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Drissa Uezd Duma Voter Lists, 3rd Duma, 1907

Copyright © 2002 Michael Steinore


The table below contains 599 Jewish voters from Drissa Uezd who were registered to vote in the first or second electoral congresses (assemblies) of city voters for the 3rd Duma in 1907. For more information on interpreting Duma voter list information, please read one or more of the excellent introductions and FAQs on Duma lists available on JewishGen® ( This introduction will focus on these Drissa lists, a particularly good set because they contain full name, place of residence, nationality/religion, and the reason the voter qualified to vote. The source of these lists is Vitebskie Gubernskie Vedomosti, the provincial newspaper of Vitebsk Gubernia, which had this logo.

Drissa was one of the eleven uezds (districts) that comprised Vitebsk Gubernia from 1866 to 1917. The city of Drissa, now known as Verkhnedvinsk, Belarus, was the principal town in the district. Other towns in the table are Bal'binovo, Borkovichi, Borovka, Kokhanovichi, Nikolaevo, Osvei, Pridruisk, Pustel'niki, Rositsa, Sariya, Sushki, Volyntsy, and Yukhovichi. About half of them had the administrative designation of mestechko, or shtetl. A Vitebsk Gubernia map shows the geographical boundaries of Drissa Uezd. (Page to the bottom and select the Vitebsk Gubernia link.) Other online maps can better indicate the individual towns. One of my favorites is a 1915 French map of the Baltic Republics, which shows more than half of the towns above. As the Vitebsk Gubernia map indicates, Drissa bordered Vilna Gubernia, and was close to the the borders of Courland, Kovno, and Minsk Gubernias.

Because nationality/religion is indicated for each voter, Jews are explicitly identified as such. Other nationalities on the lists are: Russian Orthodox, Belarussian Catholic, Lutheran, Old Believers, Poles, and Germans. I extracted only the Jewish voters. Jews accounted for 113 of 158 voters (72%) in the first congress and 486 of 638 voters (76%) in the second congress. It may appear odd that Jews are the clear majority of registered voters on these lists at a time when they lived under repressive and discriminatory laws. However, these lists contain only those categories of voters where Jews are likely to be found. There are additional 3rd Duma voter lists for Drissa Uezd, containing landowners, nobility, clergy, pensioners, etc. which have few or no Jews. The votes of these latter voters generally counted far more in a complex, weighted voting scheme. Therefore the influence of the Jewish vote was not as great as these lists make it seem.

I sorted the table below by surname, then by congress (1 or 2), then by voter number within the congress. There are several pairs of voters from the same congress who meet this criteria:

  • They both have the same surname
  • They have consecutive voter numbers
  • Either both have the same patronymic, or one's patronymic is the first name of the other
    These are possibly brother-brother or father-son relationships. I retained the congress (C1, C2) and the voter number in the table in order to make it possible to reconstruct the original order of each list. For example, "C2-143" means voter #143 from the second congress list. The genealogical significance of the congress is probably nil, which is why I mixed the two lists together. The voter qualification reason, however, is significant, because it can lead to specific resources to find more records.

    Review the full list carefully because names may be spelled differently than you are used to seeing them. Frequently, the same surname or first name appears with minor variations in vowels or consonants. It will be tempting to think that this is a mistake that I made, but I transliterated the lists exactly as I saw them. The more likely explanations are that the original typesetter may have made some mistakes and/or somewhere along the line, the names were obtained from a source that provided them verbally. Statistically, the most common first names in the table (ignoring variants) are Movsha, Abram, Mendel, and Itsyk. I am searching RIVKIN, GOLDER from the Drissa area.

