Power Pro Wrestling:

Power Pro Wrestling Match Listings/Tape Information!

Power Pro Wrestling Raw Footage-6hrs VG/EX

MPPW:TV April 18, 1998 (Debut Show)
MPPW:TV April 25, 1998
MPPW:TV May 02, 1998
MPPW:TV May 9, 1998
MPPW:TV May 16, 1998
MPPW:TV May 23, 1998
MPPW:TV May 30, 1998
MPPW:TV June 8, 1998
MPPW:TV June 13, 1998
MPPW:TV June 20, 1998
MPPW:TV June 27, 1998
MPPW:TV July 04, 1998
MPPW:TV July 11, 1998
MPPW:TV July 18, 1998
MPPW:TV July 25, 1998
MPPW:TV August 1, 1998
MPPW:TV August 08, 1998
MPPW:TV August 15, 1998
MPPW:TV August 22, 1998
MPPW:TV August 29, 1998
MPPW:TV September 5, 1998
MPPW:TV September 12, 1998
MPPW:TV September 19, 1998
MPPW:TV September 26, 1998
MPPW: TV October 03, 1998
MPPW:TV October 10, 1998
MPPW:TV October 17, 1998
MPPW:TV October 24, 1998
MPPW:TV October 31, 1998
MPPW:TV November 07, 1998
MPPW: TV November 14, 1998-VG (1hr)
MPPW: TV November 28, 1998-VG (1hr)
MPPW: TV December 5, 1998-- VG (1hr)
MPPW: TV December 12, 1998--VG (1hr)
MPPW: TV December 19, 1998--VG (1hr)
MPPW: TV December 26, 1998--VG (1hr)
MPPW: TV January, 02, 1999--VG (1hr)
MPPW: TV January 09, 1999-VG (1hr)
MPPW: TV January 16, 1999-VG (1hr)
MPPW: TV January 23, 1999-VG (1hr)
MPPW: TV January 30, 1999-VG (1hr)
MPPW: TV February 06, 1999-VG (1hr)
MPPW: TV February 13, 1999-VG 1hr
MPPW: TV February 20, 1999-VG 1hr
MPPW: TV February 27, 1999-VG 1hr
MPPW: TV March 06, 1999-VG 1hr
MPPW: TV March 13, 1999-VG 1hr
MPPW: TV March 20, 1999-VG 1hr
MPPW: TV March 27, 1999-VG 1hr
MPPW: TV April 03, 1999-VG 1hr
MPPW: TV April 10, 1999-VG 1hr
MPPW: TV April 17, 1999-VG 1hr
MPPW: TV April 24, 1999-VG 1hr
MPPW: TV May 1, 1999-VG 1hr
MPPW: TV May 8, 1999-VG 1hr
MPPW: TV May 15, 1999-VG 1hr
MPPW: TV May 22, 1999-VG 1hr
MPPW: TV May 29, 1999-VG 1hr
MPPW: TV June 5, 1999-VG 1hr
MPPW: TV June 12, 1999-VG/EX 1hr
MPPW: TV June 19, 1999-VG/EX 1hr
MPPW: TV June 26, 1999-VG/EX 1hr
MPPW: TV July 3, 1999-VG/EX 1hr
MPPW: TV July 10, 1999-VG/EX 1hr
MPPW: TV July 17, 1999-VG/EX 1hr
MPPW: TV July 24, 1999-VG/EX 1hr
MPPW: TV July 31, 1999-VG/EX 1hr
MPPW: TV August 7, 1999-VG/EX 1hr
MPPW: TV August 14, 1999-VG/EX 1hr
MPPW: TV August 21, 1999-VG/EX 1hr
MPPW: TV August 28, 1999-VG/EX 1hr
MPPW: TV September 4, 1999-VG/EX 1hr
MPPW: TV September 11, 1999-VG/EX 1hr
MPPW: TV September 18, 1999-EX 1hr
MPPW: TV September 25, 1999-EX 1hr
MPPW: TV October 2, 1999-EX 1hr
MPPW: TV October 9, 1999-EX 1hr
MPPW: TV October 16, 1999-EX 1hr
MPPW: TV October 23, 1999-EX 1hr (Brian Christopher and Spellbinder imitate Doug Gilbert and Tommy Rich)
MPPW: TV October 30, 1999-EX 1hr (Brian Christopher and Spellbinder imitate Tommy and Peggy Gilbert)
MPPW: TV November 6, 1999-VG/EX 1hr (Doug Gilbert Shoots)
MPPW: TV November 13, 1999-EX (Bradley vs Dinsmore)
MPPW: TV November 20, 1999-EX (Bradley vs Tierney)
MPPW: TV November 27, 1999-EX (Bradley vs Tierney--Loser Leaves Memphis)
MPPW: TV December 4, 1999-EX (Bradley vs Rico Constantino--PPW Title Change)
MPPW: TV December 11, 1999-EX (Rico Constantino vs Flash, Bradley vs Sabre)
MPPW: TV December 18, 1999-EX (Bradley vs Ali, Flash vs Trailor Park Trash, Rico vs BJ Payne)
MPPW: TV December 25, 1999-EX (Bradley/Flash vs TPT/Constantino)
MPPW: TV January 1, 2000-EX (Greatest Hits show--Joined 2 minutes in)
MPPW: TV January 8, 2000-EX (Ali powerbombs Synn, Bradley vs TPT, Flash, Rico, Blondes in action)
MPPW: TV January 15, 2000-EX (Ali vs Flash, Rico vs Bradley (Title Change), Blondes vs Sabre/Dinsmore)
MPPW: TV January 22, 2000-EX (Ali vs Bradley (Title Change--BB steals the PPW belt)- Tag Tourney Finals)
MPPW: TV January 29, 2000-EX (Ali vs Smothers, BB Heel turn, Blondes, Wolfie D returns!)
