Chief Blackbear
Copyright 2000 Matt Kilrain

Over the next couple years Joe gained a lot of pull in Chicago. The Chief's Steak House was probably the most popular restaurant in town. The Chief had added a couple rooms to it. One had a pool table. The big game in town was to try to beat the Chief, but it rarely happened. Hundreds of gangsters hung out there on a daily basis and spent a lot of money on food and drink, but Joe nearly made as much playing pool.

Though the Chief and Olivetti were big rivals, they actually liked and respected each other.

Nobody in Chicago could take the Chief's money playing pool, so Olivetti brought in a shark from New York named Vinnie Vangucci.

They played eight ball for ten thousand a game and there were close to a thousand people illegally stacked in the place making bets on the side.

Sergeant Duffy was in town with his two CIA Indian twins. Their father was in the Sergeants squad and got killed in Korea. The Sergeant was like a father to Gator and Kateri. He was also like a father to the Chief and was in Chicago trying to talk him into joining the CIA.

The last time the Chief listened to the Sergeant he lost all of his cattle and nearly got killed. Things were going good for him and he was in no hurry to give up all he had earned for Uncle Sam's sake. Leaving Chicago to work under cover in Cuba, made less sense to him than leaving the ranch to fight in Korea. He was just a teenager back then. He learned his lesson.

Joe didn't get to shoot for the first three games. He had lost thirty thousand and all the mafiosos were feeling real cocky. "Hey Chief! Whata ya say I buy you another drink!" Olivetti shouted. All of his men laughed.

"Sound good to me. How 'bout a double Scotch on the rocks," he said, rolling the rack of balls up to the dot.

The Sergeant looked disappointed. Kateri was the female twin. She liked the Chief, but thought he was irresponsible to drink and bet so much.

Jack stood off to the side hoping everything would be alright. He thought Joe had lost a lot of money and feared the tribe would break apart if Joe got cleaned out. He believed the tribe had been riding on an emotional high because their leader was the only person in town with enough balls to stand up to the mafia. To Jack it looked like they liked standing behind the Chief. Without the Chief they were too weak to stand up to the mafia on their own. He remembered how the tribe fell apart when Joe's father was gunned down, and he had a bad feeling about the night.

Vinnie broke them hard but no balls fell in the pockets.

"It's about damn time. I thought I was gonna run out of money before I got to shoot. Hey Black-Jack! Where the hell's my stick?"

The kid came running over with it saying, "Here ya go Joe."

"So whata think I oughta shoot?"

"How 'bout the two in the corner," Black-Jack replied.

"Sounds good." The Chief leaned his left hand on the table and wrapped his index finger around the cue.

Everyone there noticed the different color lights ricocheting from the diamonds in the Chief's ring and bracelet which were both on his left hand. He stroked the cue a few times and the two dropped in the corner.

"One in the side," the Chief said smiling. He noticed Kateri intensely checking him out. A couple seconds later he shot and the one-ball fell in the side, leaving good shape on the six all the way down. "Black-Jack! Where the hell's my drink?"

"Here ya go."

The Chief took his drink from his little brother and guzzled it down before shooting the six. He proceeded to run the table and then shouted, "Hey Olivetti! How 'bout another drink."

Olivetti threw him a stack of cash and asked, "Another double Scotch?"

"As long as you're payin'." The Chief looked to the Sergeant and said, "That cigar smells real good. Ya got another?"

The Sergeant smiled as he pulled a cigar from his coat pocket. Kateri lit it for the Chief. They stared each other eye to eye as the Chief got it going. He winked at her and walked to the head of the table savoring the taste of the cigar. He set the cigar on the rail of the table and said, "That's the best damn cigar I ever tasted. Where'd you get it?"


"You might talk me in to going down there after all."

The Chief broke. The cue ball bounced a foot in the air and landed on the eight. The eight rolled toward the corner pocket. "Oh! Oh! Eight on the break pays double. Right Olivetti."

"No, we never said nuttin' about dat shit."

The eight fell in the corner pocket and the place got loud.

The Chief stood at the head of the table smiling as he prepared to take a hit off of his cigar. "Hey Vinnie! You look like you can use a drink. Whata ya say I buy ya one?"