    Drissa Uezd, Vitebsk Gubernia, Duma Voter Lists, 3rd Duma

    Congress-Voter # Surname First name(s) Patronymic Voter qualification Place of residence
    C1-1 Abezgauz Leiba Aronov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-7 Abramzon Zalman Mordukhov property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-11 Agranonik Girsha Kastrielev property [ownership] Osvei
    C1-4 Aizenberg Idel Movshev property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-8 Akodus Girsh Movshev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-1 Akodus Mendel Meilakhovich Article 16 property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-3 Akodus Movsha Rafolov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-8 Akodus Vulf Movshev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-15 Akodus Leiba Vulfov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-14 Aksentsov Mendel Abramov property [ownership] Osvei
    C1-2 Ardov Mikhail Leibov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-9 Aron Berka Vulfov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-10 Aron Srol Yudov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-12 Aron Girsha Yudov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-16 Aron Khatskel Vulfov property [ownership] Osvei
    C1-7 Arsh Rakhmiel Abramov property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-5 Aryev Bentsion Shmuilov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-6 Aryev Leiba Aronov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-18 Ashkinaziy Iosel-Ber Bentsalevich property [ownership] Rositsa
    C2-17 Askinaziy Mendel Movshev business [tax] Drissa
    C2-13 Averbukh Shmuila Movshev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-41 Balonov Bentsion Khaimov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-39 Bar Faivish Leizerov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-57 Baradov Meyer Leibov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-54 Bardakov Movsha Simanov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-55 Bardakov Elya Simanov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-58 Bardakov Izroel Simanov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-52 Barkagan Peisakh El'ev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-30 Barkan Mikhol Shmuilov-Ioselev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-68 Barkan Peisakh Movshev business [tax] Lisno, Yukh. Volost
    C2-42 Barmanov Avsei Khonov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-24 Barvish Shmerka Yankelev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-25 Barvish Zalka Shmerkov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-26 Barvish Zalka Zalmanov property [ownership] and business [tax] Drissa
    C1-14 Baskin Movsha Rafailov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C1-15 Baskin Itsyk Sholomov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-43 Baskin Itsyk Khatskelev property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-45 Baskin Khatskel Leizerov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-46 Baskin Shevel Leizerov-Yankelev property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-59 Baskin Kastriel Itsykov property [ownership] Osvei
    C1-13 Basov Itsyk Meyerov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-32 Basov Leizer Itsykov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C1-11 Bayev Meyer Berkov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-62 Bayev Saya Ioselev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-20 Bederov Rafol Shmuilov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-21 Bederov Khona Shmuilov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-27 Beilin Abram Movshev-Dovidov business [tax] Drissa
    C2-29 Beilin Movsha Dovid Abramov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-33 Beilin Mendel Dovidov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-40 Beilin Movsha Mordukhov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-44 Beilin Tsalka Movshev property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-65 Beilin Dovid Abramov business [tax] Drissa
    C2-67 Beilin Movsha Yankelev business [tax] Nikolayevo
    C2-73 Beilin Leizer Lipkov property [ownership] Nikolayevo
    C2-74 Beilin Beinus Beinusov property [ownership] Nikolayevo
    C2-76 Beilin Yankel Lipkov property [ownership] Nikolayevo
    C2-66 Berkov Aron Bentsionov business [tax] Osvei
    C1-10 Berlin Yuda Zalmanov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-77 Berlin Iosel Kopelev property [ownership] Rositsa
    C2-69 Berzin Movsha Ioselev business [tax] derevnya Khutrin, Zyab. Volost
    C1-12 Bezsmertnyi Shlioma Berkov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-71 Bimbad Yankel Srolev property [ownership] Nikolayevo
    C2-72 Bimbad Itsyk Izraelev property [ownership] Nikolayevo
    C2-75 Bimbad Gdalya Gertsev property [ownership] Nikolayevo
    C1-16 Bimbar Movsha Izroelev property [ownership] Volyntsy
    C2-56 Binun Iokhin Mordukhov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-60 Binun Avsei Mordukhov property [ownership] and business [tax] Osvei
    C2-70 Binun Meyer Avseyev property [ownership] Nikolayevo
    C2-31 Blant Gershen Shmerkovich property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-63 Blyakh Matus Abramov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-23 Blyakh Zalman Berka Dovidov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-19 Blyakhman Leiba Izroelev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-34 Blyakhman Mikhol Izroelev lodging [tax] Drissa
    C1-9 Borodov Movsha Leizerov property [ownership] Volyntsy
    C2-64 Borts Ekhil Girshev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-53 Bresler Mendel Ioselev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-61 Brushtein Kushel Mordukhov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-22 Bruskin Movsha Berkov property [ownership] and lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-28 Bumbad Abram Gertsykov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-573 Chernenskiy Khaim Kushelev property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C1-34 Detsel Khatskel Borukhov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-161 Detsel Mendel Khatskelev business [tax] Drissa
    C2-149 Diment Shmuila Zelikovich property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-32 Diner Abram-Perts Getselev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-160 Diner Shmuila Sheftelev property [ownership] Osvei
