Something Special

Connie sat in the front seat of Guy's father's car, flushed with the excitement of the evening; she was still a bundle of nerves. Her and Guy's anniversary . . . she could scarcely believe it had been seven years since their first kiss. It seemed like forever since the night they won the pee-wee state championship. Lately, the team hadn't been doing so well, and graduation was right around the corner. They all knew the ducks would soon be broken up for the first time.

Guy tried hard to hide it during the past few weeks, but she knew. She could see. He was having a hard time accepting that hockey was probably not going to be a big part of his life from now on. Connie ached with wanting to hold him and comfort him. She couldn't care less about hockey, but she cared about Guy, and she knew it was his passion.

"Connie, is something wrong?" Guy questioned. "You're awfully quiet." Connie flashed him a smile, trying to mask the sadness she felt over his predicament.

"I'm fine, Guy. This has been an awesome evening!" she gushed.

Guy cocked an amused eyebrow at that. "Really?"

"Definitely," she assured him in all honesty, and to punctuate her words, she leaned over and gave him a peck on the lips. He rewarded her with one of his heart-melting smiles, and Connie practically glowed with happiness.

For a while, the two resumed their comfortable silence, then Guy asked, "Do you have to go home right away?"

"Not really. Mom was going out tonight, too. That's why I was so glad when you showed up early. At least Mom was there to see me off even if she didn't come out to meet you -- she was still getting ready for her date."

"I kind of wondered why she didn't; I was expecting the usual thorough interrogation," Guy said with a grin.

"As long as I'm home before she is, I'll be fine. What else did you want to do?"

"I was ... um ... wondering if you'd like to go for a walk in the park?"

"Sure, I'd like that."

A short time later, the pair was walking beside the pond where the had first spoken. Remembering the old team and their hockey practices brought tears to her eyes. It was so unfair! Why couldn't Guy get a scholarship like Adam or Charlie? He deserved it twice as much.

However, she was startled out of her melancholy reflections when Guy's hand brushed against her hand and his fingers interlaced with hers. Guy was holding her hand. When she looked up at him, he glanced at her, smiling shyly. Connie's smile beamed as bright as the moonlight. It was so funny to see Guy like this -- so bashful around her. Normally, he was confident, easy going, comfortable around her ... What did he have to be nervous about?

They walked a while longer until they came to the bend by the pond. Guy suddenly stopped and turned to face her. He caught both of her hands in his, and Connie's pulse raced.

"You know, I was really uptight about tonight," Guy stammered, seemingly unable to look her in the eye.

"Yeah, I noticed," she commented, "what's up?"

"Connie, you're the smartest, prettiest girl I've ever known, and you mean a lot to me," he pressed on hurriedly.

"That's so sweet, Guy! Thank you," she answered with a dazzling smile. Guy continued holding her hands, shifting back and forth on his feet anxiously. She felt like she had to do something to put him at ease. "You're nervous about graduation, aren't you?"


"It's going to be strange, the ducks getting split up."

"Actually, I was more worried about us getting split up."

"What do you mean, Guy, I'm not going any where." She searched his eyes for an answer.

"Connie, I got a call today." He lowered his eyes and dropped his voice to a whisper. "Full athletic scholarship to Notre Dame." Connie let out a shriek and hugged him around the neck.

"I'm so happy for you! That's wonderful!" She was ecstatic.

"Really? I thought you'd be upset."

Guy's statement was so outrageous that Connie found herself laughing. She sat down on the grass.

"I like your laugh," Guy said suddenly, sitting next to her. "It always makes me feel good."

His words startled Connie into silence.

"Why did you think I'd be upset?" she asked, surprised.

"Connie, I'm going to be all the way over on the east coast. I'll never see you."

"Guy, we've made it through a lot, we can make it through this..."

Her response didn't seem to bring him any relief. "I know that you were planning on going to State, but we've gotten so close to each other, with the team and everything, that I was wondering ... maybe ..."

Connie held her breath, trying not to let her frustration show as the words failed Guy. He couldn't lose his nerve now! He was fumbling for the right thing to say when Connie's hopes got the better of her, and she asked, "Are you asking me to go with you?"