Vinnie looked to Olivetti and Olivetti nodded. "I'll take a beer," Vinnie said, feeling as though the momentum had shifted.

"Hey Black-Jack! How come there ain't no music playing. Why don't you put some quarters in the juke box. Lets get this place rockin' and rollin'."

About five hundred people started to scream and shout as they held their drinks in the air. The Chief may have been down ten thousand on the table but he had already made a couple at the bar and it was still early. Black-Jack played some Chuck Barry and the Chief started to play the air guitar with his cue stick. Kateri couldn't help but to laugh at him.

Vinnie racked the balls and the Chief broke. He only made one, but he went the next six games without missing. By that time the people betting on Vinnie were starting to get a little out of hand.

Campenero thought it was stupid for the mafia to be losing money to the tribe. He didn't like Olivetti running the town. If he were running things, the Chief would have been dead a long time ago. The way things were going the Chief was making more money than they were. He figured Al Capone was rolling in his grave. Things were going a lot better for the family before the Chief hit town.

The Chief went up seventy grand and was pretty drunk before he finally missed.

Vinnie felt the pressure as he stepped up the table. He was supposable New York's best and went four games without missing a shot. Eventually he miss-cued. The ball he was shooting fell in the corner pocket, but the english didn't work so the cue-ball wound up on the wrong end of the table. He only had to make the ten which was at the other end of the table and impossible to make. He shot gently pinning the cue-ball next to the three-ball so the Chief wouldn't be able to make a shot.

"What the hell's that shit?" The Chief shouted. "There ain't no fuckin' niger pool allowed."

Olivetti yelled, "There ain't no signs saying dat."

"Oh yeah!" The Chief looked to Kateri and said, "You got a pen sweetheart?"

She dug through her purse and handed him a pen.

The Chief wrote, "No Niger Pool!" on a napkin and hung it on a nail. "What's that say?"

"Hey that shit don't go," Olivetti yelled.

"The hell it don't. Everybody knows there ain't no damn niger pool in this town. You wanna play that shit take your little chump back to New York."

Vinnie put his stick aside and got in the Chief's face shouting, "Who the fuck you calling a chump?"

The Chief pushed Vinnie in the chest shouting, "Outta my face..."

Olivetti jumped up with his revolver drawn as Vinnie staggered backwards.

The Chief grabbed the barrel with his left hand and punched Olivetti in the forehead with his right, shouting, "Don't ever pull a piece on me again."

About that time a bullet zipped by the Chief's ear and shattered the mirror on the wall. The Chief felt defenseless with his gun belt hanging on the back of his chair on the other side of the room. He wrestled Olivetti's gun away with left hand; at the same time grabbing Olivetti's coat with his right and spinning him around to face whoever it was that fired the shot.

Vinnie swung his cue like a baseball bat, breaking it over the Chief's back.

"Ah shit! Son of a fuckin' bitch," the Chief shouted. He saw one of Olivetti's men standing in front of him with a revolver pointing at him. He felt reasonably safe for the moment with Olivetti being his shield, but his back hurt and was unprotected.

Black-Jack tackled Vinnie to the floor where they wrestled. At the same time Olivetti's mafiosos and the tribe started to shoot at each other. Bullets were flying everywhere when Campenero shot at the kerosine lanterns on the walls. As the walls lit on fire Campenero saw the Chief wrestling with Olivetti and shot Olivetti in the chest. He then shouted, "The Chief shot Olivetti! Somebody kill that son of a bitch."

Sergeant Duffy could see that the Chief was in over his head. He pulled out his 45 automatic and shouted, "Joe! We gotta get out of here."

"No shit! Grab my gun belt." He saw two different people pointing their guns at him. He shot one in the chest with Olivetti's 38. The other shot at him, but missed. Joe shot him in the chest and realized he only had four shots left.

He pulled Black-Jack off of Vinnie, yelling, "Follow me! Lets move out!"

On the way out Sergeant Duffy handed the Chief his gun belt and they grabbed a few other guns from a couple dead mafiosos.

The Sergeant, Gator and Kateri shot at people, but the Sergeant told them not to kill anyone and only to shoot someone in self defense.

They fought their way into the dining room and were making it toward the door when Jack got shot in the back.