    C1-33 Dlugin Mendel Itsykov property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-35 Donda Borukh Shmerkov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-156 Donda Borukh Aronov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-157 Dorfman Yankel Nokhimov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-158 Dorfman Iosel Leibov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-152 Drapkin Borukh-Gesel -- lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-162 Drapkin Rakhmiel Ioselev property [ownership] Rositsa
    C2-147 Drizin Tsalka Itsykov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-153 Drusvyatskiy Tevel-Ber -- lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-159 Drusvyatskiy Mendel Rafolov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-613 Eidel'man Itsyk Mordukhov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-622 Eidlin Leiba Meyerov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-166 Emanuel Shebshel Abramov property [ownership] and lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-619 Emanuel Yankel Itsykov property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-614 Entin Movsha Vulfov property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-615 Entin Zalman Berkov property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-616 Entin Zalman Khaimov property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-617 Entin Mota Vulfov property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-618 Entin Mikhol Berkov property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-621 Entin Solom Zalmanov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-623 Entin Itsyk Solomov business [tax] Osvei
    C2-535 Fabrits Berka Movshev lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-544 Feiginov Aizik Yankelev property [ownership] Volyntsy
    C1-140 Feldman Mordukh Ioselev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-541 Feldman Shmuila Khaimov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-536 Ferman Bentsion Leibov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-543 Fil'tengof Izroel El'ev property [ownership] Nikolayevo
    C2-539 Fish Avsei Abramov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-540 Fish Simkha Girshev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-533 Fradkin Dovid Movshev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-537 Fradkin Mikhol Leibov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C1-141 Freidzon Yankel Movshev business [tax] Osvei
    C2-532 Fridman Shlioma Zelikov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-534 Fridman Dovid Movshev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-542 Fridman Movsha Mordukhov business [tax] Osvei
    C2-130 Gamerov Osher Izroelev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-132 Gamerov Simkha Izroelev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-146 Gamus Abram Meyerov property [ownership] Volyntsy
    C2-129 Gans Girsha Khaimov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-116 Gantvarg Geivus Mordkhelev property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-118 Gantvarg Itsyk Yankelev property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-119 Gantvarg Elya-Mordkhel Geivusov property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-99 Gantvarger Khaim Izroelev property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-19 Garnets Mendel Abramov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-136 Geiman Pinkhus Aryev business [tax] Rositsa
    C2-123 Gel'fond Berka Khaimov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-125 Gel'fond Solom Rafolov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-128 Gel'fond Shmuila Zalmanov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-137 Gel'fond Rafol Itsykov business [tax] Nikolayevo
    C2-142 Gel'fond Dovid-Shlioma Shayev property [ownership] Nikolayevo
    C2-143 Gel'fond Itsyk Avseyev property [ownership] Nikolayevo
    C1-28 Gerdin Berka Mendelev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-133 Gertsik Evna Abramov business [tax] Drissa
    C1-20 Gertsyk Itsyk Abramov property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-29 Gil'din Zalman Gil'kov business [tax] Drissa
    C2-103 Gil'din Mendel Zalmanov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-110 Gilelson Khaim Movshev property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-114 Gilevich Yuda Rumanov property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-115 Gilevich Kalman Rumanov property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C1-23 Gil'gulin Zalman Peisakhov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-139 Gil'gulin Yankel-Dovid Ioselev business [tax] Sariya
    C1-30 Gindin Vulf Khatskelev business [tax] Drissa
    C2-95 Gindin Shmuila Abov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-134 Gindin Girsha Mordukhov business [tax] Drissa
    C1-22 Ginsburg Iosel Itsykov property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-27 Ginsburg Movsha-Aron Lipkov property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-98 Ginzburg Itsyk-Mendel Ioselev lodging [tax] and property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-104 Ginzburg Leiba Dovidov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-140 Ginzburg Yankel Izroelev business [tax] Nikolayevo
    C2-144 Ginzburg Simon Izroelev property [ownership] Rositsa
    C2-105 Gitlin Sholom Aronov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-135 Glikman Dovid Movsha business [tax] Drissa
    C2-96 Gordin Mordukh Dovidov property [ownership] and lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-126 Gordin Mendel Mikhelev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-127 Gordin Itsyk Mendelev property [ownership] Osvei
    C1-26 Grizo Mendel -- property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C1-31 Gurevich Zalman-Peisakh Osherov-Leibov business [tax] Pustel'niki
    C2-100 Gurevich Iosel Itsykov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-101 Gurevich Abram Itsykov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-113 Gurevich Iosel Aronov property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-131 Gus Aba Shliomov property [ownership] and business [tax] Osvei
    C2-94 Gusman David Izroelev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-106 Gusman Abram Izroelev lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-117 Gusman Izroel-Vulf Girshev property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-124 Gutkin Iosel Zalmanov property [ownership] Osvei