"I -- I'd understand if you wouldn't want to, though," Guy plunged on hastily. "I mean, I know it's a major decision..."

"Why wouldn't I want to go?" Connie queried, interrupting his self-deprecating spiel. "You mean everything to me. I've always thought we'd always be together, that someday we'd..." She suddenly blushed at her boldness.

"Get married, have a hundred kids? That's what I've always wanted. If me going to Notre Dame will jeopardize that, I won't go."

His announcement left her speechless.

"Y-you wouldn't?" Connie stammered, her voice barely a whisper.

"I love you Connie, you know that. You're more important to me than hockey," he said as if the sport was completely insignificant.

"I love you too, Guy, and you have to go to Notre Dame. But I'll be right there by your side. You won't interrupt my plans, Guy, you were my plans."

Connie's senses reeled and soared as Guy tilted her chin up and softly pressed his lips to hers. Their kisses were always rich, warm, sweet, and fulfilling, and she was more than slightly breathless when Guy pulled away.

"Connie, I've given this a lot of thought. We could get an apartment just off campus," Guy said excitedly. You could go to St. Mary's. It's right next door to Notre Dame." Guy eyed her hopefully. "So, what do you think?"

"I think you're wonderful!" Connie declared, happy tears glistening in her eyes as she threw her arms around Guy's neck and hugged him. Her enthusiasm toppled the two of them over, and they fell back on the grass. Connie wound up laying on top of Guy, and the two exchanged silly, love-struck smiles.

As she smiled down at him, something about their proximity struck Connie all of a sudden. Her heart was racing a mile a minute, and she couldn't seem to catch her breath. She was acutely aware of every inch of Guy's body where it pressed against hers, and her whole being was alight with an unexpected warmth ...

"Connie?" Guy queried, puzzled by the look of amazement and joy on her face. Blushing to the roots of her hair, she sat up and discovered Guy's own sign of arousal.

Guy abruptly rolled, and Connie fell over with a squeak of surprise. As he settled down next to her and stroked her cheek, he said, "I want to make love to you ..."

The words sent shivers of excitement down Connie's spine and made her feel giddy. Not 'do it' or any other euphemism. 'Make love.'

Guy kissed her again, that same soul-melting kiss he had given her before. Then, his mouth wandered down her throat and around so that his tongue flicked at the shell of her ear. Although he was nervous --she could tell by his trembling-- he didn't rush through anything. He was being slow and careful, wanting to make sure he did everything right, and she was in no hurry either.

As Guy nibbled on her, she was consumed with the desire to touch him -- that's all. She just wanted to feel him and explore him; she wanted to know him intimately . She ran her fingers through his thick, wavy hair. It was starting to get long, and she hoped with all her might that he'd let it grow out. She slid her hands down to his chest, parting the top few buttons of his shirt so that she could feel the smooth hardness hidden beneath it. However, her explorations were interrupted as she felt a large hand come to rest on one of her breasts. She gasped, startled, then the exclamation became a soft moan as he squeezed lightly.

"I'm not hurting you, am I?" he queried.

"No, ooh, it feels wonderful!"

"You feel wonderful," he murmured, his tone tinged with awe as his fingers toyed at her nipples through her dress. "So soft ..."

The delicate pinching had bolts of electric pleasure shooting through her body, and Connie's moans deepened. Oh, how she wanted to feel his mouth, hot against her flesh! She worried her lower lip between her teeth as she asked "Would you like to see them?"

The warmth radiating from Guy's smile filled her to the tips of her toes.

Connie sat up so he could reach her zipper, and she nearly laughed for the sheer joy she felt as Guy awkwardly unfastened her dress. These were the things she had always pictured when she used to dream about having sex for the first time --excitement, awkwardness, nervousness, wonder ...

Guy fumbled with the catch in her bra. She reached around to help with her undergarment. He slid the straps of Connie's lingerie down her arms and was rendered speechless as he gazed at her. The urge to cover herself modestly warred with the urge to sit up straighter and offer herself to his eager eyes; the latter won out. The light that shone in his eyes meant more to Connie than any words he could have spoken. Almost in a daze, Guy stretched out a hand to touch one her unfettered swells.

