i am ewf.

i am really proud to be an ewf. i'll tell you a little bit of my sTORI although you can read all about it along with many other tori things at my torisite spacecakehigh.

i started listening to a lot of "chick music" around 1994. because at that time i had no music television, and radio stations that only played country or r&b music, i relied entirely on magazines (SPIN, AP, CMJ) as my lifeline. when our cable company finally got VH1 (we had mtv previously, back in the late 80s, but the southern baptists that ran the town had held a huge protest, forcing the cable company to not even offer it as a pay channel!) i saw sarah mcLachlan's video for posession. i forgot about it for a while, because i missed the end portion where it says who the artist is. one day i heard ice cream playing in the mall of all places. i knew that i had to know who the artist was. i knew names of artists that were women but had no idea what they sounded like (sarah, pj harvey, tori amos, and others) so i went into the music store and looked at all the cds until i found one that had both posession and ice cream listed. sarah's fumbling towards ecstasy. i bought it immediately. because i loved it so much, i started taking chances and buying cds of artists i had heard of but never heard. one day i bought the indigo girls 1200 curfews along with boys for pele. i had heard about tori, although i couldn't remember what it was or where i had heard about her. there were 3 cds to chose from, and i chose the most recent one. it changed my life forever. i loved tori immediately, but i loved the indigo girls more. i listened to tori often, but she was put on the back shelf while i persued my semi-obsession with the girls. it wasn't until i had a falling out with many members of the indigo girls mailing list here online, splitting that list for good (long story) and my love for the IG soured that tori came back off the shelf. i ordered the first two albums as a crash course in tori, and fell in love with them. i knew about how fans would go crazy buying memoribilia and i vowed to only buy cds. by the time from the choirgirl hotel came out in 1997 had fallen for tori. i found out very last minute that she was going to be in birmingham, alabama. since that was the closest she was coming to me, i begged my dad to take me. he finally made up his mind that we could go, but by that time the only seats that were left were in the third balcony!! undaunted, i bought us 3 tickets, one for me, one for my dad, and one for my sister. lel was along for the ride but was a self proclaimed tori hater. she hated everything about boys for pele, but grudgingly admitted that she liked choirgirl!

to make a very long, detailed sTORI short, it was to date, the most amazing concert i have attended, tori or otherwise. we also did the meet and greet where tori signed my winter single, and lel got her to sign boys for pele for me. if you'd like to read more about the actual concert it's avaliable here. at a concert in her most recent 5.5 weeks tour, i was lucky enough to be in the front row at the meet & greet, allowing me to meet tori. you can read about that concert here and see some pictures.

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tori and myself i know that some people view ewfs as crazy. they see our devotion to tori as weird and unnatural. it's true that a lot of people think tori is an actual goddess. a lot of people think that tori is their "friend" just because they have met her at a meet & greet. i am not one of those people. i know that tori is only human. she has been blessed with the amazing gift to touch people, and the huge heart that allows her to take the time to meet us one on one. tori herself is always very quick to let her fans know that although she writes songs that touch us, she is not goddess, and if her songs have saved us, it is not she who saved us, but ourselves. we only find the strength to save ourselves in her songs.

# of concerts i've attended:

farthest i've traveled to see her:
282.8 miles (5 hours 10 minutes) according to mapquest

total # of miles i've traveled to see her:
apx. 670.7 miles

oddest things i've done: named my cat easter after a line in crucify (a cat named easter he says, will you ever learn? you're just an empty cage, girl, if you kill the bird!)
popped in my jackie's strength remix single while exercising with a video, and it fit!

favourite album:
boys for pele

favourite songs:
these first ones are my big favourites, the other are in no particular order
marianne will always be my #1 favourite song
bells for her
yes, anastasia
sister janet
doughnut song
riot proof
ode to the banana king pt.1
do it again
little earthquakes
black dove
hey jupiter
frog on my toe
raspberry swirl
space dog
glory of the 80s

favourite videos:
hey jupiter
1,000 oceans
cornflake girl (US)
raspberry swirl/jackie's strength/spark

favourite memoribilia items:
the picture she signed "to stacey"
bob masse ddi (madison square garden) poster
boys for pele songbook (it's almost falling apart from use!)
bootleg of the birmingham show that i recorded