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Karen Olivo Pictures of Karen Olivo with fans, on stage, at benifit concerts and so on. If you would like to see your pictures here please e-mail me at (or with the pictures (please make sure the size is not too large! Hotmail only carries 2MB of space, which sucks). Please include your name, when and where the picture was taken, who is in the picture (counts for group photos too) and any other info you would like to add (perhaps a link to your website, we will gladly add your URL!)
And without further ado...

Anna and Karen, July 8,1998 in Philly

Anna and Karen, Feb 4, 2001 in NYC

Borders in Philly, August 31, 1998 Kim F

Curtain call in Baltimore, October 25, 1998 Kim F

Rosie O'Donnell show, 2nd appearance Seth

Again, if you would like to add any pictures of Karen Olivo please e-mail me!! I will gladly add your picture(s) and a link to your web page (if any).