"No!" Black-Jack screamed seeing his father drop to the floor. By this time the whole restaurant was on fire. Joe and Black-Jack both dropped to Jack's side while the Sergeant and some other people covered for them.

"I'm not gonna make it. You'uns get the hell outta here," Jack cried with blood pouring from his mouth.

"Don't say that Dad. You are gonna make it."

"Help cover for me. I'm carrying him out," The Chief yelled, lifting his dying uncle onto his shoulder.

The Chief wound up in Cuba and the Sergeant was able to get the Steakhouse Shootout swept under the carpet. The problem with the Cuban Operation was that Fidel was trying to make it with Kateri. She was suppose to be keeping an eye on Fidel. Gator and the Chief were there to keep an eye on her. At that point Fidel's militia was armed with machetes. Fidel needed some weapons and was trying to get them from Gator and the Chief.

Sergeant Duffy had introduced the Chief to Fidel as his son, and the Chief had a passport that said his name was Joseph Edward Duffy. The Sergeant knew Fidel would be getting higher tech weapons from the Soviet Union so he arranged for Gator and the Chief to smuggle a few hundred guns in from Florida. The Sergeant had a fifty foot cabin cruiser named after Kateri that Gator and the Chief used to get the guns into Cuban water. They anchored the boat in a bay on the northern side of Cuba and Fidel's men were able to get it unloaded before the Batistas knew it was there. Gator and the Chief pretended to be tourists and the Batistas got used to seeing them and the boat anchored there. As the weeks went on Fidel was able to raise enough money to buy more arms. Later he started to trade alcohol and tobacco for the weapons. Gator and the Chief would smuggle the alcohol and tobacco into Florida and sell it cheap to the Seminoles. Before long Fidel's militia was armed with 38's and 22's instead of machetes. As time went on they were able bring in some rifles, but the Fidelistas were able to take over many of the highlands with handguns and machetes.

What nobody ever found out was that Fidel had been forcing himself on Kateri while Gator and the Chief were away. Fidel knew Kateri liked the Chief, but he was in love with her and wanted her to marry him.

She felt giving it up to Fidel was part of her job and thought it was best to stay quiet about it. More than anything she wanted to be with the Chief. She thought the Chief wanted to be with her but he was showing respect because they were suppose to be like brother and sister.

Gator, the Chief and Kateri all hung out in Cuba as the revolution progressed and helped Fidel coordinate his attacks. The Chief played a big part in planning the attacks. They started out in the mountains, where the people supported the Fidelistas. Those who did not were executed or fled to lower grounds. Before long Fidel had control of all the highlands and was ready to work his way down to the cities. By this time the Chief and Kateri were sleeping together and Fidel was jealous. He wanted Kateri more than he wanted control of Cuba and sent a hit squad after the Chief.

Kateri's biggest secret was that she was pregnant. She figured the baby was the Chief's, but the occasion to tell him had not occurred.

One night she and the Chief were in bed together in her cabin. She was lying on his chest with his arm wrapped around her when she asked, "Do you like children?"

"Yeah, I suppose they're alright. How 'bout you?"

"I love kids. Especially babies," she replied, looking up at him and smiling.

Her light brown face was glowing. The Chief picked up on it and asked, "You ain't gettin' ready to tell me something are you?"

She sat up and replied, "Well since you..."

The door flew open and bounced off the wall before swinging back.

The Chief saw several men standing there, armed with hand guns. His gun belt was hanging on the bed post. He pushed Kateri off the other side of the bed, yelling, "Stay down!" He pulled his Colt from its holster with his left hand as he stood.

By that time the door had flown back open. The men standing there had their guns drawn on the Chief, but did not seem prepared to use them. Raul was the leader and said, "Drop the gun, Duffy."

The Chief pointed his 45 at Raul's head and replied, "I was gonna tell you to do the same."

"C'mon Duffy. There's five of us. Don't be unreasonable."

"What do you want?"

"I want you to come with us."

"For what?"

"Fidel wants to talk to you."

"He knows where to find me. If he wants to talk to me, he can come talk."

Raul took a step closer with his revolver extended and shouted, "I'm not here to play games with you, Duffy. Now you're coming with us."

