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Cavite National High School Class 1965
35th Anniversary (Coral Jubilee) Celebration

January 23, 2000

A Million Thanks to You

Dear Classmates,

The 35th Alumni Homecoming of the Cavite National High School Class of 1965 held at Cavite, Philippines was a resounding success! The three-day activities could not have been possible without the sincere participation, cooperation and support of each alumnus, his/her family, friends and loved ones who saw to it that this Grand Reunion pushes through with flying colors. Humbly we say, we are the talk and envy not only of the other Cavite National High School classes but also of the city itself and its suburbs. While we pay tribute to our alumni living here in our homeland, we wish to pay special mention to all our "Balikbayans" who sacrificed their time, effort, and money just to be with us for this momentous affair. We will never forget this ever admirable and superior gesture on your part as well as the fine memories and happiness you left behind. Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts!

Our Coral Reunion is over. Yet, as we have said all along, the culmination is just on the event itself and that the theme of our reunion would be carved forever in our hearts and minds.

"Friends for Life" ... not just for the summer or a spring, and autumn or a winter but "Friends Forever!" "Friends for Life," that not even a casual or formal goodbye, not even a temporary or permanent separation from one another will shatter or destroy that common bond that exists among us. And perhaps, not even death will carry the departed nor the one left behind into the realm of oblivion. That the friendship and camaraderie we shared and will continue to share will break out the echoes cheering our dear old Alma Mater, our teachers, our cherished parents, our humble selves, our children as well as our grandchildren.

"Friends for Life" ... in one sweeping statement and instance, the past as well as the future became all too familiar. In our trek through life, each has a story to tell, each has a lesson to impart, each has a journey and a dream to fulfill. But we are not alone! Let us derive inspiration, faith and strength not only from the Almighty but also from our "Friends for Life."

To all our classmates and their loved ones, we wish you all, happiness, health, love, success, and wealth throughout this new millennium!

Thank you, dear classmates. See you again in the next and up-coming reunion. Long live the Class of 1965 of the Cavite National High School!

Cavite National High School Class of 1965
Steering Committee for the 35th Alumni Homecoming
Cavite City, Philippines