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Oh my God. I didn't leave the house at all today. Shit oh goodness.

"Joy wuz her name. A life unwed. Thirty years old, never danced a step. Would have left these red hills far behind if not for her condition. Pitiful Joy, she looked away, to a hollow sky. Came face to face with her own innocence, surrounded her until it never was a question. Innocence so suffocating, now she cannot move, no question. No hope for joy. No hope or faith... I've been believing in nothing since I wuz born, it never was a question."
-PJ Harvey

Forgive me that. I just typed out almost all that song's lyrics. Listening to PJ's "Is This Desire?" Now on "River", and I want to type out all the lyrics to this one too, but I'm not going to. Just listen to it yourself damnit.

And the guy from Stockholm who inspired me to build this here site is icqing me in charming semi-broken English as I type...

this couch has got me, and it won't let me go


I've been...watching TV lately. It's a weird world to me, I tell ya. Just watched the Life and Times of Jann Arden tonight. Man, she's so funny. I like her. She's damn cool in my books. I salute her. Someone who can write such sad music, yet be so damned funny... I dig that. She rocks.

"In came the girl with the sad eyes and asked him over again, 'Was I too weak? Was I a child?' and 'Can we leave here and start again?' Said, 'I don't mind if you take me down' and 'I don't mind if you break it all, but how much more can you take from me? HOW MUCH MORE CAN YOU TAKE FROM ME?'"
-PJ Harvey (no girl so sweet)

"Secrets in his eyes... Sweetness of desire."

And Chaara has not a whole fuck of a lot to say herself,
so she continues to quote the sounds streaming into her head as she types...

Right. Television. I've been watching TV. Is no good for me, but I get into it. I leave for work around 2:30pm so I record whatever is on that one channel we get (CBC) starting at two, then I watch it later.
As a result I am now hooked on North of 60. Never thought it could happen to me. I love that show. I root for it's characters. I'm fucking involved. I'm not backing out now. Michelle and Andrew just got married! There is sex! There is violence! There is snow. There are parkas. I hope Americans see this show. It so perpetuates Canadian landscape stereotypes. Uh, yes all of Canada is like that. Totally.

Oh, and old Degrassi High episodes too! Wow, how purely dated. It's funny. Though I still remember when I wuz a kid, seeing the episode where Wheels' parents die. And that fucked me up so bad. I wuz, how old? I don't know. Ten? And that episode depressed me so much.
It wuz on again just the other day, and as lame as that show is, in it's tragically laughable way, that is such a touching episode. I almost cried.

I have favourite characters on there. I always liked Joey. Even though he wuz a bit of a jerk. He wuz the cocky, rebellious one, with the recording equipment. And the hat. He's a peer-pressure perpetrator though. I guess I didn't pick up on that as a ten year old.

And Caitlin. She's a cool one too. She's got her shit together. Kathleen's a little cunt. I like Spike now too. She freaked me out when I wuz a kid. That hair, you know. It's still pretty scary. I noticed that her hair is even like that in those pictures she shows of when she wuz in hospital with her baby. Come on now, would she really bother to do all that required hair-fussing right after giving birth?

Like I said, I get involved.

Coronation Street is usually on the day's tape as well. That one doesn't really turn me on though. The characters are so dry.

What else? The Simpsons. And Jonovision.
The Simpsons speak for themselves. They will always be good. Jonovision, oh God, that is a guilty pleasure of mine. This teen talk show thing, hosted by a guy who says things like "So, you went from tapping the keyboard, to rattling the headboard?" He's probably in his late twenties, and he gives off this attitude of "This is so humiliating. I don't want to be here, so I'm going to fuck things up a bit." And that makes him all the more endearing.
You should see the sketches he does. All these different stupid characters. He's a good actor! Man, he's fucking funny. (Oh, and the guy who played Joey on Degrassi wuz in one of those sketches the other day!)

Then the news comes on. And I go away.

That is all the TV I watch. That's it. Four shows? Less than most people I believe. But still enough to make me feel guilty. It helps that it's CBC. I can feel all Canadiana nationalisty, It helps to almost justify the stupid passive act that is TV-watching.

And now I'm only sitting here online hoping a certain someone interesting will knock-knock on my icq contact list and we will start up some stunningly enthralling converstaion right now. But that certain someone has probably gone to sleep...
So I'll go watch today's tape of TV (as soon as the Smiths finish with the cemetry gates, maybe). Have a bowl of Special K with SoGood soya milk. Some tea. A tab of melatonin. And me and my edginess will go to sweet rich dream land.