That was my veil.

-PJ Harvey

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What the fuck wuz I doing here? I have totally lost the flow of whatever html I fucking knew. Someone tells me I must have a reason to be as bitter as I am. I didn't know that. Do you mean to tell me I am not allowed to simply BE bitter? Born this way? Born with grudges already rearing their mad heads? And when the muse comes you try to be there for her. "Wish what I'm feeling could go on like this forever." -Tori. I'm sure I had reasons. But the reasons faded and all that spiky angst did not. So fucking what? It just makes me edgier. Myself, I like edginess in people. I'm pretty sure the edginess likes me back. Though it's bearers don't always. That's not my problem. Me and edginess will sit around in shady places and scowl at people and mope on our own. We keep eachother company fucking well I believe. Yeah we do.

Don't bother coming down.

I've got Tori's Cornflake Girl single looping over and over and over again here. And all this accumulated edginess is sitting here with me, pissed that I'm not paying her all of my attention. I'm paying you homage, bitch! Let it go!
Ha! And I am loving her smattering snatchy catcalls. Fuck you too. Tickles with burnt raven wing feathers. Yeah, whatever.
Edginess' twin sister is Feigned Disassociation. That's usually why people don't like her. "You're gonna bring yer bitch ol' sister ain't ya? I hate her! Fuck! Keep her the fuck away from me man, she's such a cunt to me." And edginess and I do this little sly wink at eachother... "I know..." And Feigned Disassociation comes out for a party on the town as well. It's a fucking wicked ride baby! For those in on the fun...

Then they all start freaking out at us. And Feigned Disassociation's wicked boyfriend steps in and kicks some asses. We all just stand back and give these great "Told-ya-so,-you-better-watch-yer-ass." looks. Cuz we're all greaser punks and freaks at heart and there's not a care in the world when we've got eachother.
You'd understand if you could see what we see. Just open your eyes next time you're with me.

For the rest of you; Fucking deal with it on your own time. Me and Edginess ain't fucking interested in your hypersensitivity.