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Exits 7 and 8

*Look at a map of what they're talking about.*

From the article: The Future of I-84. Courtesy The News-Times.

    With route 7 splitting off Interstate 84, exits 7 and 8 on I-84 have long been confusing interchanges for motorists heading in both directions.


    At Exit 7, Route 7 splits off from I-84 after having joined the highway at Exit 3.  At the interchange, drivers heading east on I-84 have a left exit to Route 7 and drivers going from Route 7 south to I-84 east have a left entrance onto the interstate.  This creates serious traffic problems, especially because drivers from Route 7 south have to cross several lanes of traffic to get to Exit 8.  

    At Exit 8, traffic heading north from Bethel via Payne Road has a difficult time getting on I-84 becuase of the placement of the on-ramps to I-84 east and west.

Proposed imporvements

    An access road would be constructed at exits 7 and 8.  The road--at $37 million, the most expensive item in the proposed I-84 overhaul--would have two benefits.  First, it would allow Route 7 southbound drivers who don't want to go long distances on I-84 to completely avoid the interstate.  Currently, they have to get on at Exit 7 and right back off at Exit 8.  But under the plan, a bridge would take them directly to Exit 8, where they can head south toward Bethel on Payne Road.

    At the same time, cars headed for the interstate would be able to access I-84 on a new Exit 8 ramp that would enter the highway on the right side.


    The access road would reduce much of the rapid lane-changing by entering I-84 east from Route 7 south.

    "This is definitely the most creative part of the proposal," said Dennis Elpurn, Danbury's city planner.  "It definitely takes care of the dangerous left-entrance from Route 7.  This will really work."

In the way

   Two or three businesses on the south side of I-84 would be affected with the construction of the proposed access road.  At both exits, local wetlands would be affected by the construction.

*Look at a map of what they're talking about.*

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