Valentine's For The Ducks

"I can't wait until Valentine's Day!", exclaimed Julie to Connie.

"I know," said Connie, "I wonder what Guy's going to get me?"

"I'm sure you'll get something awesome!, replied Julie, I mean, he loves you like crazy! I just hope Luis gets me something really cool and not just think about sex." They laughed knowing Luis was a total hormone

"I have something really cool planned for Guy," said Connie, "I want to give back to him since he has taken care of me so well."

"That sounds really sweet," said Julie, "man, I can't believe we're talking about this when we're hockey players! No wonder guys think we can't do our job".

"Oh, they know we can be agressive!", says Connie, giving her a wink.


"Guy, you're so lucky to have gone out with Connie for all these years, now you know what kind of things she likes and what to get her for Valentine's Day. I have no clue what to give Julie."

"Oh, Luis," said Guy, "it's not that hard to think of something for the ladies. Just give her some flowers and take her out to dinner, or something."

"But, it's so hard for me, Guy! All I can think about is sex."

"Don't worry man, said Guy, your time will come!" Guy looked around making sure no one was listening. "You know, Connie and I had sex before and we know the longer you wait, the better!"

"Really?", asked Luis.

"Heck yeah! It makes the moment much more magical."

"Wow. Maybe I should wait with Julie, she seems like the perfect girl."

"Nah, that's where you got it wrong man, said Guy, Connie is the perfect girl!" They both laughed.

"Well, I'll catch ya later," said Guy to Luis, "Good luck in finding the perfect present!"

"See ya, man!", said Luis.


"What do you think about these, Con?", asked Julie, holding up a pair of boxers. Connie and Juile were shopping at the mall together, helping Julie find the perfect gift for Luis.

"I think that's asking for it!", replied Connie. Both the girls laughed.

"Well, I'm stuck... I have no idea what to get him. I can't give a guy flowers, or anything!"

"Hmm," said Connie, "well, on me & Guy's first Valentine's Day I gave him some CD's and a poster of Wayne Gretzky, he really liked them. You just have to give him something from the heart".

"Thanks for the advice, Connie! I think I know what to give him now." Soon came Valentine's Day. Julie got in her car and headed over to Luis's house.

"I really hope Luis likes what I got him", said Julie. Julie pulled up into his driveway and Luis was already outside. He came and opened her car door for her.

"Thank you very much!", said Juile, smiling really big.

"No problem, sweetheart", said Luis. "Here, turn around and close your eyes", he said, putting something over her eyes. "There, that should do it! Now, follow me and be careful".

"What's going on?!, Julie asked, I can't see a thing!"

"Don't worry, you'll be able to take the blindfold off in a minute. Ok, now take it off!", he said.

"Oh my God! Replied Julie, it's so beautiful!" Everywhere around his house were thousand and thousands of flowers. They were all different kinds and sizes, and tulips, Julie's favorite, were right in the middle.

"This is so romantic! Thank you so much, Luis!", she said.

"Oh, hey! I have something else for you as well.", he said.

"Something else?! Man, I'm so awestruck already!", Julie said. Luis took out a small square box and handed it to her.

"Go ahead, open it!", he said. Julie took off the bow first, and then hurridly tore off the paper". "Oh wow! This is the prettiest thing I have ever seen!", she replied.

"I thought you might like it", he said. She put the box down and took out her envelope.

"Here you go, I hope you like it. I know it's not as fancy as all this", she said. Luis took the envelope and opened it up. He opened the card and could not believe his eyes! Inside were two tickets to see the North Stars play hockey.

"Thank you so much, Julie! I can not wait to go."

"Hey, no problem!, she said. Oh I have one more thing for you, Luis."

"What is it?", he asked. She lifted up her shirt, and Luis just stood there staring...


"Hey Valentine!", said Connie to Guy. "You ready to go with me to my house?", asked Connie.

"Sure, said Guy, I'm already!" They drove to Connie's house and Connie couldn't help but smile.

"I'm really glad to be spending Valentine's Day with you again. You mean so much to me, after all you do for me", she said.

"Thank you, said Guy, you mean a lot to me as well, and I am also very glad to be spending time with you". He winked at her.

"Ok, we're here!", said Connie. Both of them got out, but Connie raced ahead of Guy to open the door.

"Connie, you should've let me do that", he said.

"Hey, I got the surprise here!," she said. She opened the door but it was dark. She clapped her hands and candles turned on and soft music started to play.

"Oh man!, said Guy, you really put a lot of effort in to this."

"I'm really glad to be spending Valentine's Day with you again. You mean so much to me, after all you do for me", she said.

"Thank you," said Guy, "you mean a lot to me as well, and I am also very glad to be spending time with you".

"I just thought I'd repay you, for all that you have done for me. You deserve this!" She went to pull out a chair for him and motioned him to sit. He sat down happily.

"I'll be right back with the food", she said. Guy sat in his chair smiling happily.

"I can not believe how lucky I am to have this girl!" He thought. She came back in with to plates full of spaghetti and breadsticks and salad.

"Help yourself!" she said. But before Guy did, he stood up and walked behind Connie.

"Here you go, sweetie", he said, taking something out of his pocket. "Thanks!", said Connie. She began to open the package.

"Oh wow! These must've been very expensive!", she replied, seeing the earrings.

"You're worth anything", Guy said to her. He went back to his seat and they smiled at each other lovingly and then they began to eat.

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