Her whole body thrilled to his inquisitive touch, what Guy was doing to her as he patiently caressed her breasts was just so incredible that she never wanted him to stop. Her whole body yearned for more. He must have understood her unspoken desire somehow, for he lowered his mouth to her insistent buds.

"Aahh!" she sighed in pure bliss as his hot mouth closed over her flesh, his tongue teasing and tasting, stoking her passions to a fever pitch. Guy switched breasts, and while one hand supported her in a reclining position, the other started working her clothes off the rest of the way. Connie began to help, but she wanted him to undress her, to strip away her clothes and leave her naked to his appreciative gaze. Even so, as soon as he guided her dress and panties over her hips and down her legs, she worked herself out of them. Guy laid her down on the grass, and for a moment, all he did was look at her.

"You are amazing," he murmured, and Connie never felt more beautiful than she did at that instant.

"Can I undress you?" she asked, sitting up again. The remainder of Guy's buttons parted easily for her deft fingers, and in moments, she was brushing aside his striped dress shirt, reveling in the feel of his warm, sculpted body under her fingers. She nuzzled her cheek against his smooth pecs and briefly flicked her tongue across his nipple. Guy moaned softly, encouraging her to spend a little more time exploring his chest. It was her turn to touch and taste until Guy was fairly writhing, but then her hand brushed against the hardened ridge of his imprisoned manhood, and she simply had to set it free.

As she reached for his belt, Connie realized that she was shaking, and there was a fluttering in then pit of her stomach -- she was nervous. However, that didn't prevent her from unfastening Guy's pants and sliding them down his hips.

"Oh, Guy ... !" she sighed breathlessly as she gazed upon his naked body for the first time. Her eyes were drawn to his penis even as her hand closed around the hot shaft. She could feel it pulsing with Guy's desires. Her fingers danced across the flesh-covered steel of his erection, imprinting every bit of it on her senses. She glided her thumb across the velvet glands then slid her fingers down to cup his balls. Guy moaned deeply, a hand coming to rest on the back of her head.

Connie grinned, knowing exactly what he wanted, and for the first time that night, she was grateful for her experience. She found she wanted to give this particular kiss as much as he wanted to receive it! She closed her eyes, savoring his musky scent as she slid her tongue wetly across his coronal ridge then completely enveloped his organ in her mouth.

He was long enough that she couldn't swallow him as deeply in her throat as she would have liked, but it just felt so good to feel him in her mouth ... to hear his moans and know that she was responsible for them.

Her tongue bathed him thoroughly, and she felt every tremor that rocked his lean body. His hand tightened in her hair as his hips began to second the motions of her head. She was seriously getting into fellating him, and he was close. Already she could feel him swelling in her mouth. She urged him on with lips and tongue. Although she still wasn't quite comfortable with swallowing, at the moment, she wanted everything Guy had to give her.

"Oh God, Connie, stop!" Guy yelped suddenly.

"What's wrong?" Connie gasped, startled and just a little bit hurt. "Didn't you like what I was doing?"

"Like it? Oh man, Connie, I've never felt anything so fantastic!" he said breathlessly, reaching down to cup her chin. "It's just that I'm this close to coming, and I wanted to ... well ..."

"...come inside me?" she finished for him, understanding.

"Yeah," he confirmed somewhat sheepishly. She just smiled and hugged him, delighting in the way his body felt against hers.

"You feel so good in my arms," Guy murmured, echoing her thoughts.

"So do you," Connie concurred.

"Do you think you're ready, or do you want me to return the favor?" he queried.

Connie knew she was more than ready, but she wanted to feel Guy's mouth on her sex so badly she positively ached with it. "W-would you mind ... ?"

"Not at all."

As Connie stretched out on the cool lawn, Guy finished shedding his shoes and clothing. Then, he knelt by her feet, running a hand up her thigh. Slowly, she parted her legs, inviting him in. He hesitated, and she couldn't help but wonder if that was due to his not really knowing what to do. His skill didn't matter, only the fact that it was him doing his best, and she tried to convey this with her eyes and her smile.

