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Our guild.

Welcome adventurer to the Guild of Light

With the passing of time, you will be able to see this guild of light become a bastion in the way of the plague that beffals us all. This is a guild of magic, but still, Knights that follow the path of light and wage the spear of justice upon the dark madness of this world are going to be an honoured class in our guild.

Technical Data

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How to become a MEMBER!
Read the story of SPIKE, our most honnored deffender.

See how we found our place in this world in The history of our guild
Our members
Sanctum of the Sun
Library (coming soon)

Current Quests (in a short time...)
Portal Room

Allies and Sanctuaries

  Our world
and the tavern we meet in
EnLIGHT your mind at 
Inquisitor's Might and Magic Realm
The supreme
Guild of the wooden Flute Gwf

Last upgrades made to the guild: 24.III.2000

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