    C1-50 Ioel Dovid Vulfov property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-51 Iofa Shabsha Tsalkov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-206 Iofa Shmuila Mordkhelev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-208 Iofa Nokhim-Movsha Nosonov property [ownership] Nikolayevo
    C2-209 Iofa Abram-Yankel Nosonov property [ownership] Nikolayevo
    C1-52 Ioffe Berka Leibov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C1-53 Ioffe Movsha Leibov property [ownership] Volyntsy
    C2-203 Ioffe Mendel Beniaminovich property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-202 Iofo Iosel Yankelev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-205 Iofo Zelik Abramov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-207 Iofo Mendel Berkov business [tax] Bal'binovo
    C2-210 Iofo Rafol-Gershen Khonov property [ownership] Nikolayevo
    C2-211 Iofo Yuda Khonov property [ownership] Nikolayevo
    C2-212 Iofo Meyer Abramov property [ownership] Nikolayevo
    C2-213 Iofo Meyer Berkov property [ownership] Nikolayevo
    C2-204 Iokton Abram Falkov property [ownership] Osvei
    C1-42 Is'emin Elya Mikholov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-191 Is'emini Movsha El'ev business [tax] Drissa
    C2-194 Is'emini Leizer Shliomov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-197 Is'emini Zelik El'ev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-198 Is'emini Izroel Mikhelev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-199 Is'emini Girsha El'ev business [tax] Osvei
    C1-45 Isurin Iosel Khatskelev business [tax] Volyntsy
    C1-47 Isurin Movsha Ioselev property [ownership] Volyntsy
    C1-48 Isurin Khatskel Berkov property [ownership] Volyntsy
    C1-49 Isurin Iosel Berkov property [ownership] Volyntsy
    C2-192 Itkin Elya Nakhmanov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-193 Itrof Bentsion Iserov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-200 Itrof Abram Movshev business [tax] Rositsa
    C1-43 Izraelit Izroel Shliomov property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-44 Izraelit Izroel Yankelev property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-46 Izraelit Izroel Zalmanov property [ownership] Rositsa
    C2-196 Izraelit Zalman Izroelev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-195 Izroelit Mikhel Yankelev property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-253 Kabrin Bentsion Shmuilov property [ownership] Osvei
    C1-57 Kagan Elya Girshev property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-63 Kagan Gavriel Faivishev business [tax] Sushki
    C2-223 Kagan Borukh El'ev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-238 Kagan Abram Tevelev property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-243 Kagan Izroel Ioselev property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-247 Kagan Leiba Abramov property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-251 Kagan Yankel-Ber Shmuilov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-255 Kagan Abram Beniominov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-266 Kagan Zalman Berkov business [tax] Drissa
    C2-256 Kaldyment Girsha Simonov property [ownership] Osvei
    C1-54 Kalmanovich Tevel Yankelev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-216 Kamraz Khlavna Ioselev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-262 Kanchan Mordukh Tankhelev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-228 Kapilovich Yankel Ioselev lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-252 Kaplun Mordukh Meyerov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-224 Kapylov Izroel-Abov Bentsionov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-241 Kapylov Abram Leibov property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-242 Kapylov Girsha Leibov property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-260 Karanik Meyer Leibov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-258 Katsov Tankhel Leizerov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-225 Katsovich Izroel Abramov property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-158 Kelim Nakhman Movshev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-265 Kelim Khatskel Movshev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-551 Kharnas Zalman Rubinov property [ownership] Nikolayevo
    C2-552 Kharnas Meyer Faivishev property [ownership] Nikolayevo
    C2-549 Khazan Tsalka Yankelev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-550 Khazan Shmuila Tsalkov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-545 Khesed Itsyk Nakhmanov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-546 Khesed Khatskel Movshev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-548 Khitriy Yankel Mikholov property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-553 Khotkin Abram Simanov property [ownership] Nikolayevo
    C1-61 Kisin Bentsion Dovidov property [ownership] Osvei
    C1-62 Kissin Iosel Dovidov business [tax] Osvei
    C2-263 Kleingezint Bentsion Abramov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-222 Klyachkin Mordukh Shmuilov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-254 Kobrin Zalman Movshev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-257 Kobrin Leizer Zalmanov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-214 Koidin Khaim Shmuilov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-215 Koidin Shmuila Khaimov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-230 Kokhanov Iosel Gertsykov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-259 Kokhanov Leizer Shevelev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-268 Kokhanov Iosel Naftolevich business [tax] Drissa
    C2-269 Kokhanov Shlema Ioselev business [tax] Drissa
    C2-218 Konovalov Itsyk Beniaminov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-221 Konovalov Abram-Itsyk Khaimov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-229 Konovalov Iosel-Meyer Itsykov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-248 Konovalov Shlioma Mikhelev property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-264 Konovalov Itsyk Mikhelev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-246 Kopilov Nota-Leiba Abelev property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C1-55 Kots Iosel Itsykov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-217 Kots Girsha Ioselev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-239 Kreiner Noson-Shaya Itsykov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-220 Kudryachin Girsha Shmuilov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-272 Kuryatin Izroel Abramov property [ownership] Nikolayevo
