Tour of London Diary (but you live here) 25 - November 99

So What Am I listening to at the moment?
Well I got a few CD's from work including the Future Sound of London dead cities which is to techno dancey annoying,
and lifeforms which is too trancy ambient but a lot better than dead cities as a continuous piece of work.
Also got depressed, hey but seriously folks I paid for happiness a long time ago, so I bought the new sonic youth musical perspective record SYR 4 with cage and even Yoko Ono and steve reich etc. being covered, I really liked some of the sounds on the record and stark metallic roughness to the record, as well as Kim gordon's sexy breathy voice which was slightly unsettling. The Joy division Boxed set heart and soul is very good as well, not the same as the vinyl orignals but good to have on CD without the pops and crackles that punctuate the silence of my mind.

And gigs that I went to recently include Low at Dingwalls, a strange cheerful departure for my one time hero's but a reminder of why Music meant something more than anything and not anything less than everything, until I discovered masturbation. Oh andI saw UI and Rothko and Sand at the Ats centre in notting hill.
Sand Used to be very likeable and their album which has a pretty title is good in places but I worry about the new metalled up kind of vision that they hold for their future. Still sometimes you need to rock out on your own curl into a little ball and moan softly into a microphone scraping away the muck that camdens dirty fingers placed upon you and clean
yourself with the dignity of being poor.

Also seriously thinking about putting my name down for the new coil album which is only available mail order,
but has the word "musik" spelt as is to put me off.

People ask me do I  hate girls or women or people and why do you make music if it's not for other people and you generally become answerable to the desires of many and they can't all be satisified,
I answer them by telling them of my 15 beautiful birds who live in the big block of flats, we don't live together, hell sometimes we don't even see each other, ever. but sometimes I go over and stare into the reflections in the UPVC double glazing, and I never leave unsated. I never had enough bread to feed them. But late in the evening they call my name before I slept, through the best years, Mark Mark Mark Mark.

Don't take it too seriously fella's you'll get married one day.