General Fan Fiction

Casey's Story (G) - Casey Conway shares her courageous journey with a special class
Charlie (G) - Just a few sad thoughts from Captain Duck
The Cheerleader(G) - by Alley Parker
Blood Remembrance (R) - One day I just felt like writing something extremely violent and bloody
Surviving Argentina (G) - Something funny by my friend Syrup Pixie
Sein-Ducks (PG) - My Seinfeld/Mighty Ducks crossover
Goodbye Laura (G) - A really sad one about Portman
Captain Morgan (R) - Fulton and Portman and weed and liquor and Julie and a few secrets
Fallen Hawk (PG) - Story about Adam and the events of 9/11 by Christina M
Untitled (PG) - The final moments of the championship game against Iceland from Julie's point of view by Christina M
Blue (R) - A funny story about Averman and by Chorin S

Connie & Guy Fan Fiction

Little Duck (PG) - I was just digging around and I found this one I wrote a long time ago
Something Special (NC-17) - Will Guy go off to university without her? (okay, it's fluff)
Good Clean Fun (NC-17) - Your typical shower scene
Keep Him Guessing (PG) - Sometimes we all need to be comforted
Home for a Rest (PG) - Sick with the flu? Bet you wish you had a boyfriend like Guy to take care of you
Candlelight Dinner (NC-17) - Hungry?
*Girly* (PG) - Connie has never been girly.....or has she?
Evening Dress (G) - She's so beautiful tonight
Friday (G) - Don't you just love Fridays?
Moonlight Interlude (R) - An evening by the lake
Autumn Interlude (PG) - Sequel
A Hotdog isn't an Ending (G) - Another funny one by Syrup Pixie (my personal favorite!)
Valentine's for the Ducks (PG) - Sent to me by Susan E.
Colby(PG) - *UPDATED June 10, 2003* Yay RainbowPrincess!! ....written by Toast and RainbowPrincess