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The First Official Karen Olivo Page

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News: Hi everyone! Anna here...boy this is the 4th time I've written this message. Anyway, so sorry I have not updated this site. No one has sent me images or info and I am having the most difficult time getting ahold of Karen these days. So, please, if anyone has any new pictures, sounds, news, e-mail me! A new message board has been made for this site, please goto The Forbidden Forest just click on the Luther Creek and Karen Olivo Forum and chat away. Also I got a new e-mail address for this site as well as the Luther Creek one and my Rent one: E-mail me with questions, comments, news, etc. Thanks again! I'll try and update, fix broken links and rescan my pictures. My scanner is old and it bear with me. Thanks!
ps: PAULA!! Where are you??

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We will give updates to when anything is added, taken off, new sections, and so on. If anyone would like to help out in the making of this page, please e-mail us with any of your ideas and we will mail you back with some info.

*The Karen Olivo interview is up and ready for reading!
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Also, pictures are still needed, so if you would like to add yours
e-mail us and let us know! Thank You!

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