ears with feet.

this is a little page i decided to make, because everyone signing my guestbook asks "what's an ewf??" i added the question "are you an ewf?" to my guestbook because i figured those who are know what it means. since there seem to me so many people who don't, and i really don't need an excuse to talk about tori, this is an ewf page.

ears with feet (ewf): one who is a fan of, or likes the music of tori amos.

the term ears with feet was coined by tori herself. [i believe it originated] in an emotional conversation after the dew drop inn (to support her album boys for pele) tour. you can listen to it here at mikewhy's site.

near the end of the DDI tour, before a concert [at e.j. thomas hall-9/16/96-akron, ohio], a fan [scott] recorded a conversation with tori, where he asked her to talk into the recorder and say something to everybody on the web. part of tori's recorded message included this: "...i really respect you, not as...i hate the word fans, i...i'd like to call you ears with feet, and never use the word fan again because you're ears with feet."

tori has also described herself as "a dirty mouth with feet." it really just a phrase about how we are the listeners. fan comes from the word "fanatic" and although many of us are a bit fanatical, it's so much of an insult in a way. ewf is what most of us like to call ourselves, although the term "toriphile" can be found a lot too.

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