    C1-56 Kvint Iokhel Getselev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-250 Kvint Movsha Getselev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-261 Kvint Mikhail Movshev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-267 Kvint Vulf Iokhelev business [tax] Drissa
    C1-70 Lapidus Iosel Yankelev business [tax] Rositsa
    C1-71 Lapidus Leiba-Itsyk Abramov property [ownership] Rositsa
    C1-73 Lapidus Mendel El'yashov business [tax] Rositsa
    C1-74 Lapidus Itsyk Mendelev business [tax] Rositsa
    C2-318 Lapidus Khlavna Yankelev property [ownership] Rositsa
    C2-319 Lapidus Movsha Neukhov property [ownership] Rositsa
    C2-320 Lapidus Nakhman-Leiba Khlomkov property [ownership] Rositsa
    C2-321 Lapidus Benyamin Peisakhov property [ownership] Rositsa
    C2-322 Lapidus Movsha-Aron Khlavnov property [ownership] Rositsa
    C2-323 Lapidus Pinka Mendelev property [ownership] Rositsa
    C2-324 Lapidus Shmuila Abov property [ownership] Rositsa
    C1-67 Levin Khaim Abramov Article 16 [election code] Drissa
    C2-278 Levin Aizik Abramov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-282 Levin Abram Leibov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-287 Levin Abram Vulfov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-289 Levin Aizik Abramov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-290 Levin Yuda Khatskelev lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-298 Levin Movsha Foitelev property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-303 Levin Meyer Leizerov property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-305 Levin Aron Movshev property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-306 Levin Abram-Bentsion Girshev property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-310 Levin Mendel Don'kov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-311 Levin Shmuila Movshev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-312 Levin Abram Traitelev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-313 Levin Khaim Leibov business [tax] Drissa
    C2-316 Levin Berka Rafolov property [ownership] Nikolayevo
    C2-297 Levinson Aizik Gavrielev property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-304 Levit Khaim Leibov property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-302 Levitan Rafol Antselev property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-276 Levitanus Bendet Shliomov-Meyerov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-280 Levitanus Movsha Shevelev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-288 Levitanus Falka Abramov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-291 Levitanus Itsyk El'ev lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-295 Levitanus Faivish Meyerov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-294 Lifshits Girsha Kastrielev property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-309 Lin Mikhel Neukhov property [ownership] Osvei
    C1-65 Lipin Zalman El'ev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-277 Lipin Abram Shmuilov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-279 Lipin Shmuila Izroelev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-300 Lisnyanskiy Khaim Berkov property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-301 Lisnyanskiy Simon El'ev property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C1-69 Livshin Movsha Girshev Article 16 [election code] Kokhanovichi
    C2-314 Livshin Zalman Movshev business [tax] Osvei
    C2-296 Livshits Tuvya Mikhilev property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-292 Luft Mendel-Leizer Naftolev lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-299 Lurya Leiba Zelikov property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-308 Lurya Elya Itsykov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-283 Lyukhtin Mendel Movshevich property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-284 Lyukhtin Nakhman Movshevich property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-352 Magaram Shmuila Dovidov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-334 Magarik Khaim Shevelev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-353 Magidzon Avsei Abramov property [ownership] Osvei
    C1-85 Mairov Zalman Shmuilov property [ownership] Volyntsy
    C2-327 Makutonin Avsei Sholomov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-330 Makutonin Pinkhus Bentsionov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-350 Makutonin Rafol Abramov property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-357 Makutonin Elya Yankelev business [tax] Churilovo
    C2-345 Markov Mordkhel-Man'ka Avseyev property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-356 Mashd Shimkha Girshev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-347 Maskel Girsha-Itsyk Zis'kov property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-348 Maskel Leiba-Yankel Girshev-Itsykov property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-364 Mastov Movsha Khaimov property [ownership] Volyntsy
    C2-343 Matlin Leiba Zalmanov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-362 Mayekh Shmuila-Mendel Nakhmanov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C1-79 Mayer Izroel Zalmanov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-332 Mayer Zalman Abramov property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-77 Mayev Abram Itsykov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-336 Mayev Borukh Zalmanov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C1-84 Meller Zalman Abramov business [tax] Borkovichi
    C1-83 Merkin Naftol Khaimov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-354 Miklin Zelik Meyerov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-358 Mindlin Vulf Shmuilov business [tax] derevnya Sharmukhi, Sushk. Volost
    C2-328 Minin Zalman El'ev property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-78 Minkin Ruziel Meyerov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-331 Minkovich Movsha Lemkovich property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-339 Minkovich Shmuila Nakhmanov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C1-80 Miranovich Shmuila Berkov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-344 Miranovich Srol Shmuilov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-359 Mirlin Avsei Sholomov property [ownership] Nikolayevo
