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For years, Interstate 84 has served as a critical artery for travelers from Northern New England to New York City.  Running through Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, I-84 carries large masses of traffic that otherwise would be routed through small towns.

I-84 opened originally as the "Yankee Expressway" in 1961.  It originally had 4 lanes, and it was the first section of the highway to open.  In 1988, work was completed on widening it into 6 lanes as a result of major backups.  The new lanes freed up the road, but now, 13 years later, more work is needed to ensure a smoother drive without typical rush hour backups.

So here are stories and maps to show what is planned to be done.  The plan to "overhaul" I-84 will take 20 years, depending on when it starts and if money will be there to finance it. 

Special thanks to Scott Oglesby, webmaster of for the information concerning I-84's history.



NEW!!  There is a plan to start working on Exit 6 within the next year.  Click here for the story. 


View the maps from right here without the stories

(they are about 140K each in size)

Exits 3 and 4

Exits 5 and 6

Exits 7 and 8