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People have come here since August 14, 1999
Created By CoolBird7

Last Updated:07.09.01


Oh man--it's been like four years since I last updated. Holy crapulence. Anyway, you'll probably notice that some a lot of images are missing/broken. That's intentional, for reasons I won't go into here. Anyway, have fun looking around at this ancient website! It's been around since August of 1999, which makes it almost 7 years old! That's, like, ancient by internet standards. This place should be marked as a historic website. Like it can be all protected and whatnot. Still, for those who accidentally stumble upon this old little site, I hope you enjoy it! :)


I haven't updated this site for quite a long time! Shame on me! Well, as I'm not at my usual computer right now, I can't really make any major updates at the momento. I poked around here and there and I corrected some of the mistakes on my site and I brought some other areas of the site up-to-date. Unfortunately I got majorly sidetracked during the summer when I received a Dreamcast as a birthday present and began playing Phantasy Star Online... online. So because of that, I have been unable to complete my "project" for a good 7 months! Hopefully as this summer rolls around, and as I get my PC fixed (the motherboard got fried, unfortunately), my project will be completed and I'll be able to take care of this site more periodically. In other news, I just wanted to tell the world that I landed myself an Indigo Gamecube on launch day, and so far I own 4 games: Luigi's Mansion, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, Pikmin, and Super Smash Bros. Melee. Hopefully I won't get glued to my seat so badly while playing Starfox this spring that I'll be unable to get my butt online again... But then again, I might be getting a PS2 this summer, so... Well, one thing everyone must take not of is NOT TO E-MAIL ME AT COOLBIRD7@AOL.COM anymore. Yes, that e-mail address still exists, but I've put on a filter, so people whom I don't know, such as people who visit my site won't be able to e-mail me. Now I can be reached at: Well, that's it for now. I need to start work on a new logo, however my PC is broken, so I can't...


Hey! Welcome to Coolbird�s Pok�Place! If you�re a regular visitor to this site (and I hope you are) you�ll notice that this page has been totally re-vamped! Why did I do this? To make it more user-friendly while I keep working on my �project�, which should be revealed in about another month or two, just because I�ve been busy playing Video Games (a.k.a. my best friends) instead of working on my project, which I think everyone should like. Anyway, I hope you like the new look!

(please put "pokeplace" in the subject line of your e-mail otherwise I may accidentally delete it)

If you want to see most of the history of my site through entries on what I've updated, then click Old News to see all you want to know. Scroll down to the bottom of that page to start from the first entry.

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