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Superman N64/PSX

--- STRATEGY GUIDE ADDED 4/22/99 ---



Despite all of the negative responces from gaming pages... I like this game. The control is horrible, too much fog, and there are a few glitches (getting stuck inside a building, stuck at the ceiling and can't fly [just move down a little]) and it froze up on me a couple of times, but you can learn to adjust to them (maybe not the freezing) but this is a game that could almost be compared to Mission Impossible or Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire. It's not GoldenEye, but hey, its pretty cool if you can look past the minor glitches, fog, and acctually play the game. I love the ability to fly at anytime. If you are a true Superman fan then this is your game, if you are not, you may or may not like it.
Working closely with on of DC comics' writers, Titus has completely changed the plot of the game. While originally, the game involved Superman flying around Metropolis searching for detonators planted by Lex Luthor, the story now finds Lex Luthor and Brainiac teaming up to create a "Virtual Metropolis." What's more, the duo have kidnapped Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane and Professor Hamilton placed them all in this Virtual Metropolis. Superman must venture into this strange virtual world and save his friends before it collapses.

There are 14 levels for Superman, 7 outside, 7 inside. The outside levels involve Superman flying around Metropolis saving people and each outside scenario leads to the beginning of the inside levels. The inside levels are: the Dam, Lexcorp, Lexcorp Warehouse, Subway, STAR Labs, the Daily Planet and Brainiac's Ship. Superman will have to rescue citizens trapped in a burning building and play detective as he tracks down a key to get into a locked room. The game will have three levels of difficulty, though can only be beaten on the hardest difficulty setting.

This game displays the close cooperation between developer Titus and Superman studio Warner Bros and DC Comics. The cityscapes fully capture the look and feel of Metropolis in the animated series, with plenty of steep angles and Art Deco-ish skyscrapers up close and in the distance.

Some of Superman's superpowers are not immediately accessible to Superman, but eventually, players will be able to pull off the following:

Superman also includes two 4-player multiplayer modes, involving small spacecrafts; racing and battle-mode with power ups

In development for over two years, Titus has truly committed themselves to making Superman a quality title. Well, ok its a pretty good game.

Superman 64
Publisher Titus
Developer Titus
Genre Action
Origin Europe
Number of Players 4
Rumble Pak YES
Expected Release Date May 29, '99
Peripherals Memory Pak

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