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About These Pages
     Lanang Tales is a web album of articles and illustrations dealing with the times spent in the family orchard by third generation San Miguels with Lolo (Grandfather) and Lola (Grandmother). It is a part of the ongoing Lahing San Miguel Web Project.   

     The articles featured here first appeared under the series "Tanrang Tanra Ko Pa" in the 1988-1989 issues of Balitang San Miguel, the family newsletter edited and published by DEnnie at Clearwater. They also appeared in "Tanrang Tanra Book", a compilation of all the articles in the series, which was distributed in Christmastime 1989.    

      The illustrations, on the other hand, were done in May-July of 1999 by fourth generation family members in Morong, Antipolo, Cerritos and Boca Raton with age ranging from 6 to 17.  
      Hope you'd like them. Sige, hane...  
                                                                                Jun San Miguel  
                                                                                Morong, Rizal  
                                                                                28 July 1999  


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