    C2-329 Mlechin Izroel Sholomov-Zalkov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-351 Modis Khaim Ur'yev property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-349 Mostov Movsha Leibov property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C1-76 Movshovich Gershen Moshev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-355 Munitso Movsha Leibov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-366 Nashatyr Mordukh Beinusov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-367 Neigauz Nakhman Shliomov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C1-88 Neishtadt Movsha Itsykov property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-89 Neishtadt Itsyk Abramov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-370 Nodel'man Matus Izroilev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-371 Nodel'man Girsha Matusov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-372 Nodel'man Khaim Biemkov property [ownership] Rositsa
    C2-368 Novi Iosel Silimov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-374 Ofman Iosel-Berka Zalmanov-Yankelev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-375 Ofman Shmuila-Berka Berkovich property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-376 Ofman Khaim Zalkovich property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-386 Paikin Shmuila Faivishev lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-395 Paikin Movsha Yankelev property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-396 Paikin Mikhel Gurkov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-405 Pakhomovskiy Mendel Moiseyev business [tax] Yukhovichi
    C2-400 Pastornak Mikhel Mordukhov property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-401 Pastornak Elya-Mendel Mikhelev property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C1-92 Patish Iosel Leibov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-388 Per Abram Leibov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C1-91 Perlov Movsha Khononov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-387 Perlov Izroel Khaimov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C1-97 Peskin Yankel Tevelev property [ownership] Rositsa
    C2-406 Peskin Shevel Yankelev business [tax] imeniye Novlyany, Sushk. Volost
    C1-98 Pin Vulf Zalmanov property [ownership] Rositsa
    C2-409 Pin Zalman Ioselev property [ownership] Rositsa
    C2-380 Pintsev Nison Berkovich property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-403 Pirutin Zalman Shayev property [ownership] Osvei
    C1-93 Pizov Yankel Naftol'ev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-379 Pizov Movsha Berkov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-381 Pizov Khaim-Elya Meyerovich property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-383 Pizov Idel Mikhelev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-399 Pizov Abram-Uriya Girshev property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-397 Pogostin Zalman Leibov property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-398 Pogostin Leiba Abramov property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-404 Polyakov Neukh Zalmanov business [tax] Volyntsy
    C2-410 Posov Berka Zelikov property [ownership] Rositsa
    C1-112 Rabinovich Rafail Leibovich business [tax] Osvei
    C2-423 Rabinovich Mordukh Movshev lodging [tax] Drissa
    C1-100 Rafailovich Abram Khatskelev property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-102 Rafailovich Zavel Mordukhov property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-111 Rafailovich Mendel Khatskelev business [tax] Drissa
    C2-430 Rafailovich Khaim Khatskelev lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-450 Raines Zalka Abramov property [ownership] Rositsa
    C2-454 Rakhil'son Movsha Avseyev property [ownership] Volyntsy
    C2-444 Raksin Abram Movshev property [ownership] Osvei
    C1-101 Rapoport Itsyk Abramov property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-106 Rapoport Yuda Abramov property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-108 Rapoport Vulfa Abramov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-422 Rapoport Zalka Girshev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-424 Rapoport Genokh Abramov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-425 Rapoport Movsha Itsykov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-426 Rasitsan Nokhim Abramov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C1-115 Ravvin Berka Shliomov property [ownership] Rositsa
    C2-442 Ravvin Leiba Erukhimov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-418 Reikhrudel Avsei Evnov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-447 Reingerverts Abram Binev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-435 Reingovirts Dovid Kusielev property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-445 Rif Kastriel Movshev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-446 Rivenzun Gerts Khaimov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-411 Rivkin Yuda Yudelevich property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-420 Rokhlin Vulf Kalmanovich property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-110 Romanovskiy Ziska Itsykov property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-437 Romanovskiy Izroel-Itsyk Zalkov property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C1-113 Rozet Lipman Khaimov business [tax] Rositsa
    C2-448 Rozman Matus Izroelev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-449 Rozov Zalman Leibov business [tax] Nikolayevo
    C1-114 Rubin Donka Leibov business [tax] Borovka
    C2-419 Rubin Mendel Movshevich property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-427 Rubin Avsei Izroelev lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-428 Rubin Vulf Getselev lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-443 Rubin Gil'ka Itsykov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-451 Rubin Zalman Movshev property [ownership] Rositsa
    C2-452 Rubin Berka Khaimov property [ownership] Volyntsy
    C2-453 Rubin Movsha Berkov property [ownership] Volyntsy
    C2-434 Rubinshtein Berka Abramov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C1-116 Rudin Shlioma Berkov property [ownership] Volyntsy
