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Links to Other Ozzy Sites

After doing some surfing, I found some great and informational Oz sites out there. I put their addresses here so you can explore them. I'd like to thank some of these sites for the information I got from them about Oz including the making of the film, pictures, songs, cast information and more. Thanks again! Enjoy these sites!
The Wizard of Oz
Jim's "Wizard of Oz" Website
Emily's Wizard of Oz Page!!
Wendy's Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Judy Garland Database "The Wizard of Oz"
Marcia's Wizard of Oz
Wizard of Oz Collectors' Society
Tony Bianco's Wizard of Oz Collectables Page
Sunet Angel's Tribute to The Wizard of Oz
The Ruby Slippers Fan Club
The International Wizard of Oz Club
Wizard of Oz Fan Site
Want a link to your Oz site? Make sure to let me know!
Want even more links?Jim's Wizard of Oz Links Page is a great place to check out!

My Ozzy Link Awards

Theses awards wont mean a lot to the webmaster's themselves, I gave them to help you with your Oz-Web exploring. Happy OzSurfing!

Most Informational Oz Site

This award is given to the site which offers the most Oz information, exceeding the limits of just a plain Oz site with minimal information. This award, for outstanding Oz informational acheivement goes to:
Jim's "Wizard of Oz" Website
This website includes over a hundred pages of excesive Oz iformation. Play Oz jeoproady games, test your knowledge with trivia, learn about film bloopers and much, much more! Congratulations on a remarkable Oz website, Jim!
The Runner-Up for the most informational site goes to:
Wendy's Wonderful Wizard of Oz
This site offers an outstanding amount of information about Oz. Here you can view the complete MGM script, learn about the cast on her individual character pages, listen to Oz sound-clips and so much more! Wonderful Job, Wendy!

Best Designed Oz Site

This award goes to the best designed Oz website that doesn't just give Oz information, but presents it in an attractive looking way. This award goes to:
Teena created this beautiful website for her daughter, Zoe. What makes this site so remarkable is the gorgeous backgrops Teena designes which define the pages as being part of her site. They offer a design archive full of Oz clipart, pictures, wallpaper and more for your liking. I have never found a site more gorgeously designed than this one. Outstanding web-designing Teena and Zoe!
The Runner-Up for the best designed Oz site goes to:
Dorothy's Oz Page
You'll find Dorothy's site a wonderful one! With lots of pictures, music and excellent design, you'll love her site! Whenever I go there, I just feel like this site is a special one, you can tell Dorothy really truly loves Oz. Great Job, Dorothy!


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