Guy started once again with a light, inquisitive touch, running an exploratory finger over her already wet folds. As his probing digit neared her clit, she couldn't help the needy thrust her hips gave.

"Please?" she implored softly as his finger continued tantalizing her feverish flesh. She hadn't wanted to rush him, but she just couldn't hold back any longer.

Guy merely smiled and lowered himself to her glistening mound.

"Ohh, Guy," she sighed, his name a long, drawn out breath as the warmth and softness of his tongue had wave after wave of sheer delight radiating from the core of her being to every other part of her body. She undulated under and against him as his tongue, by trial and error, pleasured her. Her fingers lost themselves in the thick waves of his hair as she urged him in deeper.

"Oh, that's it!" she gasped as his tongue flicked hard against her hooded button. Guy got the hint and repeated the stroke, driving Connie wild until she felt her body bearing down preparatory to orgasm.

However, like Guy had done to her, she pushed him away. "I want you inside me when I come," she rasped.

Guy leaned over her, pressing down to kiss her, his erection lying hot and hard against her burning sex. He gave his hips a pump, and his organ slipped across her wet folds. Connie sucked in a sharp breath, and she felt a tremor of fear/excitement ripple through her. Her body strained forward, yearning for him, wanting him to be buried inside her.

She couldn't believe it was finally going to happen. She and Guy would be one in a way unlike any other. This moment of anticipation/anxiety as the tip of his organ rested at her entrance made every moment of wondering, worrying and waiting worthwhile.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Now, Guy!"

They moaned in unison as he slowly slid in, going deep until their dark curls brushed against each other, and Connie gasped, trembling, as Guy reached places inside her that had never been touched before.


"This feels awesome," Guy gasped, sliding back for a more forceful stroke.

Connie wrapped her legs around him as she pumped her hips forward to meet his, bracing her hands against his chest. Awkwardly at first, then with greater confidence, Guy thrust into her, and their bodies began rocking together to the driving beat that pounded in their veins, their cries of pleasure echoing into the night.

Her orgasm bubbled just beneath the surface, Guy having left her passions simmering on the edge of fulfillment. Though his strokes continued to feed the flames, she needed more to send her senses exploding with primal joy. She reached between their sweat-streaked bodies to find her clitoris, and a hiss of pleasure escaped through her teeth as she stroked herself in time with Guy's thrusts.

"May I?" he asked, shifting so that he, too, could reach her sex. His fingers found hers, and she guided him into position, showing him what to do, then she surrendered herself to the sensations boiling within her.

It was coming hard. Fast. Connie felt her muscles tense, gripping Guy fiercely, trapping him so he couldn't move.

"Guy ..." she whispered, working herself against him harder, her hand urging his to stroke faster. She writhed on him, completely losing control. "Oh, God, Guy ... Guy ...!"

With that cry, her climax broke, and her body whipped about in an ecstatic frenzy as molten pleasure shot through her veins.

As for Guy, he simply held on and watched in amazement; however, as soon as her muscles relaxed, he drove himself into her quivering sex harder. She met him eagerly until she felt his body go rigid and he came with an inarticulate cry of joy.

When at last she was filled with his come and the tremors passed, he collapsed on top of her. She never even noticed his weight as she brushed the hair from his face and planted a series of happy kisses all over his cheeks and mouth.

"Oh, man, Connie," he gulped, rolling off her to keep from crushing her. "When you were screaming my name as you came ... I've always dreamed of hearing you do that!"

"Was it worth the wait?" Connie asked, her mouth quirking into a playful grin. She had never felt so ... giddy.

"This was definitely the best night of my life," he sighed, touching her cheek gently.

"It was all I'd ever dreamed it would be," she murmured, echoing his sentiment.

Realizing they had just had sex in the middle of the park, the two broke out into peals of laughter, and they hugged joyfully.

"Do you really think we can make this whole thing work?" Connie wondered, snuggling closer to his warm, powerful body. Never had cuddling felt so right.

"I'm willing to try if you are," Guy replied, holding her tighter and kissing the top of her head.

"I think I'd like that very much."

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