    C2-439 Rumak Khaim-Khonka Shmuilov property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-438 Rybakov Borukh Lazarev property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-414 Ryskin Itsyk Shmuilov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-429 Rytov Beniamin Mendelev lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-415 Ryts Movsha Simonov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-416 Ryts Mikhol Simonov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-417 Ryts Zis'ka Shliomov property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-117 Safro Movsha Dovidov property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-126 Safro Mendel Leibov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-471 Safro Movsha Zalmanov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-472 Safro Mordukh Dovidov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C1-118 Sakol'skiy Khatskol Itsykov property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-121 Sakol'skiy Dovid Berka Beniaminov property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-124 Sakol'skiy Elya Khatskelev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-492 Sakol'skiy Dovid El'ev business [tax] Drissa
    C2-485 Sandler Dovid Bin'kov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-456 Savin Elya Lemkovich property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-465 Serman Itsyk-Mendel Movshovich property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-498 Serman Berka Yankelev property [ownership] Rositsa
    C2-575 Shaidman Gendel Shayev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-584 Shambad Leiba Shliomov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-591 Shamosh Iosel Khaimov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C1-149 Shapiro Movsha Menakhovich property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-610 Shapiro Shmuila Minashkov property [ownership] Nikolayevo
    C2-580 Shatsman Khaim-Itsyk Abramov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-583 Shauman Zusya Abramov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-579 Sheinin Shmuila Aronov property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-145 Shenkman Izroel Khaimov property [ownership] Volyntsy
    C1-150 Shenkman Leiba Khaimov property [ownership] Volyntsy
    C2-608 Shenkman Borukh Leibov business [tax] Volyntsy
    C2-594 Sher Shlema Movshev property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-582 Sherkin Itsyk Abramov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-602 Sherman Leiba Leizerov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-609 Shevelev Zalman Shmuilov business [tax] Soriya
    C2-576 Shliomenzun Beniamin El'ev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-577 Shliomenzun Movsha Iserov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-603 Shneer Girsha Vulfov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-605 Shneer Movsha Nosonov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-604 Shneivas Lipka Dovidov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-587 Shugal Mendel Movshev lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-578 Shugol Iosel Zalmanovich property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-592 Shugol Mikhol Itsykov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-595 Shugol Shevel Zalmanov property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-596 Shugol Movsha Izroelev property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-597 Shugol Aba Itsykov property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-598 Shugol Peisakh Itsykov property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-599 Shugol Iosel Zalmanov property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-607 Shugol Mendel Zalmanov business [tax] Drissa
    C1-146 Shul'geifer Aron Mendelev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-606 Shulkin Perets Simknor property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-588 Shutov Shaya Rafolov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-487 Simkhovich Kastriel Yankelev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-488 Simkhovich Aba Yankelev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-462 Slavin Mendel Berkovich property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-481 Slosman Leiba Gertsykov property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-480 Smidov Khaim Izroelev property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-486 Smiran Evna Girshev property [ownership] Osvei
    C1-122 Smirin Mendel Nosonov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-484 Smirin Iosel Yudov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-489 Smirin Abram Idelev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-490 Smirin Mendel Shmerkov property [ownership] Osvei
    C1-131 Smushkovich Izroel Kastriev business [tax] Osvei
    C2-460 Sokol'skiy Beniomin Bentsionov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-461 Sokol'skiy Movsha Beniominov property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-119 Sorkin Khainel Nokhimov property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-120 Sorkin Girsha-Ber Khainolev property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-129 Sorkin Nokhim Aronov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-475 Sorkin Izroel Itsykov property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-476 Sorkin Simon Movshev property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-477 Sorkin Mendel Itsykov property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-478 Sorkin Abram Zalmanov property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-479 Sorkin Izroel Zalmanov property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-483 Sorkin Shmuila Zalmanov property [ownership] Osvei
    C1-123 Soskin Leizer Leibov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-496 Sosner Girsha Shayev business [tax] Nikolayevo
    C2-466 Sperlin Abram Leibovich property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-459 Steklov Shmuila Itsykov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-474 Stoler Perets Rafolov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-500 Styrynzon Ruvin Abilev property [ownership] Volyntsy
    C2-501 Styrynzon Abo Simonov property [ownership] Volyntsy
    C2-470 Sundakov Izrail Moiseyevich lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-493 Suyer Abram Berkov business [tax] Osvei
    C2-499 Suyet Nokhan Dovidov property [ownership] Volyntsy
    C2-469 Suzayev Elya Genukhov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C1-132 Sverdlov Itsyk Yudelev business [tax] Volyntsy
