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Whaaz crackalatin yall? Dis be da ShOrTaYLoC' and welcome ta mah spot. As some of yall kno, this page used to look a lil different...Well the truth is that I got tired of tha way it looked nahmean? It was too boring fa me and I haven't been updating as much as I should, so I decided that I would give mah page a lil makeover ya heard? So if you have any suggestionz on whaa ta put on here, holla at me aigh'? As for now, I'mma start working on this site again and hopefully it will look a lil better than before and will be on and poppin' ya feel me? Aigh....mucho amor a todo mi gente, mi familia, y amigos. Te amo siempre y por vida! ~1~

~ LiL LoCa

*SpEcIaL ShOuTz To My NiZzLeS IvY b.k.a PaM and NaAdIrAh b.k.a StReTcH...*

ShOuT OuTz to Avant(my bookiebear!),Drea,Suave,Slim, Twinnie,Tripalette,Da QuinZ,Freak-A-Licious,BG (Davonteee!),Sexy,Davion,Honey,Ana(HG1),Trista,MiMi,Cin,Heav,Deli,LR,Lil B,Dimpz & da Mafia fam,Sean,Moo Moo,Kim,Sariah,NaNaz,Laistee,Brownie Cakez,Cam,Jer,Mya(my bestest friend from HT! LoL),CMG,Sole',P,Mg(where ya at girl?),2 sexy,Trev,Dia(Killer!),Essence,Vicky, Angelita(Loca!),Attie,Brandi(B Monay),Markuz(where you at cuz?),Zay,Jen,Jordeyn(where you at chica?),Meccaz (Cheeseburga!),Precious (where ya at?),SL,Thug Mentality,Tigga(mah dunn),Tuzzard,NORE,CrazayChiquita, Naughty G(mah partna in crime!),*G Tight*, B.W.A. (my fam fa LYFE), and da rest of mah old HT fam. Please forgive me if ya name wasn't on here...just holla at me and i'll put it on hurr :)

**R.I.P. Nadiyer...I Miss You Ma-Ma**


ShOuT OuTz *Dis is fa all of mah closest fam from HT*

Da PoEtRy CoRnEr

da ^^person to peep dis site since 03/10/00

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