MPPW: TV February 5, 2000-EX (PPW Title Battle Royal, BB, Smothers vs Sabre, Cornette vs Hales)
MPPW: TV February 12, 2000-EX (Ali vs Seven, BB, All That vs DK vs Chris Michaels, Gibson vs Rogers)
MPPW: TV February 19, 2000-EX (Ali vs Seven/Havoc, Wolfie D. vs Tommy Rogers)
MPPW: TV February 26, 2000-EX (Smothers vs Wolfie, Ali/Dk/Handsome Jimmy vs Havoc/Seven/BB)
MPPW: TV March 4, 2000-EX (Ali & Wolfie vs Regulators-Wolfie turns heel)
MPPW: TV March 11, 2000-EX (Moondog Rules 6-man tag, DNA Test Results come in, Steel stands up to Jade)
MPPW: TV March 18, 2000-EX (Dave Brown gets physical! Ali vs Rob Harlem; Jade vs Steel)
MPPW: TV March 25, 2000-EX (TV Title is born, Steel/Jade Ladder spot, CB takes control!)
MPPW: TV April 1, 2000-EX (Even the Odds Match, RH vs CB)
MPPW: TV April 8, 2000-EX (Ali vs Wolfie--Title change! DK vs Regulators, Seven vs Blade-loser gets caned!)
MPPW: TV April 15, 2000-EX (Wolfie vs DK, the REAL DNA Tests come in, Ali/Moondog vs Regulators)
MPPW: TV April 22, 2000-EX (Wolfie vs Masked Avenger (Ali), DK vs Raines, Jade burns Steel)
MPPW: TV April 29, 2000-EX (Even the Odds Match, Wolfie vs DK, Seven & Regulators vs Havoc, Steel, Blade)
MPPW: TV May 6, 2000-EX (MAYjor Matches--Ali vs Wolfie, Steel vs Jade, Spellbinder/ Koko Ware return)
MPPW: TV May 13, 2000-EX(Wolfie vs All That, Ali vs Koko, DK vs Rob Harlem, Spellbinder vs Seven, Battle Royal)
MPPW: TV May 20, 2000-EX (All That vs Lance Jade--Loser Leaves Town; DK vs Seven: Buddy Landell)
MPPW: TV May 27, 2000-EX (Wolfie vs Ali, Baxter vs Hales, All That/DK vs Regulators)
MPPW: TV June 3, 2000-EX (Six Way #1 Contender Match)
MPPW: TV June 10, 2000-EX (Ali vs Regulators; All That vs DK; Wolfie vs Spellbinder)
MPPW: TV June 17, 2000-EX (All That vs DK; Wolfie vs Blade)
MPPW: TV June 24, 2000-EX (Ali vs Rob Harlem, Seven/Wolfie vs DK/Spellbinder, Khan vs Blade)
MPPW: TV July 1, 2000-EX (Ali vs Spellbinder, Blade vs All That, DK vs Khan)
NO SHOW JULY 8, 2000-Interrupted for Tennis!
MPPW: TV July 15, 2000-EX (Spellbinder vs Seven vs Wolfie vs Bulldog Raines; DK vs Blade vs Khan)
MPPW: TV July 22, 2000-EX (Ali/Spellbinder vs Seven/Wolfie--Ali turns heel! Bill Dundee returns!)