    C2-457 Sverdlov Aron Berkov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-458 Sverdlov Khaim Leibov-Rafolov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-463 Sverdlov Girsha Yankelev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-464 Sverdlov Dovid Rafolov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-467 Sverdlov Beniamin Khaimov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-468 Sverdlov Leizer Mendelev lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-491 Sverdlov Shmuila Notov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-511 Taich Rafon Leizerov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-512 Taich Khaim Yankelev property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-506 Taits Movsha Girshev lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-518 Taits Vulf Zelikov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-522 Taits Nokhan Zalmanov property [ownership] Volyntsy
    C2-523 Taits Girsha Zalmanov property [ownership] Volyntsy
    C2-524 Talvinskiy Leiba Movshev property [ownership] Volyntsy
    C2-525 Talvinskiy Rakhmiel Movshev property [ownership] Volyntsy
    C1-134 Taubman Itsyk Lipkov property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-137 Tav'ev Meyer Ioselev property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C1-139 Teitelbaum Yankel Aizikov property [ownership] Volyntsy
    C2-517 Teitelbaum Shevel Mordukhov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-519 Teitelbaum Leiba Girshev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-503 Temkin Dovid Nokhanov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-505 Temkin Aron Nokhanov property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-136 Tentler Sholom Mordukhov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-504 Tentler Mordukh Khatskelev property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-514 Tentler Abram Khatskelev property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-515 Tentler Mordkhel Abramov property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-516 Tobiyanskiy Berka Monusov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-520 Tovman Yankel Beniominov business [tax] Drissa
    C2-513 Treivas Khaim Itsykov property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C1-135 Treskov Izroel Abramov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-555 Tseman Iosel Shliomov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C1-144 Tsentsiper Zalman Borukhovich property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-559 Tsentsiper Ruman Movshev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-560 Tsentsiper Movsha Rafolov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-561 Tsentsiper Khaim Rafolov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-562 Tsentsiper Mordukh Borukhov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-563 Tsentsiper Bentsion Itsykov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-564 Tsentsiper Aron Movshev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-565 Tsentsiper Tevel Khaimov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-566 Tsentsiper Rafol Zalmanov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-567 Tsentsiper Rafol Khaimov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-568 Tsentsiper Yankel Khaimov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-570 Tsentsiper Ben'yamin Zalkov business [tax] Borkovichi
    C1-143 Tsirlin Mendel Iserov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-558 Tsirlin Izroel-Khaim Shmuilov property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-556 Tslav Berka El'ev property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-569 Tsvei Man'ka Movshev business [tax] Volyntsy
    C2-554 Tsyrkin Berka Tsodikov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-526 Untershlak Vulf Leizerov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-527 Untershlak Itsyk Vulfov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-528 Untershlak Itsyk Sayev property [ownership] Osvei
    C1-18 Vabel Khona Mikhelev property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-80 Vainshtein Gershen Leizerov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-86 Vainshtein Yankel Leibov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-78 Vandovich Movsha Mikholov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-90 Vasserman Khatskel Shliomov business [tax] Volyntsy
    C2-79 Vodkov Girsha Abramov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-91 Vodokov Iser-Beniamin Vulfov property [ownership] Nikolayevo
    C2-87 Vorobeichik Movsha Zalmanov property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-631 Yakhod Mikhol Idelev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-632 Yakhod Osher Idelev property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-633 Yakubovich Zayevil Shlemov property [ownership] Osvei
    C1-157 Yalov Borukh Khaimov property [ownership] Volyntsy
    C2-635 Yalov Abram Borukhov business [tax] Volyntsy
    C2-630 Yam Silim Mordukhov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-626 Yankel'zun Shilim-Osher Abramov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-627 Yankel'zun Abram-Leiba Vulfov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-629 Yankel'zun Zis'ka Vulfov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-634 Yarkho Leiba Isaakov business [tax] Rositsa
    C1-154 Yudel Girsha Abramov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-625 Yudin Khaim Girshev property [ownership] Volyntsy
    C1-40 Zabezhinskiy Movsha Tav'ev-Zalmanov business [tax] Drissa
    C2-185 Zagor'ya Perets Dovidov property [ownership] Osvei
    C1-39 Zakharov Zakhariy Shliomov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-177 Zakharov Leiba Shliomov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-178 Zakharov Noson Shliomov property [ownership] Pridruisk
    C2-187 Zakharov Mendel Zakhar'yev business [tax] Pridruisk
    C1-38 Zakhodnik Rafol Leibov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-173 Zakhodnik Leizer Rafolov property [ownership] Drissa
    C1-37 Zarkh Shmerka Abramov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-179 Zarkh Shakhman Movshev property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-180 Zarkh Shmuila Movshev property [ownership] Yukhovichi
    C2-189 Zavodnik Gil'ka Abramov property [ownership] Rositsa
    C2-186 Zayer Matus Vulfov business [tax] Rositsa
    C2-184 Zelibovich Leizer Vulfov property [ownership] Osvei
    C2-169 Zhitlovskiy Dovid Zalmanov lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-182 Zikherman Khaim Movshev property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-183 Zikherman Meyer Leibov property [ownership] Kokhanovichi
    C2-176 Zilberman Abram Urye lodging [tax] Drissa
    C2-190 Zilberman Rakhmiel Yankelev property [ownership] Rositsa
    C2-181 Zisser Solom Zalmanov property [ownership] and business [tax] Yukhovichi