
Lesson learnt  so let me go I promise not tell on you
Waters all you need to dissolve away the pain, of asprin in alcohol just thins my blood and makes my head drown If you think Iím lying?

You got your knapsack on your back youíre leaving it all behind.
Itís only filled with cheap beer,
A post mortems all you need to defend against that joke,  you said I was always up too late, someday we will give it up. If you think Iím liar.

Lay your head down on the pillow, you donít need him anyway,
Dream about the things you heard, as the rats keep the kitchen clean.

God no-one ever sees the lights go out.

Drinking myself to sea tonight leaving it all behind,
Counting myself to sleep tonight, look at the empty cans Iíve got
 Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing will only come of this,
Wait for the sun cracking the flags and my eyes burst from my head,

AT last chance to get easily quenched  (thought youíd get easier)
What about giving me another beer (thought youíd get easier up)
But I canít say Iíve had enough of it,
Always looking over my back, forget to write back, gouging my back, cheaper to go back I wonít ever go back.

Youíve got it all worked out, you said,
Do you think Iím a liar.
Got your knapsack on your back, you fill it up with
 cheap beer and heres  the life you led, well in a
long time go now youíve never been so right, youíve got no-one to say good bye,

Drinking myself to sea tonight leaving it all behind,
Counting myself to sleep tonight, look at the empty cans and say Iíve got
 Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Something will only come of this,
Setting suns and  flags outside and my eyes burst from my head,

Youíve got it all youíve got what you wanted, you got to haunt my dreams you get to stop my sleep,
You canít  pretend  It would be easy if Youíd never saw me white and pale, almost alive
 you didnít want to see me like this, I didnít want you to see me like this, Iím out in the rain when it
hits the sea I want to be all the horses , want to hear  screams on the salty mist , feel my heart beat again, feel my heart a heart.

Drinking myself to sea tonight getting it all behind,
Counting myself to sleep tonight, Iíve got 20 empty cans of this Iíve got
 Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing will only come of this,
Nothing will ever be the same again and my eyes burst from my head,

Getting myself to sleep,
Getting myself to sleep tonight,
Nothing no no no,
Youíve got no-one to see you again.

I must keep to updating this shit it's 15/12/00 and I'm just listening to some q-burns, maybe later I'll listen to some dizzy gillespie/ charlie parker at carnegie hall. Went to America for a few weeks becaming a monster so Had to race back over,
Didn't merely went to america but travelled for 7 hours and stayed at a friends parents it was nice, well it wasn't merely nice either it was more an amazing chance to see the world that I'd only experienced my whole life and know like the streets I grew up on. Through TV. I love TV I sing about it often. Yet I really despise TV is is nearly always shit but it's escapism from my thoughts and life so It's a drug but I can give it up at any time.
How Perculiar I actually have Built up quite a life over here now, what is going on. I try to push away the rats that threaten just destroy the very fabric of life in london, but the crawl up my trouser legs for warmth. Who can blame them. Well Once again I've got through a year without being flattened by the fat lady singer, and recorded a lot more stuff which is worth listening to I think.
So now I have a lot of space At the site for millions of songs, and I'll keep churning them out I expect.
But Having said that I only have a few that are really outstanding up here. Oh what am I going on about, a little glimpse into the mind of a clockwork. Well is a  word.
So I like to write as little as possible, it's too indulgent, I guess this is the free jazz equivalent of a web page, without the years of perfected technique, so infact it's probably the web page of someone who is delusional.

and the news of yesteryear: