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Karen Olivo: Interview

Hello everyone!! Anna here...I was going to do an actual interview with Karen Olivo when I was going to go to NYC around Christmas, seeing as how I didn't and it doesn't look like I will for a while now, the only thing I could do was send (via e-mail) Karen Olivo the interview questions plus some random fun ones! So happy reading everyone!!

On behalf of the fan club and her fans, we would just like to say Thank You to Karen for taking the time and answering these questions for all of us!! =) =)

**General questions
1. When is your birthday?
My birthday is August 7th 1976.

2. When did you first become interested in acting and singing? I started acting when I was around 4 years old. My Dad was a director and put me in a clown troupe for church.

3. What was the first play/show you were in? My 1st public show was The Hobbitt at Theatre Winter Haven in Florida.

4. If you could play any part in any show who would you play? Why? I would want to play Rebecca in Rags or Ti Moune in Once on This Island.

5. Who, if any, are your inspirations? My Mom is the biggest influence on my life. As far as performing is concerned, I'd say Betty Buckley and Shirley MacLaine.

6. How does it feel to be performing on Broadway? I get nervous sometimes because it's a dream to be on a Broadway stage. Other times I am pretty laid back. I am just telling a story to a large group of people.

*Rent questions
7. Why RENT? What made you decide that you wanted to be in this show? How did you first hear about it?
My friend in college told me about it and let me hear the soundtrack. And then we slept outside to see the show the following X-mas. The minute I saw the opening number I knew I wanted to be a part of the show.

8. What role has been your favorite to play? Why? All of the roles have special parts for me. I don't have a fav. I love dancing Santa Fe, doing the "performance piece", being the homeless woman, singing Goodbye Love, and the the "voice-mails".

9. What did you sing for your auditions? I sang a Melissa Etheridge tune. Come to My Window.

10. Best on-stage kiss was with... Probably with Kamilah when I was on for Maureen. :)

11. If you had to pick any of the actors you worked with, who would be the best Tango partner? I'll go with Trey Ellett. He's so fun to watch.

12. What, if any, is the most embarassing thing that happened to you on-stage? Or any random on-stage bloopers? Most embarassing moment would have to be in Chicago. I was Maureen and I forgot the whole "benevolent God.." speech in the 2nd Act. I looked at Christian Anderson like he dropped the line when everyone knew it was me. :(

13. How do you feel about RENTheads? I am grateful to them for being so energetic about RENT. You guys are supportive and giving. Thanks!

14. Have you ever sat in your car and just listened to the RENT soundtrack and sung along? I use to sing to the soundtrack when I got hired. Now I hear it in my sleep. I'm not kidding.

15. Do you keep in touch with any cast members that have left RENT? I am still very close to the Angel cast. But in this business you don't have to keep in touch because you always work with the same people. And if you worked in the Broadway cast you probably are living in New York. It's hard to loose touch with cast members.

16. If any, what has been the saddest moment of your RENT career? What has been the happiest? The hardest moment of my RENT career was when I had to leave the Angel cast in San Francisco.

17. Rent quote/song(s)...
One Song Glory is my fav with You're What You Own and very close 2nd. I don't have a quote from the show.

18. Song...My fav song is Hold On by Sarah McLachlan.

19. Music group(s) or singers...I love Depeche Mode, The Cure, Duran Duran, Hole, Sinead O'Conner, The Cranberries...etc.

20. Food...I adore Indian food, Chinese, Tex-Mex, Puerto Rican/Spanish, and Wrapsody.

21. Color...Grey and navy.

22. Actor/actress...Susan Sarandon and Angelina Jolie.

23. TV show/movies...I'm pretty new to the T.V. thing. (no favs yet.) My fav movies would be Pride And Prejudice on A&E and Playing By Heart.

24. If you could say anything to Jonathan Larson, what would it be?
I wish you were here.

25. What advice would you give to anyone aspiring to become an actress/singer? Study, study, study! That means regular subjects too. I've never known of an ignorant actor that I thought was talented.

26. How does it feel to have web pages all about you made? It's strange and exciting to know that what I do to pay the bills has had an impact on someone.

27. Any final comments..."The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware." - (Henry Miller)
Thanks guys.