MPPW: TV July 29, 2000-EX (Spellbinder/Blade vs Wolfie/Seven; Khan vs Bulldog; All That vs Laird)
MPPW: TV August 5, 2000-EX (Blade vs Khan, Wolfie kidnaps Samantha; Bulldog vs Seven)
MPPW: TV August 12, 2000-VG/EX (Samantha's boob pops out of her top! Ali vs Spellbinder)
MPPW: TV August 19, 2000-VG/EX (Dundee retires; Wolfie becomes Slash; Slash vs DK; Blade vs Seven)
MPPW: TV August 26, 2000-VG/EX (13 Man Elimination Match; Khan & Slash vs Spellbinder)
MPPW: TV September 2, 2000-EX (Spellbinder vs Deon; Rob Harlem vs All That)
MPPW: TV September 9, 2000-EX (Spellbinder & Brickhouse Brown vs Regulators; Tournament begins)
MPPW: TV September 16, 2000-EX (Evening the Odds Match, Slash vs Blade, Tournament continues)
NO SHOW SEPTEMBER 23, 2000-Interrupted for Olympics!
MPPW: TV September 30, 2000-EX (Dundee returns; Bulldog vs Khan; Brickhouse vs Miles Long)
MPPW: TV October 7, 2000-EX (Lawler returns, Rob vs Brick, Slash vs Bulldog, Miles vs Dundee)
MPPW: TV October 14, 2000-VG/EX (MCW Invasion! Tournament finals; All That vs Khan)
MPPW: TV October 28, 2000-VG/EX (Tazz in studio-showdown with Lawler; 4 Corners TV Title Match)
MPPW: TV November 4, 2000-VG/EX (Dupps vs Rob/Slash, Lawler vs BB/DK, Posse vs Spell/Brick, Foley int)
MPPW: TV November 11, 2000-VG (Spellbinder vs Steve Bradley; Lawler burns BB, Mick Foley int.)
MPPW: TV November 18, 2000-EX (Lawler & Spell vs Bradley & Slash; 20 Man Battle Royal; Foley)
MPPW: TV November 25, 2000-EX (Lawler vs Slash; Baxter; DK vs Rocker; Foley)
MPPW: TV December 2, 2000-EX (Lawler & Kat vs Slash & Victoria; Austin; Debra)
MPPW: TV December 9, 2000-EX (Lawler/Kat/Dundee vs Slash/Bradley/Victoria/Baxter; Rock; Kliq)
MPPW: TV December 16, 2000-EX (Jimmy Hart returns; BB; Dragon vs Spanky)
MPPW: TV December 23, 2000-VG/EX (Molly Holly vs Kat vs Victoria; DK vs Dragon; Lawler)
MPPW: TV December 30, 2000-EX (Spanky vs DK; Spell vs Seven; WWF interviews; Victoria; 8-Man tag)
MPPW: TV January 6, 2001-VG/EX (Haas Brothers vs Dragon/Shooter; 8-Man Tag; Pete Gas vs Bulldog; Kat)
MPPW: TV January 13, 2001-EX (Grandmaster Sexay in studio; Lawler; Dundee; Bradley; Posse)
MPPW: TV January 20, 2001-VG/EX (Bradley vs Abs; All That vs Spanky; DK vs Khan; Dupps vs Gas)
MPPW: TV January 27, 2001-EX (Bradley vs Gas; Baxter vs Kat & Victoria; Dupps vs Haas)
MPPW: TV February 3, 2001-VG/EX (Bradley vs Spell; Kat/Victoria catfights; Regal; Lawler; Kliq/Cade/Abs)
MPPW: TV February 10, 2001-VG/EX (Bobby Eaton debut; Brian Christopher; Hardcore Battle Royal; Kliq)
MPPW: TV February 17, 2001-EX (Lawler vs Eaton; Kliq vs Spell/DK; Gas/Abs vs Seven/Vick; Brian Christopher)
MPPW: TV February 24, 2001-VG/EX (Brian Christopher vs Rodrageous; Bikini Contest; Eaton attacks Hales)
MPPW: TV March 3, 2001-EX (Pete Gas v. Bradley; Abs; Eaton & Baxter/Dundee/son angle; Spell vs Dupp)
MPPW: TV March 10, 2001-EX (Pete Gas vs Joey Abs; Eaton/Baxter/Victoria wedding angle; Spell vs Bo)
MPPW: TV March 17, 2001-EX (Lawler/Stacy return; Spellbinder heel turn; DK vs All That)
MPPW: TV March 24, 2001-EX (Stacy; ALI returns; Tracey Smothers returns; Ali vs Smothers; Spell)
MPPW: TV March 31, 2001-EX (14 Man Battle Royal; Lawler/Stacy/Baxter/Spell)
MPPW: TV April 7, 2001-EX (Justice vs Bulldog; Ali/Flex vs Rob Harlem/Steel; Baxter/Spell/Lawler/Stacy)
MPPW: TV April 14, 2001-EX (Last show; Lawler vs Spell; Baxter vs Stacy; 10 Man Tag; Ali vs Jade)