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I send tapes via Media Mail...if this is a problem, we can discuss it. Just email me.

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Here are some things I have extras of or don't need anymore--MAKE ME AN OFFER!
Wrestlemania XX-3 Disc DVD-R set--SP Mode (PPV Version) EX quality
Beyond the Mat DVD (In Box, Like New Condition)
Sex and the City-The
ENTIRE Series on VHS (All Six Seasons)-EX
Mama's Family-
The Complete Series on VHS-VG/EX (varies)

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Bad Traders:
1. Mike Smith
(wrestletownvideo@yahoo.com) he ripped me and a bunch of others off in a bulk buy. BEWARE!

2. EvDav8@aol.com He sent my stuff, but 2 tapes were broken--he said he would replace them but months later and tons of emails later I have nothing. So not really a BAD trader, just ask him to package your stuff well b/c if it breaks, you're screwed!


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