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Desire, Destitution, Despair and a mirror.

This moment should last forever
When all my pain is gone
A moment of twilight
For all of my paranoia is gone

Withering wear on the weak
And a decrepit toll on the lost
Damned to continually seek
But never becoming their victim to accost

In moments like these
All is sorrow is white
The dark has taken to saying please
And I now intimidate fright

A hopeful decree
Is mine to express
Life is mine to set free
And to exploit before my death

An execution to the elite
Those who I fear
And those whom I cheat
As the pain begins to near

For when my heart beats in reverse
I will look back
And cry as I remember what I had
And not what I lacked

A severe hold on your soul
Is what the shadows will do
But I battle them in a soulrange standstill
Those that live are few

But I have yet to die
And I have yet to lose
Knowing I have yet to even try
Is the terrifying news

For the power that I contain
Is like a candle in the wind
Burning save for the presence of rain
And the intentions of those who sinned

Like a winged angel
I fly amongst the fire
Holding my heart up high
Letting it burn...
........................with desire.

Written on Monday, May 10, 1999