The Chief felt uncomfortable with his Colt in his left hand and did not have the confidence to take on Raul and his men left handed. He asked,"Can I put my hat on?"

"Make it quick. And don't try anything."

The Chief kept his 45 pointed at Raul as he reached for his hat which was hanging on the bed post on top of his gun belt. Instead of grabbing his hat, he grabbed his tomahawk with his right hand and side armed it towards Raul. The tomahawk stuck in Raul's shoulder as his gun fired. The Chief rolled over the top of the bed, swithing his Colt into his right hand and landed on his knees with the revolver pointed at the men.

Raul dropped to his knees yelling, "Ejo de puta," as he pulled the tomahawk from his shoulder.

None of his men knew for sure what to do. They knew they were there to assassinate Duffy, so they opened fire.

The Chief's Colt was single action. He fanned the hammer holding in the trigger, and watched the other four men drop. "We gotta get outta here," he yelled, pulling Kateri to her feet. "Lets go!" He kicked the gun out of Raul's hand and grabbed his tomahawk shouting, "You're lucky to be alive. If you ever try anything like this again, you'll wind up like your friends."

Joe and Kateri jumped in a Jeep and drove down to the Cantina where Gator was drinking. They pulled him away from the bar and raced down to the boat, where they boarded and cruised back to Florida.

The Chief and Kateri were married on the Seminole Reservation and Little Bear was born six months later. By that time the Chief had a rock and roll club in Ft. Lauderdale. It was called The Hang Out, but was known around town as The Chief's Hang Out.

Though there were a lot of high rolling drinkers hanging out there, a big part of the cliental were college students. The Chief liked having lots of young women there because they drew in the men that spent the money. The Chief's Hang Out was one of the most happening places in town, but the Chief was getting arrested often for contributing to minors.

Fidel had copped a bad attitude toward the Chief and Raul really wanted him to suffer for the damage the Chief did to his shoulder. By this time Campenero had tracked the Chief down to Cuba and worked his way in with Fidel. Before long Campenero was trading firearms for alcohol and tobacco with Fidel and also wanted to kill the Chief.

Sergeant Duffy had the ATF on Campenero's case but Campenero was staying a step ahead of them.

The Ft. Lauderdale Police Department was becoming a problem for the Chief. They heard he was smuggling alcohol and tobacco in from Cuba and selling it to the Seminols. They assumed he was selling the alcohol in his Hang Out and viewed him as a criminal and were trying to shut him down for anything they could.

The Chief had a house on the canal near the beach. Not only did Kateri and Little Bear live with him, so did his mother and Black-Jack, Gator, and Mike who were the Chief's blood brother from Sergeant Duffy's squad in Korea.

Before long, the Chief had several Hang Outs around town and also had an airplane he used to transport lobster from the Bahamas back to Miami. He was buying the lobster for a dollar a pound and selling about a thousand pounds a week in Miami for a buck ninety-five.

Soon as Fidel and Campenero found out the Chief was in Ft. Lauderdale, they sent Raul up there to keep and eye on him, and later gave Raul the go ahead to take out the Chief.

It was night and Joe was driving a black Cadillac convertible from the sixties. Little Bear was at home with his grandmother while the Chief and Kateri were driving around checking up on their clubs.

"I think we're being followed," he said, looking in the rear view mirror.

The top was down. Kateri turned around to look. She saw a white Impala with several men and realized the passenger had a gun pointed out the window. She shouted, "Oh shit! He's got a gun."

Seconds later there were men hanging out every window, and bullets were flying through the Cadillac. The windshield shattered and the Chief raced through traffic trying to get away. He hated to run, but he was unarmed and had no choice. There was nothing he could do but floor the accelerator. He was pulling away as Kateri got hit. He wanted to do something to help her, but knew she was dead. He raced through traffic and eventually got away, but was pulled over by the cops and arrested. He took advantage of the fifth amendment until he was able to get in touch with Sergeant Duffy.

The Sergeant flew into Ft. Lauderdale and had the Chief out of jail in time for the funeral. Kateri's death was really hard on everyone. Thousands of people attended the funeral and tried to console the Chief, but there was no helping him. The scar in his heart, he had from his father being gunned down had reopened and the pain he felt was more than he could deal with.

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