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Ata's Crazy World

Live Long, Happy and Wildly

The Key to Happiness is Peace...I think :-)

To live life, you must be true unto yourself, To be happy in life, you must be true onto other as well.

Aren't I just full of little tid bits of useless info?

"Insanity is not a question, it is a reality"

I am who I more no less

HEY! I'm Atalanta,(A.K.A Ata, Hades, E.R., T2, Twin1, Lysia, Nat, Natallia, Natellia, etc.)I've many Names, Crazy included in there.

I'm active in sports, Soccer and swimming, and I love the Outdoors. Speaking of outdoors, I'll be rafting this summer ((Working as a Lifeguard)), and My Senior year of HS I'll be Sking and Rafting. :-) I can't wait!! I also love to write and read, and RPGs. I have a so called Twin, Analise (who also my so called Triplet...Long story)AnjelChld7 being the other tripet. Then We have the Honoray Triplet (Another long story)is Christina. The four of us are the closest friends, and are always there for each other. And I must Say Hi to My real sis and Brother-in-law..Shadowlght and Weaponmstr. And Also...To All My MAP friends I send a big Hug. And All you Rysher people Allo!!! and *Hugs* Also, Mom Dad I love you guys :-) (I have to get everybody you know So live with it)...Other Mommy and Daddy HI!!!!... Joe you're great! And Anyone I missed, IF you want to be mentioned...Ummm Tell me otherwise You might never get on here heehee :-).

Bored??? Haahaa!! GO here You can have Hours of nonsense that keeps your attention no matter how bored you are!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE..Sign my guestbook, and check out my lit page and the other links All at the bottom *begs*..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

I RULE THE WORLD!!!! Yes I DO! And No One can say other!!! I also Rule the UNDERWORLD! Hence my Nickname Hades :-) heehee...No I'm not Insane...I'm not crazy you other people are the ones you are crazy...I'm Normal and I Rule the World and the Underworld So Nyah! (The Underworld for those who don't know it the Realm in which Hades God of the Dead( or in my case Goddess of the Dead) Rules. The Elysian Feilds in like Heaven and Tartarus is have to pay a Greek Cion to cross the river Styx. To learn can go and read a book on greek mythology...which I do suggest!)And now I also Rule Pluto Which is Home to the Blue Plutonains!!!

Yes I have claimed insanity on many occassions, but they still say i have some sanity left.

Ok A little more! I love unicorns...Since the day I was born I have always loved them. I collect them all the time and love to read stories about them. Of course I love to read just about long as It catchs my eye. My favorite Author is Michael Morcock. I love his books *dreamy sigh*...Not they easy to follow though. They are some of the more complex ones I've read. I also love to read Star Wars Books.

And I just love Wedge, Wes, Hobbie, and Tycho.

I like the others..but those four are my heros in SW.(heehee...) Also I'm a total Nut about Methos aka Adam Pierson. He is a character from a tv serise called Highlander. Methos is played by this British actor named Peter Wingfield *another Dreamt sigh*. My life is well normal if you look at the life style...If you look at how I act..well um...Maybe I'm not soo normal. But I always know how to put a smile on my firends faces. Be it me Standing on a table at Lunch screaming..'I RULE THE WORLD' or just me joking around about things in class. I'm a friendly natured person..and Nothing but an angel *fixes the halo to hide the devil horns*I do my school work (sometimes)- make A's and B's (most of the time)..and Drive very safely (over the speed limit).I am also a major Queen Fan ((which I have said before)). Though the band wasn't exactly in my time and I am a fairly new fan. I love them to death. I hope to one day own all the cd's they have out. (Not that its likely to ever happen) Oh and....If anyone sees my purple butterflies...Drop a line and tell me where they are...I just can't seem to find them anymore! (long story behind them)

Action plays upon Action, Fear upon Fear as thought contridicts mind set in a total contridiction of one's self.

Now back to the point...what, we have a point on this page??

It is I, the wonderful and talented..and not so sane Senior.

Quote of the month- "The Force is with you Young Skywalker, But you are not a jedi yet."- Darth Vader

Ok well Enough of that...For anyone who has suggestions about the page email me please! I could use the help really I could. And for those who think I'm an idiot and have no business on the net.. I don't care. And SIGN my guestbook .Sign, You ALL HAVE TO SIGN!..I PROCLAIM IT!! HAAHAA.Ok. So You don't have to,But I'd like you to.

Ok well, I'll shut up for now

Here are some links To the pages of my friends. Anjel's Page Anjel(My Triplet)Is also working on her page so give her time to get it up and running smoothly. Also, Here is the link to My Twin/Triplet's (Analise) page Literary Ramblings

I've also got a Page for literature Ata's Literature Page . Read others works and submit your if you like!

Ok well I'm done now...Till next time!


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Meet and Greet Folks online in My Chatroom :-) Maybe someday I'll actaully see people in there heehee.


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